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The Courier [Invite + ?]

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The Courier [Invite + ?] Empty The Courier [Invite + ?]

Post by DeSpectacled on January 31st 2017, 8:13 pm

Peace was in fairly short supply here, or really, this crazy world here. It was just before noon. The clouds were high, lazing about, slowly inching across bright blue sky. A brisk chill blew through the streets, whistling a tune in junction with the scenery; trees swayed lightly back and forth, birds chirping about, and the seemingly endless litter dancing in the streets.

Bzzt bzzt

A familiar sound announced from the bag. The handheld device buzzed, mashed into a tiny pocket, hardly sharing space with various coins, candies, and other mundane junk. A long arm took grasp of the purse, nearly violently jerking it away from the tall, wiry body it once rested upon. Another arm sprang forth, unzipping a faux golden zipper, hastily drawing it away from its clasp, bringing the phone to light, plain into view. A rusted penny fell out, a loud clang accompanying its fall as it loftily rolled away, much to the dismay to its once-owner. A dark hand reached it, pulling forth the device. A hard, onyx-colored plastic cover, concealing the true nature of the phone, cracked in one corner, clung to the cell (its wear unmistakable). Pulling forth the phone, sliding a finger across the screen in a nonsensical fashion to unlock the coded lock, a click, signifying access to the phone rang out.

"meet in 1 hr at the spot", the message flashed, deftly avoiding the "Y" shaped crack going down the screen. Drawing the phone into two hands, Shango began working her thumbs in a rapid, perhaps even furious fashion, "dont 4get the $$$", she responded quickly, her manner of text almost mocking in nature, saving little time forgoing the proper punctuation and diction. She stopped in her tracks, turned her body around, and began hastily moving.


No later than about twenty minutes, Shango arrived. Crossing many streets, avoiding the "bad" part of town, and fading into an alleyway, Shango stepped into a large opening, in between many buildings. Each no greater than five or six stories high, the apartment complexes lacked a good view, but still provided some cover from the hectic masses wandering the streets and roads. "Aidan!", she began, calling out the masculine name, looking around aimlessly. Before long, a man appeared, stepping from out of view, into plain view, leaving behind his concealment of the building. He walked forth, approaching Shango with a small bag slung over one shoulder. They came close, looking one another face to face. She looked down; the shaggy blonde hair sat upon a rugged face with dreary eyes and a slumped figure. He was wearing casual, yet warm-looking clothes, baggy, perhaps covering more layers. The man, 'Aidan', as he has come to be called, looked at her; standing an unusual six feet and nearly another foot tall, sporting a silky smooth layer of earthly flesh, adorned with a black sleeveless turtleneck, topped with a windbreaker, complimented by a form-fitting ankle length skirt and knee-touching boots.

"So, you' the thing?" she started, her eyes wandering about her surroundings. "Yeah, here. The stone is in the main compartment, the money on the side. Philly, two weeks. You'll get the rest of the money there. There's a note inside with the location and everything you need to know," 'Aidan' spoke out. He handed the bag over. Taking it, she first looked to the side compartment, counting out he bundled cash. Then, she looked into the main compartment, a mysterious stone wrapped in twine and paper. "Okay, I can do it," she responded after zipping the bag closed, "Oh, you didn't tip anyone off?" she continued. He looked at her, almost past her, his face blank, if not a bit guilty. "Yeah..." he spoke out, before backing away slowly, before taking off.

Well, gotta get to Philly somehow. I really hope he didn't tell anyone. What is this thing anyway? It's not a bomb or anything...I hope.

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The Courier [Invite + ?] Empty Re: The Courier [Invite + ?]

Post by Jeannie Rose on January 31st 2017, 10:42 pm

pat's or Geno's? what do you think rocky?  so a normal day  Philly aside from the unusual sight of a blonde girl in a rocky t-shirt and pink gym shorts carrying on a conversation with the rocky statue.
being a fan of the rocky movies going to see the rocky statue and steps have been on her list of things to go see for awhile and she finally got around to it.

She had worked up an appetite playing rocky and running up the steps. being in Philly a cheese steak seemed like the apparate snack, however, she wasn't sure  where to go and after googling best cheese steaks
in Philly

with plenty of choices, she decided who better to ask then rocky well sadly the real rocky. wasn't around so she'd ask statue rocky then. comical holding her phone up for the statue to see.  huh well I am really hungry and there right by each other so I could get one from both, good idea. thanks, big guy  
She hugs the statue and takes a selfie with it. she then takes off in search of cheesy snacks.
Jeannie Rose
Jeannie Rose
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Mega Poster!

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