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Post by Elthil on March 11th 2017, 3:25 am


"When you see value inherent in something, are you are simply observing a lie, an act that is  being presented in the theater of your mind?"

The Bio

Real Name: Althis Seriom
Villain Name: Elthil
Title: Lord of Avarice, Ghoul of Greed
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 3,362
Gender: Male
Race: Ghoul
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Varies

The Looks

The Personality

The Story

Althis Seriom was once the doctor of a small hamlet.

The medicine man was once a kind, caring and family oriented male. Althis had settled down with a young wife early, and he adored both his partner and the child that they conceived together.

Althis was a relatively averagely skilled doctor; for the most part Althis took care of those who lived around him and his family, and, in return, the community of his home village took care of the doctor and his wife and child. However, good doctor or not, Althis was in no way prepared for the outbreak of a plague that would change the course of his life.

The name of the sickness that struck Althis' home has been lost to history. The disease was known to cause the flesh of an individual to slowly decompose. The sickness generally first caused dehydration, followed by hair and tooth loss, before moving on to attacking the digits of one's hands and feet. Eventually, the unnamed plague would blind an individual and render them bedridden, until an almost certain death then struck the infected soul.

The decomposition disease swept through Althis' home in the middle years of the doctor's life. There was no stopping the plague, despite Althis' best attempts.

The doctor himself would eventually succumb to the plague, but not before his family did.

Althis could not stand the sight of watching his young child, along with his wife, literally rotting away before his eyes. So, even as the telltale whelps of the plague began to form on his own skin, Althis set out to try and save his family.

By the time he himself had been infected with the plague, Althis realized that it was far too late to rely on the mundane. Althis prayed to gods and demons alike. The doctor traveled to shrine to shrine, and to holy site to holy site, until his feet began to become too affected by sickness to support his steps.

On the brink of losing all hope, Althis literally crawled to the shrine of a deity that has long since fallen away into obscurity.

The shrine was desolate and in a ramshackle state. From all that Althis had heard, the shrine was dedicated to a spirit of greed, a being that was more a demon than it was a deity. A demon of greed was perhaps not the first being one might think of going to for assistance, but by the time Althis had ventured to the obscure shrine, he was all but out of options.

Althis crawled to the cracked and dusty altar of the greed god. The doctor placed down, with shaky hands, his offering to the god, before falling upon the floor. The desperate husband and father prayed, begged, and pleaded for help to the spirit of greed.

To Althis' surprise, unlike all the other gods whose shrines he had visited, praying to this particular deity brought a reply.

Appearing as a pillar of smoke, that floated and took different unearthly forms every few seconds, the spirit that Althis had prayed to granted the doctor an audience.

Althis pleaded his case before the greed demon. The doctor stared up at the pillar of smoke, begging for his wife and daughter to be sparred.

When the doctor was done with his begging, the spirit of greed, surprisingly, seemed sympathetic to the man's plight. With a merciful voice, the pillar of smoke restored Althis' body and cured him of the plague that had been affecting him. The spirit ordered Althis to return home and to attend to his family, asking nothing in return for his aid.

Despite no longer being affected by the plague and now being able to stand, Althis prostrated himself before the manifestation of the spirit who had seemingly saved his family. The praise and love upon which the doctor showered upon the demon knew no bounds. Althis did eventually depart from the greed demon's shrine, but not before swearing eternal worship upon the entity.

Althis returned home a renewed man. He was determined to find a cure for the rest of the village, and with the blessing of his new god he was sure that he would be able to do so. The doctor so wanted to see his family, and was at first overjoyed as he opened the front door to his small home.

One can only imagine Althis' surprise when upon entering his home he smelled nothing but the stench of death. Horror filled the doctor's mind, as he tore through his house and rushed to his bedchambers.

Althis found his family, deceased in his bed. Seeing this, the doctor could only fall upon his knees and ponder why the greed demon had forsaken him.

As the first thoughts of having been betrayed entered Althis' mind, a voice spoke to him.

"I have but waited to reunite you. Go to them, they shall wake," the disembodied voice, that Althis recognized as that of the greed demon, promised.

With renewed hope, but still a little fear, in his heart, Althis did as the greed demon suggested.

Uncovering the covers that were draped over his previously passed away wife, Althis saw a terrible sight. The doctor had been granted what he desired, his wife had been restored, but not in the way he had wished for as he had begged for her life.

Grotesque and rotting, his wife looked more the part of a reanimated body than a healed human being. The spirit of greed had restored Althis' wife to life, but had done little more than that to aid her. Althis could not even bear to look to his child.

The doctor fell upon the floor in shock, falling away from his bed and groaning wife. He shouted his anger at the god of greed, demanding an audience.

The spirit of greed did indeed appear before Althis, although this time as a tall, lanky, and deathly pale male.

"What more would you ask of me?" the god of greed inquired; only now that Althis could see the demon's eyes did the doctor realize what the creature truly was: a monster, a being that had no love for anything or anyone but itself.

Althis still could not help but think of his wife, however, despite the rage that he felt toward the being. The doctor had seen the pain in his wife's sunken eyes, when he had uncovered her, and could not bear to see her suffer for another minute; she had already died, and now for the sake of her husband's selfishness she was again experiencing the pain she had felt at her passing, only now her suffering was unending.

The doctor begged the greed demon to end his wife and child's pain.

"I have given life freely; death, however, will not come without a price," the demon had told Althis; a horrible smugness was set upon the face of the spirit.

The greed demon went on to demand that Althis serve him, that Althis spread his worship--as it had fallen out of practice.

In exchange for his wife and child being put to rest, Althis complied with the greed demon's request. The doctor agreed to serve the malicious spirit.

With a wave of his hand, the greed demon sealed his and Althis' deal. As the sheets of his bed ceased moving, Althis felt the life flow from his own body.

The doctor's body became a rotting husk, all the life that the greed demon had given him faded away over the course of a minute, and it was now his turn to become a walking corpse. As he felt how his clothes hung upon his dry and bony body, Althis realized that he himself had now become a creature of darkness; the doctor felt his body shift into that of a ghoul of greed.

Althis went on to serve the spirit of greed for many, many, many ages. The ghoul of greed took a new name as he was too ashamed to carry his old title, and eventually learned how to manipulate the arcane forces that the spirit of greed had apparently gifted him upon reshaping his body.

Althis found that he could change his shape, and even bring forth creation from the aether, and yet the power meant nothing as it was meant to be used for sinister ends. Through the ages, the demon of greed directed Althis to use his powers to trick and manipulate mortals into falling into his master's claws.

Althis would eventually usurp his master, after hundreds of years and planning and scheming. Vanquishing the spirit of greed was bittersweet for Althis, however. By the time he had defeated his former master, Althis had long since forgotten the faces of those who he was avenging.

Now sitting upon the throne of a minor pocket dimension realm, Althis is a Lord of Avarice, a king of demons and ghouls. His many years in the service of his master have made him harsh, calculating, and untrusting. He now seeks something, anything to fill the void, to replace the love of life that was stolen from him, to satisfy his greed--not for money, but for happiness...

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Immortality: Elthil can not die. His body can be destroyed rather easily, but it will eventually reshape.

Telepathy: Elthil may use telepathy to speak when in a form that is not capable of actually producing words. He may also use telepathy to communicate over long distances, or when he otherwise desires to.

Shape Shifting: Elthil can turn into anything. If he shifts into an element, then he can move as said element freely.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1 (Telepathy): Elthil may carry out a conversation with another individual through telepathy, but he can only hear the thoughts of the other person that said individual willingly allows him to pick up upon. Elthil must also know where an individual is to communicate with them telepathically.

Weakness 2 (Shape shifting): Elthil can copy the physical and mundane attributes of anything, but he can not mimic the powers or abilities of extraordinary beings. Elthil could take the form of a dragon, for example, but he would only be able to mimic the natural strength that a being of such a size would have--if the dragon Althis had mimicked had any supernatural strength, that did not come purely from its gargantuan physicality, then Althis could not mimic said strength.

Weakness 3 (Immortality): Elthil's body is just as destructible as any other human body. Elthil can be destroyed by anything that would destroy a human's body. The reforming of his body is a slow process.

(Elthil will not reform once defeated in-thread, although he may appear in another thread.)

The Items

Ring of Avarice: The Ring of Avarice can create money, foodstuffs, or any nourishing liquid from nothing.
Weaknesses: The ring can only create
The Minions

Name: Greed Spirit

The servants of the demon of greed that Althis usurped. Althis may only have two accompanying him at any one time.

Super-Durability: The ghouls feel no pain and their bodies must be fully destroyed before they will cease attempting to rend a target to shreds.

Fire: Greed ghouls will instantly be reduced to ash when exposed to fire.

Water: Greed ghouls will melt when exposed to water.

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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