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Lindwurm, the Austrian Dragon!

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Lindwurm, the Austrian Dragon! Empty Lindwurm, the Austrian Dragon!

Post by Phreeze on February 20th 2017, 7:59 pm


"Krummes Holz gibt auch greades Feur." (Lit: Crooked logs make straight fire)

The Bio

Real Name: Otto Weissman
Hero Name: Lindwurm
Title: Der Sohn das Bergdrachen (Lit: The Son [of] the Mountain Dragon)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow (with reptile-like slits)
Height: 7'2 (2.2 meters)
Weight: 263 lbs  (119.3 kg)
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

Seven feet tall, reptilian eyes, and a strong body, no wonder Mr. Weissman is considered the Son of the Mountain Dragon. Otto's face is slim, streamlined, and seemingly bred to fly, as his thin, long nose and small lips fit perfectly with his slightly sunken, yet yellowed eyes give the feel that this man is more lizard than human. His legs themselves are permanently transformed, backwards bent like that of the dragon, and three toed claws take the place of his feet. His attire often consists of beaten up clothes, having taken abuse from frequent mutation and transformation. Currently a grey, button-down shirt and shorts are his only clothes, not even shoes on his feet, for the claws he has will not allow such things.  His broad shoulders and above-average muscle mass in his chest, abdominal muscles, and his arms make him look fit to be just what he is, a man with the ability to become partially draconic.

The Personality

'Rufen sie mich ein Tier, aber ich bin immer noch menslich'. "Call me a monster, but I am still human."

Otto, or Lindwurm, whatever your preference may be, acts strangely like a dragon, while still retaining his human attributes, though barely. Otto can be described as a loner, and hair trigger angry, as he isolates himself often from others, and is quite easily enraged. His social skills are incredibly lacking, unless he's consumed by rage just enough to be able to still speak, Otto often stutters and repeats himself, as well as barely making eye contact. These aforementioned actions are not to be taken as signs of submissiveness, as Otto is very much an alpha, though his way of taking charge is striking out on his own. Otto has a strange compulsion to buy or steal shiny gold, silver, or otherwise precious metals or objects coated or made of said metals. He can easily discern real gold from false, as it is in his nature as a dragon-like human to hoard such things.

The Story

Born a poor boy in Austria, Otto was never really entitled to anything in his life, working from extremely young ages for less-than-legal employers to help make ends meet for his family. He lead a relatively normal, poor life under the thumb of a mob-boss, until his 10th birthday. Little did Otto know, his  family in fact carried a meta gene, one that triggered then to grant him an awe-inspiring and myth-meeting legend. The Son of the Mountain Dragon, a tale of a human who takes the form of a dragon to save his people. Consumed with pride and the idea that he could possibly bring his family from under the rule of a crime syndicate, young ten year old Otto attempted to use his inborn powers that he'd discovered to try and incinerate a local goon. After failing to even produce a gout of flame from his mouth, he was repeatedly clubbed until local authorities decided not to turn a blind eye any longer.

Fast forward about three years later, and Otto's father, Gunther, faces an untimely demise at the hands of said goons, who remembered the poor kid and his secret, thus trying to expose him for further ridicule. This only led to reinforce the legend, and the community banded together to stamp out the criminal threat. Eventually, the town managed to reclaim itself from the equivalent of bandits, and Otto's scars from ruining such things had taken a toll on his life. He began to act more feral, and lashed out at even his closest friends. They suspected this was a phase, until silverware, plates, and family heirlooms made of precious metals went mysteriously missing. Otto was found to have hoarded the materials under his bed, and the community lost hope in their Mountain Dragon Son, disbanding the story as a mere fable, and nothing more. He left his family status in ruin, and was hated ever-after. Until seven weeks after his 18th birthday.

The mob returned, and in force. Over this time, within what felt like exile, Otto had taught himself how to control and direct his rage in the form of his powers. The mobsters were not kind, however, and were quick to try and reduce the town to a ghost-town, so they could liquidate the assets under their massive wealth. It was too bad for them that Otto's persistent memory and savage rage went hand and hand this day. Not a single member of the Basmark Crime Family were found that day, only non-melted non-precious belongings that were in the men's names were found among severed limbs and piles of ash. Townsfolk say that was the day the legend awakened.

Driven by guilt and anger, Otto raided what metals he could find from the bodies, and whatever was at hand that night after, and flew off, sprouting his wings from his back to hide away for the rest of his days. He resided in the cliffsides for a while, before moving onward to find employment where metahumans were accepted. Now 24 years of age, and having obtained an international passport, the Lindwurm travels with what money he has to spare, in hopes that maybe he can find answers to who he really is, and what he can do with himself.

The Priority

4. Agility
1. Endurance
3. Reaction
2. Strength

The Powers

Enhanced Muscle Mass: Otto has far more strength and resilience than the average human, and under his body is a layer of excess scales that grow rapidly to help protect all but his stomach against melee blows.  This also means that Otto's strength is enough to tear wheels and parts of a motor vehicle off with little effort. He's able to just barely lift automobiles over his head. The scales themselves can take impacts equivalent to a jackhammer's force, or a small caliber bullet repeatedly without giving way, but anything from .223 to 5.56 and beyond as far as caliber of bullets, or any concussive force renders the scales essentially useless.

Drachen Korper (Dragon Body): Most, if not all of his powers can be summarized as this. Otto has the inborn power to shapeshift parts of his body into that of a dragon's. Be it wings from his shoulder blades, or fiery lungs to spew searing flames, Otto can do it, but there is a catch; Otto can only use but two powers at at time, lest he risk overworking his body to death or unconsciousness.

Lungen Des Feur (Lungs of Fire): Inhale air, exhale fire. Otto takes a deep breath in as his chest expands massively. He then lets out a loud, enraged roar that sends an eight foot cone of fire in front of him from his mouth. The temperatures are enough to ignite human flesh, and sear through some weaker metals such as copper and brass. This attack is not only effective at damage, but it can incinerate most bullets in the flash heat. It leaves Otto weak and out of breath after use.

Die Klauen des Lindwurm's (The Lindwurm's claws): Shifting from his fingertips to his shoulders, Otto elongates his arms by about a foot, and engorges them with scales, sharp claws, and excess muscles. This power greatly increases the already superhuman strength Otto possesses, allowing him to strike foes with armor-rending blows. It leaves Otto's arms feeling weak afterwards.

Nehmen Sie Flug(Take Flight): Otto's back cracks in various ways, and through his shoulderblades shoot out large wings about seven inches past the ends of his fingertips outward, enough to allow him flight. The membranous wings themselves do not strain him, but at the same time, over exertion can lead to the premature reversion of these, causing him to quite possibly fall from the sky if he's not careful.

Maw Des Drachen(Maw of the Dragon): Otto's teeth sharpen and his muscles in his jaw and neck engorge significantly, allowing him to savagely bite and tear at any one who is unfortunate enough to get in his grasp. Otto suffers a loss of voice and severe jaw pain after using this.

The Weaknesses

Avarice: Otto, by nature, loves gold and silver, having an almost hypnotic effect on him. If he sees real gold or real silver, it takes almost all of his willpower to resist taking it for himself.

Extreme Cold: Dragons hate ice, and so does Otto. When exposed to powers of cryomancy, the ability to manipulate temperature in the negative direction and to freeze things, Otto's scales weaken immensely, causing him intense agony and possibly even shedding them through sores that the cold may make in his body, which could quite easily be fatal if left untreated.

Feral Rage: Otto is easily angered, and can be goaded into any number of things. His rage could also trigger premature usage of his abilities, a risk that is obviously fatal.

The Belly of the Beast: Otto's stomach cannot grow scales under the skin, and makes it very easily a weak point if not properly protected. A blow there could end him.

Divine Intervention: Weapons or powers that are otherwise holy in nature, be it light wielding or blessed, can completely negate most of Lindwurm's draconic powers.

Limits: Only two powers can be used at a time for Lindwurm, and usually have their own drawbacks. Three or more pushes him to unconsciousness after he's done, and four is nearly, if not entirely fatal.

The Items

Amulet: A small family keepsake with the image of a dragon spreading its wings on it. Naturally its made of gold to allure Otto to keep a hold of it. It can be used, if staring at it for long enough, to temporarily ward off instinctual greed. However, it causes him to act more feral for a while afterwards, usually requiring some isolation or a friend at his side to snap him from it.

The Minions


The Fluff

Otto loves to be pet like a dog. He does not know why.

That's really all the useless trivia here.

The RP Sample

They approached his home, his stomping grounds, with guns drawn, ready to slaughter this land. Something ate at Otto from within, a burning passion, a gnawing rage that could not be numbed or sated. He knew it was wrong to let the beast inside his very body rule himself over the others, and with the local militia tucking their fucking tails between their legs and ran! How DARE they?! Laughter erupted as one of the mobsters, that same man who beat him before, recognized Otto. "Menschen! Es ist Der Sohn De-" before those teasing, taunting words could fully leave the scum's mouth, he inhaled sharply. Otto could feel the cracking of his ribs under the excess stress of his lungs expanding for the first time in about a year. Guns raised at him, they waited. He stepped forward and before the first bullet could leave, an immense gout of flame blasted from his mouth. A loud, angry roar along the lines of "BRWAAAAAAGH!" was sent out, no more than ten seconds and he'd incinerated most of his prey, few stragglers frozen in fear as he took a second to catch his breath. They took it upon themselves to begin firing. Bullets grazed Otto's now moving body, a sharp, burning sensation as his skin was torn to reveal scales beneath. He lunged at the man on the left first, hands rapidly expanding into massive claws. He dug those huge grabbers into the man's chest and...

SHLLLAP! He tore the man in literal two, bones and organs exposed as he leaped for the second one. He didn't bother to revert, only grabbing the man by his arms to expand those jaws of his, taking a bite of his neck in blind rage to eat through the bloody scene like it was a snack, reducing the man's neck and half of his dead face into bone and straggling veins torn from the mauling. The townsfolk looked in horror at the blazing, bloody scene, the scent of ash and copper in the air. The Lindwurm, that terrible beast, collapsed to his knees to regain himself, and simply rose thereafter. He began immediately rummaging through the bodies that were just barely left, collecting gold teeth and necklaces, greedily stuffing them into his pockets to hoard away. But where? There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide out. Having regained himself, and treasure to add to a hoard he had no idea where to place, he sprouted wings, a spray of sinew and blood spurting from where his shoulderblades once were, allowing the dragon-man to take flight, heading towards the nearby cliffiside to hide in shame at his display of fierce territorial rage.

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Lindwurm, the Austrian Dragon! Empty Re: Lindwurm, the Austrian Dragon!

Post by Rozmer on February 20th 2017, 9:17 pm

Awesome character, approved until stated otherwise

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