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When Worlds Collide

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INV ONLY When Worlds Collide

Post by Andrew March 16th 2017, 5:55 pm

Ido had been taking a brief hiatus since her battle with The Veil. Broken legs don't just heal out of nowhere. Due to her injury she decided not to take any contracts until she was back to a hundred. She had all her gear ready to take her next contract. Pulling her mask up, she looked down at the hologram on her wrist.
"Demarco Marshall. Another scumbag." she spoke softly reading his profile. More molestation cases swept under the carpet than she was comfortable reading about. She did a double take at the bounty. "4 billion dollars? Who the heck wants him murdered so bad that they're paying a kings ransom? I know he's running for senate but that's a hefty price for a brain."
As the smoke rings circled her, she vanished into smoke and left through her apartment vent, out onto the roof.

She would travel by rooftop per usual, a sharpshooter likes the high ground. Upon arriving at one of his speeches, she found her perch. Right in the one guard tower. All she had to do was take him out. "Easy."
As she dissipated she floated softly along the evening sky, making her way as the wind carried her towards her newest victim.
She reformed right behind him.
"This isn't personal."
The guard turned around quickly, letting go of his own sniper rifle to try and swing a punch at her.

She dropped low and swept his legs out from under him.
She held one hand over his mouth and let smoke start carrying down his throat.
"Be silent, don't fight, it will be less painful."
The man eventually suffocated to death. Smoke vanishing from her palm.

Looking down the site of his rifle she could only see one other guard.
He was behind the politician, however he stood calm. Eye's closed, almost focusing on something.
"Looks like I won't even need to use my own equipment."

For good measure she let her bow appear, and quiver wrap around her back.
She looked down the scope of the dead guard's gun once more.
"4 Billion Dollars richer Kah-Lin."

The bullet hit of what looked like a force field.
"That guard was a metahuman, that's the only way."
She dove out the window and covered herself in smoke, stringing an explosive arrow, and firing it to the left of said meta.
His attention turned and she fired 2 quick regular arrows at the politician. One went through his knee, the other through his skull. Running on rooftops, she felt herself collide with an invisible wall.
The meta had caught her off guard. She strung an electric arrow and fired it towards the crowd, the shock would send them flopping like a taser, however the voltage would disperse enough so none of them would be killed.
The metahuman looked dazed, panic setting in.
"Good stay off guard."

She leaped off the building, and let the bow vanish, her katana appearing in it's place. Right before hitting the ground she became smoke, and let smoke fill the entire area, no normal eyes would see her. As she reformed she could see him struggling to get his baring. Making a break for him, she stabbed her katana through his head.
"Two extra deaths. I am truly sorry."
Out in the distance a figure was appearing through the smoke.
Kah-Lin readied her sword, and took a stance.

When Worlds Collide  Untitl10
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INV ONLY Re: When Worlds Collide

Post by Chellizard April 11th 2017, 3:15 am

Clove sigaret smoke would rise from the crowd at  bustling politician speech. It was in the open, a podium crowded with hundreds of people. A man was running for senator. His name? Demarco Marshall. He had an outstanding, clean record. It was too clean.

"Sparrow to base; I see our mark." a deep voice would rumble passed lips clutching onto a cancerous treat.

Lithe fingers raised to grab hold of the clove sigaret, allowing an actual pearly white smile to crack upon his features. Stubble speckled his face, a scruffy beard creeping from his chin along the underside of his jaw and partially along his neck. A mop of raven hair was cleanly swept behind of slightly pointed auricles. A pure black duster clothed the man as he stood among the crowd. His towering height making him an easy target in the bustling crowd. However, he looked more like security detail than anything. His attire was a clean pressed, three button suit beneath the drab dark duster jacket.

Piercing cerulean eyes would cut away from the senator, or soon to be, toward the hired men on his left and right. They would be difficult to apprehend without causing a scene, but he had an idea.

It wasn't until an arrow was flung from behind of him that he realized he was not the only person here.

"Sparrow, I do believe you are not the only one here. Do be careful." a clipped British accent pierced his ears as he turned his head to look behind of him. His eyes caught two more arrows flying from a guard tower perched at the far left edge of the open auditorium.

"I need a distraction," he said, calling for back up.

But the distraction was clearly this anonymous assassin. And they were good at their job, too. Sniffing the air, he could trace the smell back to the shooter. It was faint, but it smelled like... smoke? But something foreign to him. He would need to get closer.

The rest of the scene unfolded with more arrows being sent, downing Demarco Marshall. It was clean and precise. Placing his clove sigaret back betwixt his lips, he would turn, the collar of his duster rising as his other hand adjusted a mask over the lower portion of his face. A little opening made of two hinged doors would allow him to finish his cigarette without revealing his face. The mask was a dirty bronze color, it's features matching that of a demon of sorts. Fanged teeth would protrude underneath of a set of lips. Intricate swirls and grooves making up the design.

The crowd was scattering, screaming in fear. A zap of electricity would paralyze a handful of the crowd, give or take thirty individuals. Nathaniel was on the very edge of the crowd so a jolt went through him.

Shaking it off, he smoothed out his hair and made his way to the edge of the crowd in order to find a way to get to the assassin. It wasn't until the smoke filled the area that he grinned. Finishing his cigarette, the cherry burned hot red as the final drag enveloped his lungs. He then dropped it and smashed it into the ground. Focusing his eyes, he could see through the smoke, his eyes picking up the outline of a woman in the distance. The majority of the crowd had disappeared leaving only himself and this woman.

"Sparrow; get closer. I cannot do facial recognition if you're this far away." the voice was demanding. Nathaniel plucked the ear piece from his left auricle and let the cord dangle inside of his duster.

"It appears that you've stirred quite the pot here." he said, calling out to the figure as he approached. He would step forward, his wings spreading behind of him and flapping to disperse the smoke in his immediate vicinity.

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INV ONLY Re: When Worlds Collide

Post by Maverick April 27th 2017, 12:22 am

Attending political rally's was something Eric had grown used to at some point within his life. Grease their hands with a little money and they tended to veer towards your political gain more often than not. Corruption oiled the gears, and he tended to take all he could from that. Listening through the boring speeches was a downside, but that downside was something that he could grin and bear through. Eric brought Maddie along so that his bodyguard could suffer through the boredom along with him. Sipping at some whiskey from a flask he kept on himself, Maddie popped bright pink bubblegum with the usual lack of amusement.

In a sense he mixed in with the crowd, with slightly disheveled business style, half listening to anything being said. This guy was rather boring when he thought about it, but people listened to him. Maybe he had just listened to so many people like him that he grew used to it. In fact he found himself casually texting some red head he met at the last party he was dragged to, though texting creeps was not a thing that he normally did. Things were going normal until an arrow flew through the air, followed by smoke filling the entire area.

Visibility became slim, and Maddie was already in motion to protect him.

”I swear we can’t just have thing without someone attacking it.” Eric complained, covering his mouth to actually avoid breathing in the smoke, before Maddie’s own psionic powers pushed away some of it. There was the shape of someone moving through the smoke, wielding a weapon if he could figure it out.

”I’m on it.” Maddie groaned,  pulling the gum from around her mouth and continuing to chew it. She stepped into the veil of smoke, parting it like the biblical Moses.

”On what?”

”When they get their targets, the assassins tend to turn towards you.” Maddie waved him off, with a sigh and roll of the eyes. There was the person flapping large wings, blowing away the smoke and making themselves a greater target. ”Step aside angel boy. I’ve got this.”
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