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Rhea- The Mother

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Rhea- The Mother

Post by Togetic on February 24th 2017, 12:18 pm


"The Mother"

The Bio

Real Name: Rhea
Villain Name: -
Title: The Mother
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 2
Gender: Biologically inapplicable, associated with feminine traits enough to outwardly be perceived as female
Race: No uniform designation
Hair: Chitinous
Eyes: Compound, Green
Height: 3.4M
Weight: 7500 KG
Blood type: Chlorocruorin

The Looks

The Personality

Rhea is utterly driven with maternal instinct, acting solely in the best interest of her future spawn. While not particularly cunning, or overtly tactical in her analysis of situations, she is not oblivious  and recognises her personal safety as tantamount to achieving her goals and will go as far as needed to ensure it. This sense of self importance makes her a fickle ally, yet a predictable one for those who understand her priorities. Through this, she is easily swayed by offers of a mutually beneficial nature- either to her future brood or to her immediate existence- but will change sides just as easily if presented by a better offer, or if she perceives it to be a better situation.

Rhea respects strength above all else, attracted to particularly strong or unique entities. She will follow those she cannot overpower, consume  and assimilate until such a time as it is possible, and more beneficial for her to do so, as such she is much more inclined to partnership with those entities, though she bares no true loyalty to others beyond herself.
The Story

There is no true unified word for her kind, many have been given their own by inhabitants of the worlds they landed on but no two have ever met to give themselves a designation beyond the one they have for themselves. Seeded across the stars, each born to act as a genetic library by a long forgotten progenitor Rhea's kind are unified in this overriding purpose. Laying dormant until awakened by the allure of powerful entities, each will attempt to consume and assimilate the most beneficial traits from the strongest species a world has to offer, imbuing their young with the bounty of their new homeworld and becoming stationary, birthing and guiding their otherwise sapient young. These progeny establish a foothold, and continue to collect traits and genes until their eternal mother reaches the end of her life, at which point her genetic library is released into the void from which she came and the final generation of her children await their end.

Rhea, in particular, has hit the mother-load. Perhaps by chance, perhaps by the guidance of some long absent hand, the seed from which she came landed upon Earth. Slowly awakened by the meta gene's increasing prominence in the human genome (Among other blips of non-human, and non-genetic anomalous activity) Rhea emerged after the flurry of activity that was 2018, emerging in the Alaskan wilderness. The sparsely populated region both helped and hindered her development, untapped veins of materials necessary for her growth being easily found and abducting isolated humans drawing significantly less attention to her than otherwise.

Yet she still hungered for more, lusted for the strength that awoke her. She would not be content with spawning her brood with the genes of lowly woodland creatures and mundane humans, not when she new there was much more that this world could offer her.

With only a vague sense of direction towards the source of her awakening, Rhea began her destructive cross-country trek towards New York.
The Priority

1.  Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

High Durability: Rhea's Exoskeleton is reinforced with several rare earth metals and designed to allow existence even in high gravity environments, when combined with her naturally large size this gives her a carapace strong enough to withstand heavy blunt trauma.

Subdermal vibration: By vibrating her subdermal muscles, Rhea can break apart weak soil and earth in order to submerge herself in the ground, and move in a very limited capacity while underground.

Genetic Analysis: Complex sensory systems coat Rhea's body, allowing her, with her innate yet intricate knowledge of genetics, analyse entities' genetic makeup from afar through the passive collection of shed cells left in the wake of normal activity and movement of living things. This sensory network allows a cursory understanding of both the genetic makeup and abilities of any organic entity, although it does nothing to help analyse the abilities of non-organics, entities which source their powers from non-genetic sources or entities with their bodies within a suit or otherwise sealed container. Intricacies such as the exact limits of a genetic-based power, or specific weaknesses cannot be gleamed from this ability.

The Weaknesses

Poor Exoskeleton regeneration: The requirement of rare earth metals makes regeneration and growth of Rhea's exoskeleton difficult, damage is slowly regenerated and requires Rhea to actively seek out resources to facilitate it.

Subdermal heat generation: Vibration of subdermal muscles generates large amounts of heat that is poorly vented due to the thickness of Rhea's exoskeleton, excessive use can cause significant heat damage to her internal organs and muscles

Focus required: Rhea must dedicate her entire mental capacity to genetic analysis when using it, ceasing all movement and other mental activity for a solid minute while her brain processes the intricacies of the genome she's analysing
The Minions

N/A, For now

The Fluff

Genetic Cataloguing: Rhea can consume genetic material and store it within herself, internally manipulating it and applying it to her unborn progeny. This process is not perfect, and powers will not be emulated exactly or consistently across the entire population. The process can also fail to produce any change in her progeny for any number of reasons, from incompatibility to genetic damage during consumption. These consumed powers do not have any application to Rhea herself, and she does not gain anything from them personally. Powers can only be consumed if a rather sizeable amount of biomass is consumed, and can only be integrated if said powers are based in the consumed entity's genetics.

Telepathy: Used primarily for speech during the mobile stage of her life cycle, Rhea can transfer her thoughts into the minds of others. This is effectively used as speech.

The RP Sample

I'm not sure if I need to provide this, having had applications accepted previously (Although they weren't under this format?)

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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