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Mr. Jinn

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Post by Zonky Blong on February 14th 2017, 10:27 pm

basir Samara

"Your desires are fulfilled, and your wishes granted. Release me from my imprisonment."

The Bio

Real Name: Basier Samara
Villain Name: Mr. jinn
Title: The Trickster of Toronto, the Genie of Germany
Alignment: Lawful evil
Age: Unknown, estimated to be 200 at the oldest
Gender: Male
Race: Arab, djinni
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’7”
Weight: Variable
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Human-like form


The Personality

Basir is a very vindictive soul, choosing to screw over anyone who dares summon him. But, his vessel harms him if he tries to do outright harm to them. Thus, he has found a different way of doing things. He has found that if he follows the command (that doesn't cause outright harm) to the letter; he won't be harmed.

Though to the untrained, or ignorant; Basir may seem like the ultimate get out of jail free card, the moment you wish to get out of jail, you might end up inside the belly of a whale, or on the outskirts of an exploding volcano

The Story

Basir was born to an Earth Shaitan and a fire ifrit which created an extremely powerful jinn, one that could warp the very fabric of reality at will. Though this was a rare ability among his kind, it wasn't unheard of. However, holy men wouldn't allow these Jinn to exist unbound. Thus, when Basir came of age; he was bound to a blade by one of their kind. Somehow, this holy man managed to hold himself from wishing for anything for 90 years before, on his deathbed; he released the enraged Djinn to save his own life. The first wish Basir granted? “I wish to not die like this.” The djinn agreed, and the man found himself in the middle of the traintracks, where he was quickly struck by a train.

Soon after this, Basir was called upon by the Jinn council who wrote the new Genie a list of rules onto what wishes he could grant and what he couldn't, by threat of destruction.

“Don't change the mental status of others.”

“No directly killing someone.”

“Don't change history, or mess with human politics.”

With these rules in mind, Basir had to remember his manners. It made it very difficult on him to rebel, but he would find a way.

Over the next 100 or so years, he had 3 masters more. One wished for him to Be king of all creation, which caused Basir to be sucked into his vessel and disappear. The moustached German man would soon after find his defeat at the hands of foreign forces. His next master, was an old hag who wanted a home for her cats. He gave the cats her home, and kicked her out on the streets. She then wished she'd never met Basir, who couldn't fulfill this wish and was subsequently sucked into his blade. 4 years later he was picked up by a man who wanted to live forever, he granted this wish. He would live forever. As one of the most prolific monstrosities in modern times. The man asked to be returned to normal, so Basir granted his wish. He returned to a primitive ape form. Normal among animals. The mans final wish was for a banana, which he granted. No tricks, Basir just enjoys monkeys.

Basir would disappear for many more years until reappearing in a museum in the middle of North America, Kansas City.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Basirs main ability is to manipulate reality through the use of commands he calls “wishes”. This ability allows whoever issues the command to Use Basirs power in a desired fashion. (This ability is permission based by all participants in the thread. All participants must agree that the wish can be used.)

2. Basirs second ability is to shape shift part of/his entire body into a desired form, however this ability does not allow him to change his body into inorganic matter such as metal

3. Basirs third - and final - ability is that he is made up of a smoke-like magical substance which binds him to his lamp, yet also keeps him from being harmed by physical attacks and grants him his longevity

The Weaknesses

1. Basir cannot use his powers unless it is commanded by his current master using the command “I wish”

2. Basir cannot be commanded by more than one master at a time, usually the holder of his vessel

3. Basir can only grant 3 wishes per day

4. Basirs wish granting free will can be overcome by directly wishing for your interpretation to override his personal interpretation

5. Basir cannot grant a wish that would directly kill someone (I.E. “I wish for “So and sos” heart on a platter” would result in catastrophic magical failure, forcing Basir back into his vessel.)

6. Basir cannot be bound to one single user, even if they wish for it. This is due to his lamps innate magical properties.

7. Basir cannot make someone ruler of earth, however if the master wishes, he can use the power of all three wishes, to create a pocket dimension that's inhabitated by mindless beings that's called earth, and just leave them there

8. He cannot change large swaths of the earths surface

9. He cannot supplant current earthly rulers

10. He cannot change history directly with his power

11. Basir cannot change the mental states of others

12. Basir be forced into solidity through electricity

13. Basir cannot shapeshift into objects

14. When shapeshifting; Basir has a very obvious tell. The knife vessel will be somewhere on his body, a tattoo, in physical form, etc. etc.

15. If Basir is terribly damaged when forced to fight; he will return to the blade.

The Items

Vessel: A gem inlaid ivory handled silver dagger, that when you pull it from its sheath releases the trapped jinn. This blade disappeares when the user uses up all three wishes taking the user with it.

Weakness 1: the blade is easily destroyed, as it can be melted down. It destroys the jinn in the process.

Weakness 2: There is a way to keep the jinn from disappearing when all three wishes are used. If enchanted crushed diamond is rubbed on the blade itself,the jinn will remain in your power until the blade itself is cleaned.

The Fluff

The Genie doesn't grant wishes in the correct form, he will make your wish into a nightmare. By turning every desire into its worst possible interpretation.

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Zonky Blong
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CLOSED Re: Mr. Jinn

Post by Thorgron on February 16th 2017, 6:46 pm

Be very careful with how you use this. I love the idea and think there are lots of fun plots to be had. But I'll be watching to make sure you don't overstep your bounds. Approved until stated otherwise


Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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