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Voices  Empty Voices

Post by Martyr February 8th 2017, 7:53 pm

Many years ago; Ixtab was a powerful being from beyond the stars. Capable of turning entire armies into the corpses with naught but a whisper, and as her ability to do this to people grew; so too did her lust for death and despair. This alien being, knew that the simple minded primitive things on earth would never be able to contain her. They would never be able to destroy her. Ixtab was an immortal. However, when she was finished with her destruction of many native South American people; she moved northward. Into Mexico. Whispering of evil desires and thoughts too dark for any man to handle, except one. His name was Pa’c T’rac’tis. Pa’c was an early meta-human, whose ability gave him immunity to any mental manipulation. Not only that, but he was generally a very happy person. This enraged Ixtab; and she threw dark magic at the man. But what she didn't know; was the man had been practicing his own magic and managed a meager spell against her, but it hit the alien creature hard.

It went dark. Nothing was around the suicide woman. Nothing at all. P’ac found himself dead as well, with an amulet in his hands depicting the woman with a noose around her neck.  In the back was carved “Whisperer”, and strong warning against destroying the amulet.

Centuries later

An Archaeologist named David Primrose found the amulet and read the ancient warning. Careful to avoid damaging the artifact; he moved it quickly to a safe location. The Chicago field museum. There it sat in its glass tomb for three months. Before a human child somehow managed to topple the glass on top of the case and release the spirit inside by destroying the amulet. The being immediately possessed the curator, whispering evil into his mind; the curator killed himself in a gunfight with the police 3 days later. He took 2 civilians with him. A gas station clerk found himself dead in the bathroom of a Starbucks. Overdose. But when a man came to Chicago seeking riches to fulfill the needs of his family; Ixtab couldn't pass it up.

Martyr had just robbed a convenience store; with the threat of a bomb in his book bag - actually just an alarm clock taped to his laptop - when he felt an itching in the back of his mind. Not sure what it was; he heard a clear as day feminine voice silkily tell him that his family was holding him back, that his honor left him with no choice. That he was as worthless as his father. “Hey! Shut up!” He yelled into the streets of Chicago; despite no one being there. Yelling at voices? Now he was going mad. Ixtab dug into his mind deeper. You're scum Ashley, said the voice. No one will be able to stand the sight of you once you're gone. “That's not true in the least! Joy and mom will always love me.” Ashley said. Ripping off his coat and mask, shoving them into his backpack. And if they find out you're the terrorist who followed them all the way from Chicago? That mask can't protect you forever. Ashley was beginning to feel saddened by the ghostly words. “Then I'll just…” Just what? Just go to a telepath and ask them to wipe their minds? Did you forget that the only telepath you know threatened to end you if you didn't leave Toronto? Isn't that why you're trying to find a new place to live? Isn't that why you're in this mess? Because you made a CHOICE to ruin your families lives? You could've been a hero, Ashley. You could've been something respectable to millions. But you're a coward. A loser. A killer. “I am not a killer!” Ashley screamed to the wind at the invisible force causing him to feel this way, causing people to look his way and dial an ambulance for the obviously insane man. Not everyone would agree with that, Ashley. Haven't you realized? Even if you didn't use your powers on them; you still killed people back in that bank, Ashley. If you hadn't robbed that bank; Knightfall wouldn't have shown up to “assist” you. He wouldn't have killed them. This is your fault, Ashley. Pay them back.

Ashley stood in traffic, waiting for something, anything to strike him. When something did. A truck. Ixtab laughed, pulling herself away from the man's mind. Until she realized something. This man's mind wasn't allowing her to leave. His soul like glue, keeping her trapped like a fly on flypaper. She dug into his memory and discovered his meta-ability. Self-resurrection. It was extremely rare back in her day; but she would assist Ashley in finding his limits. One way… or another.
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