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The Highforms

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The Highforms Empty The Highforms

Post by Thorgron February 17th 2017, 2:11 pm

The Highforms

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Highforms
Alignment: CN

The Looks

No two Highforms look the same, though they usually favor parts of one animal or another depending on the environment they are inhabiting.

The Personality

Animal and feral, there is little in the mind of a Highform. They have a rudimentary emotional intelligence, equivalent to that of a dog. They feel a pack-like companionship to one another and view Dressler as the Alpha of that pack.
The Story

Highforms are Dressler's children, born in the damp darkness of his dens. Right from birth they are forced into a brutal and ruthless existence, usually being dropped into a deep pool of water as they are born. Those that can adapt to the hostile condition survive and those that cannot quickly drown. A Highform's first meal are their deceased brothers and sisters after birth. From that point they are put in constant competition with one another, being given just enough food and water to survive so that they will fight for everything, further driving their survival instincts. These are pure engines of survival and adaptation, ruthless creatures who know nothing other than kill or be killed.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Highform Physiology: Every cell in a Highform's body serves equally as the specialized cell needed for his normal biological processes and an unused and waiting stem cell. Along with this he is able to intuitively get an understanding of an organism's biology after either seeing it or coming in contact with it. Because of this unique ability, Highforms are able to rapidly and selectively copy the appearance, inner processes, etc. of any organism they have seen or come in contact with. Essentially this is shapeshifting down at a cellular level allowing themm to pick and choose aspects of animals, exceptional humans, aliens, etc. in to their own biology. Often this results in their transformation into a being or "abomination" composed of so many different pieces that it is unrecognizable as any of them. A Highform's size can grow as large as a Redwood Tree or as small as a large rat. Further shrinking or growing may be possible but both would require significant effort on their part at a very high risk of potential injury or death in the case of growing larger. The size of disproportionate limbs can be adjusted and adapted to the size of their current form at his will (ex: turning their arm into a human sized praying mantis arm).

The Weaknesses

Animal: Highforms possess none of Dressler's intelligence, functioning on the intellectual level of about a dog or wolf. They can receive and understand simple commands and communicate among eachother but cannot form intricate plans or communicate complex feelings or thoughts.

Comes With the Package: If a Highform decides to take the total form of an organism they takes on their inherent weaknesses. (ex. they turns into a tree, fire hurts them)

Bane of all Life: Highforms may be able to adapt and overcome many things but they have their limits. One of those limits is Arsenic. All known forms of life from earth require a few essential elements; hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. These elements make up our DNA and are necessary for organisms to synthesize new DNA. But, certain elements (like arsenic) can replace pieces of the DNA strand and cause serious harm to the organism. If a Highform suffers from arsenic poisoning their abilities will backfire on them. Any adaptation they create will become dead useless flesh and they will not be able reabsorb the created tissue in to themselves or re-purpose it. This has the added detriment of increasing the levels of arsenic in them, further exacerbating the condition. And while there are some organisms resistant to arsenic poisoning no living earth creature is immune to it. This means that even if a Highform is aware that they are going to be poisoned with arsenic and adapt against it they can only lessen the effects slightly, but not stop them.

Its What's on the Inside That Counts: Highforms may be able to change every part of their physiology but there are certain things that don't change much from form to form. Specifically their inner and vital organs. A Highform can easily repair cosmetic damage to themselves or their armor through shifting but damage the internal organs and they'll stay hurt through any of their transformations. (it should be noted that Highforms do not possess any form of regeneration. Instead their powers function like personal cellular manipulation, which is why superficial things and other parts of their body may seem to heal as they are injured. They do not and if their insides are damaged they have no way of instantly repairing them)

The Fluff

All Highforms are born able to communicate with eachother and with Dressler with I highly specialized rudimentary language, consisting of various high and low pitched animal noises accompanied by pheremone releases. They are absolutely obedient to the commands of Dressler in this "language".

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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The Highforms Empty Re: The Highforms

Post by Chellizard February 17th 2017, 2:19 pm

You're good.

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