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Outback Dinosaur Wrangling [OPEN]

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OPEN Outback Dinosaur Wrangling [OPEN]

Post by Zonky Blong on January 29th 2017, 1:51 am

The red desert sand was hot between Charlie's feet as he walked through it trying to locate a 3 ton beast on the back of a giant poison-spitting lizard named Jennifer. Why did he name his dinosaurs like that? Because Dinosaurs are people too! ...don't think about it too hard or you'll get a headache.

He was genuinely surprised that between Sam - who was running along beside them -, the Triplets - Drake, Josh, and Megan - and Jennifer and him couldn't locate Molly. And good lord was it a scorcher... He took a sip from his water bottle and moved forward. It was just lucky that the outback was scarcely populated except by some incredibly dangerous animals - including 6 different dinosaurs.

He was about to move to find more water with his pets; when he discovered a footprint in the sand. Half-formed. But it was obviously from Molly. They'd have to move quickly to find her, and he might have to enlist some help if he could. He saw a news helicopter overhead and groaned.

It had been 4 hours since Molly, Andrew, Kevin, June, Alan, and George had escaped from his laboratory in Darwin. Civilians were luckily scared, but relatively unharmed. Property damage, injuries, and anything else the dinosaurs had committed probably drew the media straight to them. He had tried to go hunting for his animals quietly, but he found that transporting large, extinct reptiles out of a heavily populated area quietly to be a nearly impossible. Especially when said reptiles are already being watched heavily to avoid further catastrophe. Great. Now he had to quadruple his efforts.
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Zonky Blong
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OPEN Re: Outback Dinosaur Wrangling [OPEN]

Post by Jeannie Rose on January 31st 2017, 6:21 pm

so another adventure this time Jeannie finds herself playing tomb raider luckily she has the perfect costume for that. Outback Dinosaur Wrangling [OPEN] Tomb_raider_wallpaper_by_seinosuke

anyway, she's exploring the outback she had been hired by some park ranger guys to take some pictures of animals and plants well and sample and stuff of the plants and dirt and water around. something about data needs for them to better understand the environment to help it or something.

well going on a scavenger hunt for nerdy hippies might not sound like the most heroic of things to do but there is no rule she always has to deal with bad guys and disasters all the time right.

plus it's a free trip to Austria she's getting paid to go on and she gets to see and play with cuddly koala bears and kangaroos. so she stumbles upon some weird footprints wonder who these big feet belong too? she takes some pictures as she beats her employers would want to know Godzilla or king kongs is visiting. she then lays down in the footprint amused it was so big she could fit in it.

she then decides to follow them curious what would make such large tracks
Jeannie Rose
Jeannie Rose
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