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Ghombies Empty Ghombies

Post by Jersey Devil March 10th 2017, 9:37 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Ghombie
Alignment: Chaotic Good

The Looks

The above image is more to give an idea of what a Ghombie in general would look like, not quite what all Ghombies look like altogether. Depending on how they died, how old the spirit is, and in general what they looked like in life; they come in various shapes and sizes. New Ghombies have fresh wounds in their ghostly flesh; while the oldest have sluffed away any trace of the semi-translucent  ghostflesh that they once had covering their phantom bones. They retain injuries given to them in death.

The Story

Ghombies are lost spirits trapped within Firirn’s realm. They are the deceased who have found themselves dead under traumatic situations without repenting for an evil, unjust, or otherwise sinful actions. Firirin claims a portion of these, and Jersey Devil can summon them back using his natural necromantic abilities.

The Powers

Semi-Corporeal Ghost Physiology: A ghombie is nothing more than a slightly solid ghost, by sticking your hand through one; you will have a sensation of feeling like you’ve just shoved your hand into ice cold gelatin. This physiology is extremely useful as it technically gives them less of a chance to get injured. They can also be as solid as they want to be, allowing them to use super strength and walk through walls. For instance shooting a Ghombie would result in the bullet passing straight through them. However, they also don’t have the powers of what a normal ghost would have and act more like how a zombie would act. They cannot use telekinetics, they cannot psychically speak with anyone besides the summoner, and they cannot fly.

Super-Strength: Afforded to your average Ghombie is the ability to lift up to 4 tons, leaving them incredibly capable fighters. Child Ghombies or elderly ghombies can only lift up to a maximum of 900 lbs. The average female ghombie can also only lift up to 2 tons. Males can lift up to 4 tons depending on how strong they were in life. 4 tons being the max that a ghombie has been seen lifting.

The Weaknesses

As with Jersey Devils other abilities; the Ghombies become significantly weaker when shown symbols of faith. In fact, when touched by an object of faith, a Ghombie will completely disappear. Heading back to Firirins realm where the spirit must stay until summoned once more.

Ghombies can be defeated by forcing them to relive their deaths. A Ghombie will disappear if psychically forced to relive the death of their mortal coil. The same effect can be done through calling their true name and telling them that they are in fact dead and should return to their realm instead of bothering the living with their presence.

Ghombies disappear when Jersey Devil is incapable of commanding them anymore, such as when he goes into Devil form.

For unknown reasons, a Ghombie must be summoned from a corpse; they don't just randomly appear where someone has died. A corpse must be in plain sight.

Ghombies are far more suceptible to both hellfire and holy fire, burning up within moments of ignition.

Holy water and water from the lake in Firirin’s realm are also weapons that a Ghombie cannot defend against, having effects similar to that of drowning.

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Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil

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Ghombies Empty Re: Ghombies

Post by Binary March 10th 2017, 10:13 pm

That's one spicy ghombie, approved

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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