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Recluse Empty Recluse

Post by Recluse on March 2nd 2017, 9:44 pm




The Cyber-Spider


The Bio

   Real Name: Viktor Grey Wolfe
   Hero Name: Recluse
   Title: The Human Spider
   Alignment: Chaotic Good
   Age: 27
   Gender: Male
   Race: Arachnohuman (Modified Human)
   Hair: Blonde
   Eyes: Grey-Blue
   Height: 6'2''
   Weight: 185 lbs. (275 with suit)
   Blood type: AB+ (Artificially, via arachnanites)

The Looks

Recluse Recluse

The Personality

While he used to be somewhat of a bully due to his father's abuse, he has since learned to be more compassionate and joking. That said, Recluse can be quite serious and sometimes downright scary when he gets into his work.

The Story

Viktor grew up in Queens, New York with his father, mother, and sister. His father, a police officer in the New York Police Department, was an abusive drunk, and frequently took out his frustrations on Viktor, eventually leading to Viktor's own violent nature. When his father would get particularly violent, his mother would hide him in the crawl-space under their stairs, and he was frightened by the spiders that lived there on more than one occasion.

As he grew older, Viktor sought to earn his father's approval through academic achievement, and though Viktor was a star quarterback and straight A student, his struggle to do so proved fruitless time and time again, further embittering him. Gradually, his father's liver began to fail him, and it was no surprise when he died a few weeks later... What was surprising, however, is that he had apparently died, not of his approaching liver failure, but of a spider bite.

Viktor attended college on an ROTC scholarship and eventually left to join the army. During his tour of duty, he acquired the nickname of "Recluse" due to his proficiency in lone-wolf missions as well as his ability to creep about unnoticed. Eventually, fate had him stationed in Southeast Asia, where he was tasked with locating the lair of a band of assassins known simply as "The Brotherhood." Viktor found their hiding place, but was found in turn and failed to escape before being surrounded. Facing the prospect of death, he selflessly called in an air strike on his location in an attempt to seal their fates along with his own.  The next few minutes were utter chaos. Fire and death rained down around him until an explosion nearby flung him to the earth, unconscious.

By the time Viktor awoke, he thought he must surely have died as he stared into the bright lights above him. Presently, he felt the table beneath his body and tried to stand... And so he did... But his legs were not the ones he remembered. It was then that other men entered the room and explained what had happened. Medically... Viktor HAD died. He had lost his legs in the shelling and bled out so much that his brain had received damage as well. Both his brain and his legs were now partially cybernetic to account for the damage. Then they went on to explain that he was part of an experimental soldier reclaimation program, and that he could choose to walk away with his new legs into his old life, or he could stay and work with E.C.L.I.P.S.E.

He remained silent for a time, but when he did speak again, he rapped his knuckles on his new legs and replied simply: "Do you guys do custom orders."

Since then, he has earned quite the reputation as the agent codenamed: Recluse. Criminals around the world are familiar with this name, and to those that know him... It brings fear to their hearts.

The Priority

   1. Agility
   2. Reaction
   3. Endurance
   4. Strength

The Powers

Hyper-Cognition: The addition of cybernetic implants into his body, especially his brain, allow him to process and react to information very quickly.

Fateweave Connection: Viktor possesses an extrasensory perception of the fateweave, which warns him of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of his skull and a sense of its general point of origin. This manifests based on the time until the dangerous event occurs, (which should happen in a minute or less,) and the distance to the subject of said danger, which should be within 20 ft of Viktor. He can also sense living things within said distance.

The Items

Chitin-Carbon Polymer Suit: A flexible bulletproof body armor with a mounted exoskeletal chassis which possesses extra, and bladed limbs, as well as EM-locked pouches for carrying small items such as his ECLIPSE badge. The suit's durability and strength allow Recluse to lift objects several hundred times his weight as well as change vision modes, specifically analytic/tracking, ultraviolet, and infrared modes. He can also effectively crawl on any surface that can support his weight using the suits electron-adhesion technology, which can act as a defibrillator if necessary.

Arachnanites: His body and suit are home to billions of microscopic spider-like machines aptly called arachnanites which are connected to the cybernetic portions of his brain, and can repair his suit or his body if needed from injuries such as cuts, bruises, burns, etc. They accomplish this by breaking down and repurposing materials at a microscopic level.

Synth-Silk: Produced from his suit's pressurized liquid protein, water, and carbon hexane solution mini-tanks and quickly modified into its solid form via his arachnanites, his Synth-Silk has an incredibly high tensile-strength, able to bear loads well over 200 tons. Can be recycled back into his suit by his arachnanites. With each use of the webbing, the machinery responsible for its deployment hisses after a few seconds as it repressurizes the tank that was utilized. This can be a terrifying sound given the right ambience.

The Weaknesses

Legless: Having lost his legs in the war, he needs his suit to remain mobile.

Human: Though the suit he wears is durable, he himself is human; vulnerable to harm from conventional means.

Chitin-Carbon Polymer Suit: The carbon portions of his suit are vulnerable to damage from precise edges, which will cause catastrophic protective failure radially outward from the damaged area, and while the suit can protect him against traditional rounds, armor-piercing rounds are still able to penetrate his armor, as well as greater forces than this. His vision modes, while useful, carry the draw-back of reducing his ability to see normally, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of blinding weapons used against him. Also, due to his largely tech-based body, the possibility of technoviruses or technopathy being used against him both exist.

Synth-Silk: Just as the carbon portions of his suit are vulnerable to precise edges, so is the rest of his Synth-Silk, which can be cut with relative ease. The silk is also flamable to a degree, giving it a secondary weakness. Recluse also has a limited supply of the stuff, and though it can be recycled, this can take time he may not have. The hissing sound produced a few seconds after each use of the webbing, while useful as a scare tactic, can also give away his general location.

Implants: Due to his brain's cybernetic implants he can, at times, lose his humanity temporarily if his mind becomes too stressed, behaving more like a cold-blooded machine than a man, which can damage his standing with ECLIPSE and the public. Also, while his suit is designed to mitigate this possibility (as it is chitin-carbon polymer, and not terribly conductive), a well-placed electrical shock to his system runs the risk of shutting down his suit, and possibly even his implants. His implants and internal components are particularly susceptible to electrical shock, thus, if a gap is created in the armor for instance, he can be easily put out of commission with electricity.

Fateweave Connection: Viktor's fateweave connection cannot detect individuals with similar predictive abilities, and he sometimes relies on it too much, causing him to miss things. Also, if a large-scale danger is headed his way, such as something that could level a city, his fateweave connection can manifest itself as a crippling headache, with danger manifesting itself as coming from all directions to his mind.

The RP Sample

The moon hung dimly in the sky over the ambulance, and shadowy figures moved about . "Hurry up!" One of them barked in a harsh whisper. "The boss wants these drugs yesterday." Suddenly, there was a quiet hiss and the side-street went black. "What was that?" Another said, fumbling to pull out a flashlight and point it at the street light. Dark webs covered the light above them. The man swallowed, pointing his light around to find the source of the dark material. He heard a faint scuttling sound behind him and turned around quickly. Six eyes stared back at him. He gasped, dropping the light.

Screams... Hissing... Then silence...




   Application created by Silver Scion | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Recluse Empty Re: Recluse

Post by Chellizard on June 13th 2017, 2:24 pm

I need you to give me more history than that. How did he obtain the suit? How old was he when he lost his legs?

"Not much is known to the public" is fine, but not to us staff members

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Recluse Empty Re: Recluse

Post by Recluse on October 17th 2017, 8:32 pm

Edited to fit specifications. I hope you like my char's history... I spent a long time trying to write a unique and interesting one while still paying homage to my original idea.

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Recluse Empty Re: Recluse

Post by CainVulsore on October 23rd 2017, 1:38 pm

Approved Until Stated Otherwise
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Recluse Empty Re: Recluse

Post by Zonky Blong on August 8th 2019, 2:18 pm

Moved for requested edits

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