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The Berzerker

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The Berzerker Empty The Berzerker

Post by The Berserker on March 18th 2017, 7:01 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Blake Shields
Hero Name: The Berzerker
Title: The Enraged Assassin
Alignment: NG
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 216lbs
Blood type: O negative

The Looks

The Personality

He is a rather serious man behind the hood, but when he is not killing gangsters on the streets he is a light hearted, funny man.

The Story

Blake Shields was born in Cincinnati in 1988 to his mother Emma Shields and a father unknown. At the age of seven he witnessed his mother’s decapitation by the hands of a serial killer. He was orphaned and never adopted. Blake would go on to be a top rated athlete in high school, but due to his short temper and history of trouble making colleges would not accept him. He continued to go into the marine corps as this was his last resort. After three tours Iraq he was dishonorably discharged and put to trial, where he was found innocent by the Supreme Court.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 4
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 3

The Powers

Berzerker Rage- when shot or stabbed by a foe a blind rage will consume him causing heightened senses and a higher lust for blood

The Weaknesses

PTSD- can have a mental breakdown in middle of combat.
Himself- cannot control his temper and can fly off the rails killing citizens if rage is too high
His friends- fear of lose for people he cares about

The Items

He carries two unbreakable katanas on his back which he acquired from a weapons dealer in the black market. He has two M9 Berettas and Barrett .50 Caliber sniper rifle he was given during his service in the marine corps.

The Minions


The Fluff

Master of Martial Arts, heightened intelligence, expert marksman, sleight of hand, and deadly with any bladed weapon

The RP Sample

There is a gentle breeze blowing the leaves on the ground are lifted towards what seems to be, the IBW Bombshell talent, Pandora. She begins stepping her way through a graveyard, but not just any graveyard. It’s the one where her mother, Annabel Fletcher’s body lies to rest. As she lays her eyes down on the tombstone, a side of Pandora never seen before shows. She falls down onto her knees and begins to lightly stroke her fingers across the stone’s etching. She says no words, but the pain of her mother’s death is easily seen for any eye. A crackling of leaves is heard from the mourning Pandora, and she jumps up, turning to her intruder, but it is none other than the IBW reporter, Tabby Reid. Pandora’s appearance suddenly changes and she begins to look a bit more vexed, and necromantic. Tabby, a bit frightened walks towards Pandora and puts on a smile, but the smile is curving, as if to say the sight of Pandora is frightening.

Tabby Reid: Pandora, it’s gr-great to finally get a-an interview with, what some can only say to be the “scariest bombshell in IBW history.” Let’s just, talk about your match from last week? How did you feel coming into the match, and what are your thoughts on Ghost, and the Task Force?

Pandora sits in silence as Tabby calmly waits for a response. Tabby begins to clear her throat as if to speak again, but Pandora quickly cuts her off.

Pandora: I felt, as I imagine anyone would feel going into a match with a obvious lesser. I felt bored. As the match went on and on, I continued to dominate this so called, “Ghost”. Who is a fraud and to Task Force, a false hope. My thoughts on the Task Force 607 have not changed. They’re a group of lowlife self centered boys attempting to do a man’s job, They will be wiped out, just as every other stable in IBW has ever been. Their leader, John Evergreen knows this, he is just too afraid to admit it. His downfall will surely bring up the end of the Task Force 607.

Tabby Reid: So, rumor has it you’re not booked for this week’s Collision what do you think about that?

Pandora: The fact that even after my victory against Ghost, I am not booked for this week is nothing short of the discomposure of the IBW General Manager, Mr. Harry Croft. He is afraid of me taking over the International Brutal Wrestling, as he should be. Nothing will get in my way of me gaining a title here in IBW. Not even Michael Stark himself if it comes down to it.

Tabby Reid: One more question, in your last promo, you were seen saying the words , “One down, one to go.” What did you mean by that statement? Was it a threat directed at someone or something?

Pandora: That was a threat, directed at someone you will not know of yet. You will see the truth soon enough. You all will see the truth. Now if you excuse me Tabby, if you have no more questions to ask you pest, I will be on my way. As you should be too if you know what’s best for you.

Pandora walks away and rain begins to pour down on Tabby, and the graveyard. She sits in the rain, completely traumatized as the camera shuts off.

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The Berserker
The Berserker

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The Berzerker Empty Re: The Berzerker

Post by Chellizard on March 18th 2017, 11:38 pm


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