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Ally Bishop || Discordia

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Ally Bishop || Discordia Empty Ally Bishop || Discordia

Post by Windy on March 1st 2017, 2:23 am

Ally Taylor Bishop

"As against normal thought, the "good guys" will never win. They're weak, soft, and simple-minded. The mercy they believe they hold hasn't existed for a long time."

The Bio

Real Name: Ally Taylor Bishop
Villain Name: Discordia
Title: The Chaotic Shadow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dark brown, goes to mid back, wavy
Eyes: blue-grey
Height: 5'5, she has a pretty small frame
Weight: 125
Blood type:

The Looks

Long black dress w/ long sleeves, black flats, a thin cloak sort of deal that causes a shadow over her face and covers her body, dark make-up

*subject to change

The Personality

Some consider Ally a little cold and a tad narcissistic, but she hardly thinks so. She considers herself a decision maker, one able to make tough decisions in a short amount of time. Whether said decisions are good in they eyes of others, though, is another question. She also considers herself practical and independent, along with superior. As one with powers, she believes those who have abilities as she herself are better than those without. This type of behavior is similar to those of the Purebloods in Harry Potter.

Ally, while she is usually quite cool and calm, can also sometimes have bursts of anger or sadness that overtake her. If something isn't going to plan, she can get agitated; if she's losing a battle so much that there's no escape or light in sight, she loses it. Who can blame her, really, in these instances? Most people get either scared or angry, upset about losing. Losing with no hope in sight? This would definitely rub someone the wrong way. Ally is no exception.

While Ally can be calculating and narcissistic at times, she also has a soft spot. Though, few things can reach it. Things suggests that not only humans can reach it, and this is true. In most cases, animals of most sorts fall under this "soft spot" category. She believes them to be innocent, having, nor needing, no part in the race for power. In certain cases, children also fall under this category as well as close family, or those she considers such.

The Story

Like many villain and hero stories, Ally grew up as an orphan. Straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

Ally Bishop was born in Sydney, Australia to Laurna and Lachie Bishop. She also had a brother, Carter, who was a few years older than she was. Until she was about seven or so, life was pretty normal. Ally went to school, had supporting parents, got teased by her brother… It was all just so… normal. It wasn't until she was older that Ally realized how boring her life had been. How storybook it seemed.

The ripe age of seven seems like an appropriate place to start. No? You don’t consider seven to be a ripe age? Well, it was the year of change. Well, loss seems like a better word. Loss instead of change… quite fitting. She lost her mother and her father in the same day, her brother not too long afterwards. It felt like she lost her childhood, her mercy. She hadn't lost her life, though at some points it felt like she might as well have. She lost her home. She lost a lot of things. All at the age of seven.

See, I told you seven was a ripe year.

A fall night was when it had began. The series of events that led Ally to where she is today. Quite appropriate, if you ask me. The leaves are already dying, why shouldn't a few other things fall along with them?

Click, boom. Her parents gone. No, not by gunfire. Their breath didn't leave their bodies fast enough for it to be as simple as that. No, it was by a stupid driver on a stupid night. Maybe it was that driver to blame for all of it? The death of her parents? Sure. The destruction that happened over the years? No, why, or how, could it be that simple? One man responsible for it all? That's crazy.

Well, her parents were dead. Two leaves off the dying tree. Now, what happened to her brother, you may ask? Did he die in the car as well? No, it's not that simple.

I ask you this: What happens when your parents die and there's no one else to take care of you? You go to an orphanage, of course. What happens at an orphanage? You get adopted, of course. What's the likelihood of getting adopted with your sibling? Well, it was quite slim in Ally's case. Ally was younger than her brother, as said before. He was around six years older than she, making him around thirteen. He was almost fourteen, in fact. Now, what couple just starting their parenthood, looking for a child to raise on their own, would want a hormonal, rebellious teenager to look after? Well, you'd have to be pretty lucky to come across a pair such as that. What are the odds they'd want that and a young child? Very slim. Lottery luck. Neither Ally nor Carter held that luck. So, as Carter stayed behind in the orphanage, Ally was taken in by a family in Danbury, Connecticut. Another two leaves off the dying tree: one for her brother, one for her home.

Now, why America, you may ask? My, you ask a lot of questions. Well, the reason that she was loaned out to a family in America remains beyond Ally, though she expects it may have something to do with their… let's just say… "unfitness"… as parents. No, no, they weren't terrible parents. They already had three other children, all boys. A ten year old, a twelve year old, and a fifteen year old. All well-behaved, none of them out drinking on the weekends. It was a sweet, Catholic family. Maybe they adopted Ally because they wanted a girl? Maybe they didn't want to redo the years of dippers and bottles? Either way, Ally was now apart of their family. And my, my, did they enforce that.

As Ally started a new school in a new country, they were very persistent in enforcing the idea that she was now their child. No one else's. They acted as if they had been taking care of her all her life. They were as strict on her as they were on their other children, if not worse. They didn't allow her to speak of her old family, her brother, her parents' deaths. No, no, Ally was their child now. Apart of their family. Simple as that.

As Ally continued to grow, she was quickly labeled the quite girl. She rarely spoke, only really when spoken to. She always was reading or doing something on her own. She wasn't a huge fan of social interaction. It's not that she was opposed to it, she understood it was good for her well-being; however, she got enough interaction at home. While her new parents weren't the most supporting in letting her speak about her 'old' family, the were supporting of her in practically every other way. They supported her in her school work, they supported her in her growth as a person. Most importantly, they supported her in her faith.

As mentioned before, Ally was adopted into a Catholic family; and my, my… Catholic they were. Church on Sundays was a must, as well as Wednesdays for the kids and Saturday afternoons every other week. They insisted she accept their faith, even having her baptized soon after she arrived. It wasn't that Ally was opposed to the religion, she had been raised a Christian herself (Methodist, though, not Catholic), she just wasn't a fan of it being so imposed upon her. Sure, she went without fuss and listened to the preacher speak. At times she enjoyed it, being reminded that she would be saved as long as she repented. She enjoyed being reminded that there was always someone looking after her, even when she didn't feel like she could. These reminders, though, didn't do much help in her teenage years. By the end of it all, our little dying tree was almost completely cleared of all its leaves.

As Ally approached her teen years, she began to miss her old family terribly. It wasn't that she didn't miss them before, but with her time with them getting further and further away, along with the occasional mood swings puberty brought around, the hole in her heart that they used to fill began to widen. By thirteen, she still wasn't to the point of loving her new family. Sure, she appreciated them; they did adopt her after all, gave her a good home, weren't too rough with her, supported her in really every way. After adopting her, though, they never really gave her the chance to miss her brother, or really her mother and father for that matter. There wasn't really any time to get accustomed to it all, either. As she arrived, it was pretty much straight to faith and school. She never really made friends in elementary and middle school, always choosing to stay off to the side. They didn't seem to like her, though it might've been all in her head.

By time Ally reached high school, she had become accustomed to life in America, though. While it was still distinguishable, her Australian accent was disappearing, much to the dismay of one of her brothers (the one who was closest in her age). By time she was a sophomore, though, things really began to change. Things started to happen to Ally, odd things. And no, not like that. She was beginning to be able to lift things, and not just as a physical ability, but as a mental. Of course, as she was discovering this little feature, it wasn't at all in her control.

Her abilities first showed themselves while at school. It ended with a kid being sent to the ER and an angry phone call to Ally's adoptive parents. The administrator had described it as if she had suddenly manifested enough anger to push the kid into the brick wall. Obviously, this wasn't exactly the case, but who was Ally to stop the administrator, especially when she wasn't entirely sure what was going on herself. This incident was only the beginning of what was to come.

As her parents heard about this incident, they immediately freaked out. How could a person simply push another into a wall by their own will? It was unheard of, and frankly, suspicious. Until the next happening, Ally's adoptive parents remained supportive of her in regards to her school work. However, when it came to anything else, she was to remain in solitude. The only times she was allowed to go anywhere was either school or church. What if others saw the girl push someone else into a wall? Was their something taking over the child? Well, they supposedly got their answer a few months later.

While at Wednesday night service with her adoptive brothers, Ally became the butt of a few jokes. They weren't intended to be ill-intended. The second youngest brother had come up with them only to tease Ally as older siblings do. However, Ally didn't take it this way.

Long story short, Ally was in trouble once more with not only her adoptive parents, but her pastors as well. There was something terribly wrong with the girl, wasn't there? She could lift things by will (though, not really, unknown to them) and cause harm to others. There had to be something within her, didn't there? This was absolutely the case, according to the pastors and Ally's adoptive parents. There was definitely something within her that didn't belong. Though, nothing that the power of God couldn't fix.

For three or so years, Ally was sentenced to live at the church under the care of the sisters who resided their as well. They never went as far as to preform an exorcism, though it was brought up, but they did try to be rid of the beast in other ways: everyday, at least twice a day, there was Bible study. If there was a particular screw up on Ally's part, there were up to five. She also had Confessions with the father at least once a week or every two weeks. They acted like therapy sessions, to be completely frank. Ally was also to not interact with most of the other church goers, this including those her age. While they didn't have her cleaning the floors on her hands and knees as if she were some Cinderella type, they did treat her as if she were low, lower than the devil himself, even supposing that was whom resided within her.

I ask you one last question: What do you suppose happens to a girl who is forced to solitude for over three years? What do you suppose that girl does when she sees the chance to escape her own personal hell and cause harm to those who caused it? She goes for it. She takes that opportunity and she goes. That's exactly what happened one Sunday morning a few weeks before Easter. They allowed her to attend the public church service that Sunday, hoping that the demon inside was gone. She hadn't used her abilities for a few months, she was sure to be cured of whatever had been inside of her. As Ally sat in the front row, she planned her move.

In the middle of the service, she acted. No one was expecting her to do so. She had been sitting there the whole time, nice and quite. After only a minute, though, the sanctuary was the exact opposite.

With all her might, she pushed everything around her into the walls and windows. Oh, she had been using her abilities, just not in front of those who would scold her for doing so. Though, you've probably gathered that by now.

A few of the persons she threw individually to the side, saving the pastor for last. He had been the one to suggest she stay in that heavenly-hell. He deserved special treatment. Ally had thrown him into the choir, he hitting his head on the organ in the process.

Screams echoed around the room, bouncing off the tall walls and ceiling that seemed to reach towards heaven. Children cowered under pews, whimpering as their panic-stricken parents glanced around the sanctuary in fear and horror. A few bodies laid here and there, mostly younger men and women, as well as the pastor. A couple bodies moaned, as if trying with all their weak might to regain consciousness. The rest, well, there wasn't much hope for them.

A few pews were caught in the uproar, turned upside down, turned this way and that. A couple of the stained-glass windows bore massive wounds to the images they used to depict. The largest one was Ally's escape, it being at the top of the sanctuary. As she looked down at the scene she had caused, she couldn't help but smile a wicked smile. She was free, totally free. She vowed from that day she wouldn't allow anyone else to treat her as if she were nothing. She realized that day that she was superior to them all, she held their lives in her hands.

On that day, her tree began to grow once more. This time, though, its branches bore not the fruit of life, but the poisonous apples of death.

Is it all cliché? Probably. The story of an orphan with a tragic backstory has been done many a times. Though, as you look into each story, everyone holds their own twist. Ally is no exception.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Telekinesis Well, telekinesis is pretty straight forward; Ally can move objects with her mind and willpower. She can also move her own body, allowing herself to levitate in a way and keep herself from taking too much fall damage when jumping from semi-high places. Telekinesis also helps Ally deflect objects coming at her. While some might consider it a shield, it's really not. It's more of her battling the object's motion with her own power. Ally also has the ability to send out powerful waves of telekinetic energy, causing most objects in the vicinity to be thrown backwards.

(For more powerful acts of telekinesis, such as completely incapacitating another character, permission will have to be asked before preforming such acts.)

The Weaknesses

Weight Limit Just as it's said. Ally, while able to life quite a bit, is limited in how much she can lift. The heavier the object, the heavier the strain. At times, she may be able to lift something heavier than 2 tons, her normal restraint, but it will cause great strain in her mind. Even though Ally normally uses her telekinesis, if she uses it too much, especially when frequently lifting abnormally heavy things, it can tire her out resulting in either headaches or her passing out as well.

Human-ness Simply put, outside of her telekinesis Ally is completely human. While she's smart, she isn't smart enough to classify under unusual intelligence. She also can be caught unaware by things such as a bullet. If things such as that are going too fast, there's not much she can do about it. For example, if someone with super-speed abilities is running around, she would need large amounts of concentration to have even a possibility of stopping them. Even if she uses all of her might, she isn't even close to being guaranteed to do what she pleases. She is dependent on her own reaction time.

The Minions

Ally has yet to recruit for her cause.

The Fluff

Emotions Ally's telekinesis is tied quite heavily into how she feels. The better she feels, aka the happier or confident or determined she feels, the easier it will be to control her powers. However, if she is upset, like if she's extremely sad or angry, she will begin to sort of lose control over what she can do. If she's feeling extremely desperate, she might find it more difficult to be able to lift objects as well as she pleases; if she's angry or sad things might began to float around her without her thinking about it. Her being extremely angry or sad can sometimes result in objects around her being thrown backwards, like explained in the powers in general.

The RP Sample

~ This takes place in August, before the new term ~

With the beginning of the new term coming up, the streets of Diagon Alley were relatively crowded. Students, new and former, huddled around display windows and in groups, catching up from over the summer. Some, especially in the case of the young, were led or followed by parents. For Natasha, now being thirteen years of age, this wasn't the case. Unlike the year prior, Nat wasn't accompanied by her mother and father; she was simply given some money, as well as a temporary flip phone that felt terribly out of place in her jean pocket, to buy her school supplies, and set on her way.

Without the load of her parents, Nat was excited to feel a sense of freedom that filled her. However, in the back of her mind, a sense of disappointment also lingered. Her parents, instead of being excited to see the magical world that their daughter was now apart of, had pushed her off on her own, holding no interest to see what kept hers. Happiness to be back that magical world, however, kept this disappointment at bay.

She had been in Diagon Alley for a couple of hours already and her school shopping was basically complete. Her father wasn't to come pick her up for another two or three hours, so Nat was left to roam the mystical cobblestone street on her own, money still burning a hole in her pocket. Perhaps she'd visit the Quidditch store, now that she knew a bit more about the sport, or maybe she'd buy herself a treat. Ice cream? No, she could have ice cream any time... perhaps she'd get a chocolate frog. She did enjoy the cards that came with them.

What Nat really wanted, though, was to run into a friend from Hogwarts; maybe perhaps even a new friend would be nice. Whatever the case, Nat wanted something to do and someone to enjoy the fun with. She peered around her, walking on her toes at times to see who she could spot. Her arms were full with supplies, some in bags some not.

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Ally Bishop || Discordia Empty Re: Ally Bishop || Discordia

Post by Thorgron on March 1st 2017, 4:47 pm

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