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Dustox  Empty Dustox

Post by Dustox on March 7th 2017, 12:10 pm

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: James Hambric
Villain Name: Dustox
Title: “The Devil’s Prophet"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian/Metahuman
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

While James can seem like a fairly nice guy when people first meet him, he is mostly arrogant and only out to further his own goals. He is prone to betraying, manipulating, and lying to allies if he ever does form an alliance if he sees a chance to help himself out. He knows he has to get serious when he gets down to business, but he likes to have fun. He like to go out and meet people or go to a casino, he might cause trouble if someone rubs him the wrong way, but in his mind it’s just something that happens every now and then.

He has no honor. He’ll shoot you in the back, cheat, steal, whatever he has to do to get what he wants, which is power. He wants to be in control of everything, to run the world. Of course this means he has more enemies than friends, but in his world he’ll end up on top so none of that matters. James always thinks he is right, even when he obviously wrong. He’ll use some weird, twisted logic to justify his actions if he feels at any point he may have made the wrong move in an effort to keep his conscience clear, though if he inadvertently does something he’ll admit it (Most of the time).

In addition to this, if someone does something that he’d never do thought they’d do or wouldn’t do himself, he gains respect for them. In a messed up, upside society such as this one, he thinks that it’s amazing if someone is willing to stick their neck out for anybody or sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Sure, he’ll still betray them or try to kill them whenever possible, but at least he’ll treat them “better-than-the-others-but-still-bad”. It also because of this that if someone spares his life or does him a favor, he'll feel like he owes them and will help them out if they ask him of anything. The only downside is that he’ll find any loopholes to get out of it (Ex. “I’ll said I was going to do A, I didn’t say I was going to do B.).

The Story

James was in a fairly rich family due to his parents having fairly successful jobs. However, neither of the two really had time to be at home. This lead to James getting used to being alone and becoming an introvert, never wanting to hang out with friends and just wanting to keep to himself. He was average in school, never getting straight As, but nothing ever dropping below a C. He seemed pretty normal to everyone, except for one small thing about his family tree:

Most of them were filled with devil worshippers.

James was unaware of this. His grandfather on his mom’s side and his great-grandmother on his dad’s side were both worshippers of Satan, and their parents as well. James’s parents were the first Christians in their families, taking on the task of redeeming their pedigree. The plan was simply keep him in the dark and hopefully it would all simply go away. Though it would seem that it was not this simple.

When James’s metahuman gene kicked into gear shortly after his 15th birthday, when dust around the seat he was sitting in during Math Class turned to began to gather together and form a a small dagger, causing everyone to look at him in awe. When his parents found out, they feared that Satan himself had somehow gotten to him and gave him those abilities as a form of punishment for going against he norm by rejecting the Devil and following God. Fearing for their son’s future, they came clean and told James about their dark past.

At first, James was confused, not knowing much about the devil or about his own monotheistic religion in general. He was never very religious and would even consider himself an agnostic.  He was warned to be careful, and to refrain from researching satanic practices and such. Of course, he did it anyway, his curiosity overwhelming him. It was not too long before he was seeing the Devil as a source of power, fame, and fortune.

He tried to use his powers for good, he really did, but James couldn’t resist temptation. He began using his powers to steal and create different constructs. He snuck out at night and robbed local stores and even went to get revenge on anyone who wronged him. He figured if he got his powers, then God had allowed it as well, and if he was able to do all of these things then he must be doing what God wants, since nothing was stopping him.

One day, his parents caught him sneaking out and James was forced to spill the beans. Angered greatly, his parents had grounded him. Though it’s not like that would stop him either. Now that they already knew, there was no need to be stealthy about it. He outright kicked out the front door on his way out and left to do what he wanted. He began skipping school, not coming home somedays, soon escalating from small local stores to malls and banks by the age of 16.

Every time he had a run in with the police, he was easily able to handle his own before eventually escaping. By the time he was 18, he had gotten so good with his powers that he was able to create weapons and constructs from other material. He was becoming a notorious criminal that was seemingly unstoppable in his city. As for his parents, they had tried negotiation, giving information to the police, even bribing James to stop. Nothing was working, and soon they knew what he would eventually grow up to be, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They caught James standing in an ally, killing a homeless man who, because he didn’t know him and was desperate for cash, tried to rob him. His own parents, armed with only a metal bat and the emergency pistol that they usually kept in the basement, tried to kill James.

Hambric was not surprised, feeling that it would eventually come to this, fought them without mercy. The fight was over in a matter of seconds with the only wound he had being a gun that had scraped his arm due to his father, who was aiming for his head, having terrible aim. Part of him couldn’t help but feel remorseful, but he tried not to think about it by continuing to do what he’s been doing.

Eventually, James ended up messing with the wrong man, and his gang ambushed him one Tuesday night. Being caught off guard and unable to evade the tons of bullets coming his way, he found himself lying on the sidewalk drowning in a pool of his own blood. Just as he thought it was going to be all over, he heard a voice. It didn’t sound like it was coming from any particular direction, but rather inside his head. It sounded like it was coming from a friendly man and he asked him if he was afraid to die.

Hambric was absolutely terrified, he was looking forward to the rest of his life, now it was being taken away from him. He didn’t try and hide it either, he could feel the tears rolling down the side of his face and mixing in with the blood. It seemed he didn’t have to say anything for the voice to know what he was thinking.

He woke up in a bed with a man standing in front of him, holding out a piece of paper. The man was wearing a suit and looked at him with a smile. He offered him a contract: It said that he could not only stay alive, but gain more abilities. In return, he must give up his soul.

While James had seen enough movies to know that this was a bad idea, but something was calling him. Something was begging him to accept. After thinking about it for a minute, and liking the idea of having even more power, he signed the contract. The demon servant disappeared, and James was left in an empty room with his own thoughts.

It was not long before James realized that something was different, and soon afterwards learned of his new powers. It was frightening at first, and it took him a long time to get used to it. At the age of 20, he decided that since he was going to be royally screwed when he dies, unless there was a way to avoid losing his soul, he had to leave his own mark on Earth. It was then that he decided that he wanted to tear down this broken world and rebuild it in his image.

And destroy anyone who got in his way.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Street Fighter: Over his days of running around in the streets causing trouble, he as developed close combat skills, using everyday weapons such as beer bottles, glass shards, etc., and turning them into weapons, as well as a using a few counters as well. He can handle the average street thug or two with relative ease.

Dust Manipulation: Dustox is able to manipulate sand, soil/dirt, dust and similar substances in various ways, though right now he is only able to make constructs with it. These constructs are nothing too big, mainly melee weapons such as swords, spears, clubs, maces, shields, etc. They aren’t any stronger than the weapon they take the form of, but still equally as dangerous.

Demonic Abilities:

Hell-Fire Manipulation: Dustox is able to create and manipulate Hell-Fire, which is a form of fire that comes straight from the fiery pits of Hell, aiming to burn everything it touches. Though when it reaches organic beings, it is not designed to kill, but rather for then being to suffer. Its heat is something unimaginable and when it burns someone, it generates great amount of pain as it eats away at the skin and muscles. It can also burn spirits and other entities that are similar.

Optic Blasts: Dustox is able to fire burning hot concussive blasts from his eyes at his opponents, it having a similar effect too his Hell-Fire, though not as severe. His blasts are strong enough to considerably damage metahumans with low superhuman durability.

Demonic Enhancements: He is able to manifest demonic qualities on his body to be better suited for a situation. This may include demonic wings or transforming his arm. The durability and strength of those parts of his body are increased, able to block tougher weapons such as swords and bats. For instance, if he usedt his ability with his arm, it would increase his strength to the point where he would be able to , lift cars if he used both of them at once. Utilizing his legs would also give him some speed, but nothing passed 100 mph.

Demon Magic: He is able to some spells that he had researched ever since he had signed the contract, however he only knows two at the moment.

Shapeshifting Spell:

He is able to cast a spell, activated by saying “Varius”. He is able to stay in the form for up to a hour. James can transform into any person with this spell.

Shield of Lucifer:

James can summon a red shield that stretches out to about 5 meters in front of him, which can extend about five meters in front of him. It is strong enough to resist anything short of a standard grenade. It is activated by him saying “Scutum!”

The Weaknesses

The Environment is not your friend: In places such as urban cities, airports, etc. the substance he needs may be harder to combat, so he might not be able to use his metahuman power as efficiently as he usually can.

Personality Change: The longer he uses his demon abilities (with the exception of demon magic, due to him learning the ability and not being given to him), the more it corrupts his personality, making him more bloodthirsty and turning to lying and deception. While it will return to its normal state once he stops using it, the time it takes to do so takes longer depending how long he uses these abilities as well as how far gone his personality was.

Come in pairs: There is a limit to how many body parts he can enhance. He can only make two enhancements at once and it has to be the same body part, such as a pair of wings, two demon legs, etc.

Risky moves: The Hell Fire ability is very hard to control, with Dustox usually simply generating the fire and letting it do its own thing. This fire is not able to tell friend from foe, so it is very possible for him to be hurt by his own attack. While the fire is not extinguishable by normal means (Ex. Water), but can be extinguished if Holy Water is used, it can be contained and can burn itself out if it runs out of things to burn.

Going in blind: While using his optic blasts, Dustox is unable to see. This can be used to catch him off guard or mislead him.

A Small Price to Pay: Using his Hell-Fire ability causes him a great amount of pain. His entire body feels like it’s on fire and his blood feels like it’s boiling. This has restrained him to using these abilities in short bursts, due to prolonged use would easily make his pain paralyzing and would therefore incapitate him. His optic blasts on the other hand temporarily blurs his vision anywhere from 20-30 minutes, getting worse every time he uses it with the effects lasting longer if he uses it for a while. Repeated use can cause him to be temporarily blind for up to a hour.

Shifting: He can only transform into someone if he has taken a taste of their blood at any point in time, after this, he can transform into that person with the spell without the blood errand. When he transforms into someone else, only his appearance changes. He doesn’t get their stats, memories, or powers (If he transforms into a metahuman).

Can only take so much: While magical shield is strong, anything stronger that surpasses its limitations may be withstood on the 1st or 2nd strike, but it would not be too long before it cracks, then breaks completely. In addition to this, his shield only extends out in front of him, meaning he can still be attacked from behind.

He ain’t no martial artist: While fairly skilled for someone with no martial arts training, his close quarter skills are useless against someone trained and experienced.

The Items

Bag of Dirt: Because his dust is hard to come by in certain places, Dustox carries around a bag of a mix of dirt, sand, and straight up dust so that he is always prepared for the worst. The bag itself is about the size of a baseball bah.

The Minions


The Fluff

Whenever someone is in close proximity to James, he seems to have some sort of  dark presence that would make people feel uneasy. Almost as if something just isn’t quite right.

The RP Sample

”Oi, this was way too easy." James said with a wicked smirk on his face. He just had his long sleeve, white shirt dry cleaned about an hour ago before he ended up in this dark alley. He was using his foot to push on the handle of a knife he carved out from the wall, which was currently in a man’s shoulder, to cause additional pain. Unfortunately blood seeped out from thin space between concrete and flesh. The man cried out in unbearable pain, with James rolling his eyes in response. ”Quit your whining, you’re a man aren’t you?" He taunted. having a slight chuckle afterwards.

As his foot eased off the handle, the man grew silent as he was overcome with relief. James knelt down, looking him in the eyes. ”You know, I don’t know what you were thinking, did you really think you could defeat me?" He looked into the night sky before letting out a sigh. ”If you let words get the best of you and lash out, you are truly pathetic.” James ripped the knife out of the man’s shoulder and dropping it on the ground, ”Anyone can say whatever they want in this twisted world. Get over it."

Nothing but the wounded man’s soft breathing could heard as James went silent, thinking for a moment before speaking again. ”You know, you really are just sad. I should just let you die, but because you had the guts to stand up to someone like me, I think I’ll put a little faith in you." He took out the man’s phone from his bloody jacket, and dialed 911. The operator picked up, but James wasn’t going to answer. Even so, the operator took a pause, almost as if she thought it was a prank, but then informed them that they had informed the police and that they were on their way. ”You better pray that they get here in time, your life is in their hands now." He said before picking up the knife from earlier and put it back into the wound in his chest. ”To stop the bleeding." While Hambric expected a noise, he didn’t hear anything.

At first, he thought the man had died, but the pulse was still there, albeit faint. James stood up and proceeded out of the ally. Standing at the exit, he stopped. Getting serious for a moment, he looked over his shoulder, back at the wounded man and murmured in an almost remorseful fashion, ”Don’t worry, I’ll fix this world. Next time someone says that to you, you’ll be encouraged to get revenge."

He then left the ally, and was two blocks down before he heard the faint noise of police sirens behind him.

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Dustox  Empty Re: Dustox

Post by Dustox on March 12th 2017, 11:07 am

Ready for review!

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Post by Humanity on March 12th 2017, 11:20 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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