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AAT-08317 Advancements (WIP)

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AAT-08317 Advancements (WIP) Empty AAT-08317 Advancements (WIP)

Post by Uryurvkos February 18th 2017, 2:28 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Advanced Augmentation Trooper Generation-II Equipment Upgrade

Item/Character Advancement Description: A series of equipment come standard with the Generation-II Equipment Upgrade:

-VOYAKA-II Nanoweave Fibre Suit


-Nanofibre Garrotte

-Echo Grenades

-IZYCHENIE Computing Technology

-SVAROG Heated Sabre and Knife

Item Power(s):

-VOYAKA-II Nanoweave Fibre Suit: Based off the slender and fit design of the VOYAKA-I generation suit, the VOYAKA-II is made with thin layers of rubber padding, conductive material with routes to ground and enhanced Ratnik-generation design plating (bullet-resistant armour). This adds a level of electricity resistance, while offering a higher-degree of resistance to weapons. Photosensitive nanoweave allows material to blend in to backgrounds to create a sort of 'dumb camoflauge'.

-VOYAKA-II Helmet: The VOYAKA-II helmet offers much greater resistance and protection than the standard gas mask. It also has protection against flashbangs. A series of tools have been implemented, such as an improved filter for gaseous materials and smoke. It also has a head mounted multi-spectrum visor for infrared, ultra-violet, etc. Adjustable noise mufflers are available for use. Built in radio system.

-Nanofibre Garrotte: Basic nonmetallic garrotte that is easily concealable. Allows for quick stealthy strangulation.

-Echo Grenades: Echo Grenades are a reliable piece of technology that allow for loud sound burst that temporarily deafens and knocks enemies off balance. Can also be used to mimic sounds to create distractions.

-IZYCHENIE Computing Technology: The IZYCHENIE computing technology is a wrist mounted device that can receive information via a hacking platform. By inserting a cable between a computer, information can be pulled through a computer in encrypted format. Small cameras can also be put in places which give video feed to the device.

-SVAROG Heated Sabre and Knife: Superheated metal sabre and combat knife with plasma. Can be used in combat and used to cut through metal objects.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

-VOYAKA-II Nanoweave Fibre Suit: The VOYAKA-II Nanoweave Fibre Suit, while an incredible piece of technology, has its downgrade. First, if the conductive materials is damaged, it will instead become more harmful to AAT-08317 that it is beneficial as it would aid in damaging his organs. Second, the 'dumb camouflage' can only work and change should the body of the suit be in contact with the material it is camouflaging with. Flashbangs or bright lights can also affect the nanoweave, and paint the suit a bright white before it recycles.

-VOYAKA-II Helmet: The VOYAKA-II helmet can greatly assist AAT-08317 in combat, but it also has its downsides. First, the helmet is not as easily concealable as his gas mask was before, meaning that should he want to disguise, he will have to find a place to hide it. Secondly, the built in radio's signal can be blocked to cause a powerful ringing that can temporarily distort AAT-08317 before he can turn it off. The mufflers can also block his attuned senses.

-Echo Grenades: The Echo Grenades, like AAT-08317's other grenades, can only have two units carried, unless they replace other grenades. They can also affect AAT-08317 himself can be affected by the effects of the Echo Grenades.

-IZYCHENIE Computing Technology: The IZCHENIE Computing Technology has a significant flaw when it comes to data extraction and hacking: it is limited to the use of a cord. This means that AAT-08317 will need to stay within the metre distance while extracting information. If the wire is cut, it can also stop the transaction. The cameras included with this unit emit a small red light that is easily visible when recording.

-SVAROG Heated Sabre and Knife: The SVAROG Heated Sabre and Knife have limited battery life, that once drained, will have to recharge (next thread). The blades can also overheat and make the tool useless or dangerous to use for a while. The Sabre is also very difficult to conceal, and thus can be found on a body or cavity search.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5XP
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AAT-08317 Advancements (WIP) Empty Re: AAT-08317 Advancements (WIP)

Post by Samael Christensen March 17th 2017, 4:10 am


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