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Blaze (Hero)

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Blaze (Hero) Empty Blaze (Hero)

Post by Blaze on March 18th 2017, 6:24 pm

"The Ebon Speedster"

The Bio

Real Name: DeAndre Johnson
Hero Name: Blaze
Title: ”The Ebon Speedster”; “The Shadow”
Alignment: NG
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’1
Weight: 206
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

The Personality

DeAndre is a sarcastic, funny man when not fighting crime, though not much is different when he does. The Speedster is constantly mocking his opponents, and sometimes lets that get in the way of his fights. He is known for going after corrupt companies, and the rich.
The Story

Before his mentor, and friend Dr. Edward Anderson gave DeAndre the gift of his speed, DeAndre was your basic athlete. He was bound for the pros until one day he wrecked his car and was paralyzed from the waist down. The Doctor's regenerative powers from the speed  healed his wounds, and gave him the ability to save others who had been hurt like DeAndre. He now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and fights off the crime of his city with "The Berzerker". Another hero, plagued by his past.
The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 3

The Powers

1. Super Speed (1,200 MPH) (Mach 1.5764)
2. Regeneration (Minor Injuries take 2-3 hours to heal) (Medium Injuries take 4-10) (Major injuries take 12-24 hours to heal)

The Weaknesses

1. Himself
He is afraid of failing and thinks he is not good enough to have his powers.
2. His friends
He is afraid of losing those close to him
3. Cold
Is hurt and can be killed by cold temperatures shot at him, or if he is trapped in frigid temperatures for too long of a period of time.
4. Can't keep full speed
DeAndre can't keep his full speed of "1,200 MPH" at a given time. He will either trip up, or run into something while running.

The Items

1. Thermal Suit

The Minions

The Fluff

Heightened Intelligence
The RP Sample

The scene opens inside the ring for International Brutal Wrestling’s Pay-Per View, “March Madness”. There is a lone overhead light glowing inside the desolate arena. Suddenly a screen lowers down from the ceiling and International Brutal Wrestling’s International Champion, Trent “The Impact” Johnson, is on the set. Behind him is the official poster for March Madness as he glares directly ahead, his face shows no emotion. As if he were a robot.

Trent Johnson: Today, is day number 67 since my victory over Nika Kosov to become the International Champion. And you’re going to tell me that my title run will be short lived by some false hope for a better future in the joke of the champions, Hamish? The guy is basically a walking talking punching bag. He is constantly going to the hospital to get “checked up” and “I hardly ever see anything about him “training”. No it’s always out with Tabby, or on my way to the ER about some pointless bone I never thought possible to break, but now it’s the most important piece to my body. He defeated Apocalypse, yes. But I first hand can tell you, that was a fluke. Just like his entire career. Who has Hamish truly defeated that was worth anything? Has he defeated me one on one? No. Has he even really earned a shot at my title? No. He has been handed everything from corporate and I will not tolerate anymore.

As Trent finishes his last statement he is seen walking down to the ring. As he raises his arms the lights turn on and there is a small crowd at the arena, waiting for him to enter the ring. The fans all chant out “Trent is a joke!” as he slips through the middle and top rope. As he looks around he smiles a bit. His grin is full of distaste though as he looks at the chanting fans once more. He quickly grabs his microphone and puts it to his face.

Trent Johnson: Shut up. (boos) You just ruined my entire promotion! Now I’ll have to finish this all in front of you. And I didn’t want to catch the stench of the stench of West Palms cheap cologne until my match on Friday, but sadly I am made to suffer and so shall my opponents this week! Now I know a lot of you are probably Hamish fans out here right now, but come on. Level with me a bit here. Who has really ever heard of William Wereld? Who really gives a damn about him? This seems like a great way for the match makers to try and make me lose my title! They’re sick of a great champion holding this belt! (what) They are sick of a great man running this show! (what) and they are sick of seeing Mr. Impact go week after week, and just defeat anyone who they decide to throw at him. Well my condolences to whoever came up with this sloppy gutter trash of a match because it’s outcome will be no different. You see, I came back to IBW because I knew I was better than when I faced off against Nikolai Sinclair. I knew I could do better. Hell I was close to winning the rumble on Supremacy night. Then I took on Nika and I beat her. No matter how I did it, I defeated her sorry ass. And where is she now? She has disappeared from the premises. She has left the building in complete shame. Not to make things even worse, but look at who I began facing next. Hamish. How many times one on one has Hamish defeated me? What was that? 0??? That’s right! And how many times have I defeated him? Once. He was not capable of defeating me then and he is not now. The only reason I am talking about him so much is because I literally know nothing about this William, what was his last name again? William Wormbreath? Something like that! He is a complete joke who will be taken out by me then thrown back down into the developmental program just like any other pointless no talented lackey.

Camera cuts off.

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Blaze (Hero) Empty Re: Blaze (Hero)

Post by Champion on March 18th 2017, 7:18 pm

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