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Foreign Justice (AAT, Drifter and Invites)

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INV ONLY Re: Foreign Justice (AAT, Drifter and Invites)

Post by Uryurvkos on May 23rd 2017, 8:46 pm

The metal and composite material plating that covered the left lung appeared to be dimmed, the red light flashing faster as the what should have been unconscious body of 08317 suddenly jerked to one side. The assassin didn't say a thing, nor did he sound in pain or move his eyes. The wiring that surrounded the left lung appeared to dim as well, small flicks of electricity circuiting through it and its connection to the heart. The blue glowing tubes that ran around the body seemed to freeze at the left lung, notifying that the substance was likely meant to be directed there as well. From what any engineer could understand: the electronic components to the left lung had bee severed and fried, and likely needed to be reconnected or replaced in order to function properly again, and step up the red light to a green one. Therefore, the left lung was in dire need of repair, and would likely end in the assassin's death if it wasn't treated properly.


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INV ONLY Re: Foreign Justice (AAT, Drifter and Invites)

Post by Stoic on May 24th 2017, 2:50 pm

Drifter just heard a sentence he simply didn't want to hear, ever. He had feared that this guy was too electronic to resuscitate with normal medical means, and now that suspicion was confirmed. Yeah, he had gotten over wanting to murder the guy, at least for now, but that wasn't the issue............

This shit was complicated. Like, really complicated. Yeah, Drifter knew his way around computer hardware, but he wasn't a mad scientist. He was also losing a lot of blood himself. He had bandaged himself as much as possible, but it wasn't exactly done professionally. On top of that, he was drunk, and close to overdose.

To say that this man living was a long shot was an understatement.

"I build computers and tasers....... I'm not Tony fucking Stark.........." Drifter said, standing himself up on the nearest shelf, and then fumbling through a box of fresh wires.

"I can't say I'm certain this will work.... There could be something small broken that is just way over my head..... But, from what i can tell the wiring and electronics are fried on his left, um, lung, thing. My tasers probably caused a massive surge that the system couldn't handle. The broken components need to be replaced, and he needs a jump start." Drifter said as he retrieved the new components. He grabbed wires, plugs, circuit boards, and various other random things. He spread the components out before him, knelt down, put reading glasses on, then got to work with a small set of tools.

"Wow........ I don't even know where to begin with this...." Drifter said. Despite that, he began replacing the essentials. Every fried or broken piece he found, he switched out with anything he had that was comparable. In a good fifteen minutes, he was visibly dizzy, but he was done. He hooked up some jumper cables to a car battery in the corner, and gave the cyborg a little reboot charge.

"Hope this works........" Drifter said, slurring his words.

Whether it did or didn't turn out well, he leaned back from his kneeling position, and passed out. Now it was the Doctor's turn to save somebody's life.


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INV ONLY Re: Foreign Justice (AAT, Drifter and Invites)

Post by Uryurvkos on May 25th 2017, 1:14 pm

As Drifter worked, sizzling electronics were removed bit by bit. It smelled nearly like burnt flesh, as the luminescent blue liquid and crimson blood bled onto his hands and tools as he pulled wires and components to replace them. At a certain point, the light on the heart flashed with a warning yellow, as AAT-08317 jerked in a sort of pain as a breath of pain sounded from his lips. He pulled at the restraints, testing them in his near dead state before his body rested again. The vigilante finished his work, replacing the components as the light on the left lung remained a red warning light. But as Drifter applied electricity and activated the circuit once more, the red light shifted into a yellow and then a green. The yellow light on the heart sparked to a green, as immediately the glowing blue liquid began to circulate once more. The silvery colour of the organs started to redden, but only by a bit.

AAT-08317 suddenly jerked awake as he nearly yelled out loud in pain, his arms and legs pulling at the restraints as his body lifted from off the operating table. The restraints didn't break, but it seemed as if for a moment they could of. AAT-08317 glanced around the room, at the walls the ceiling and the floor. His eyes almost seemed frantic, as he puffed in and out pained breaths as he seemingly tried to stabilise his condition and breath. His lungs could be seen expanding and releasing with his breath, his heart rate increased a bit as the assassin finally rested on the table. He sat still for only a moment, before he turned his gaze down to his open chest.

His otherwise neutral and emotionless scowl turned into one of seeming anger, as he continued to pull in struggling breaths. AAT-08317 snapped his attention to the two vigilantes that had stood around the table as his silver eyes scanned them. He stared at the now helmet-less Drifter, and the still-masked Veil. His lips parted through his troubled breaths, speaking to them now as himself: "You waste your medicine and time, doctor."

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