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Project Exodus: Rebel Factions/Intro Thread

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Project Exodus: Rebel Factions/Intro Thread Empty Project Exodus: Rebel Factions/Intro Thread

Post by Red January 7th 2017, 3:44 pm


Transmission Not Found......

Y/N To Retry.




Transmission Found....

Relaying Audio....

".....and that's why this situation is unstable. Miss Vexus and her partner have been on a sixty year power high, but sooner rather then later humanity is going to start thinking about it's unsustainable future. Once that happens, the tides will turn. The power has always been in the people, and a great many of them aren't thrilled with Elysium.

There isn't an orbital weapon over New Earth, and that spells hope in my eyes. How great would it be to make a move from within the utopia itself? It seems unlikely, but at this point, unless the rumors of Vamana's destruction are to be believed, it is the most practical option.

Speaking of Vamana, I'm skeptical of these rumors. From a scientific perspective, i can tell you that yes, Earth has not been terraformed in a year or more. Great news, right? Perhaps, but Marie and Vexus are not stupid. Maybe they haven't done it to see if any rebellious factions will arise, only to destroy them once they do. It would be great if the weapon wasn't operational, but all I'm saying is to remain cautious. Pick your battles.

If we don't do this methodically, and quietly, we're doomed before we start. Do prepare for anything, but stay defensive and productive. Making any attacks without consolidation, and leadership, will be our demise.

Trust in us. Trust in Earth. Trust in The Fallen, and you shall rise.

I'm sorry to those that arrived at this transmission late. Just know that as this rumor grows, I'll be there every step of the way. If it's an opening, you can bet we'll exploit it. If it's a trap, then we'll continue to build up.

Keep heart, the tables will soon be turned, regardless...

Vermilion, signing off.

Transmission Interrupted.........





Rebel Factions

There are a great many people that don't like the New Order that the Maries have imposed, both on Earth and Elysium. Some are more open to calling themselves rebels then others, but they all have the goal to rejuvenate Earth. They are split into two main groups, but most people that wish to fight The Human Empire are scattered, waiting for a leader.

The Fallen

The Fallen is a new, but sophisticated player. It's only been around for about five years, surprisingly managing to stay hidden the entire time. It is centralized in North Eastern Nevada, utilizing a modified nuclear testing bunker with anti-terraforming technology. The base is also ghosted almost as well as Versailles, and can only be entered through a teleportation pad above it or through Vermilions personal Home Jump device (Unless you can somehow dig four thousand feet underground). Only around two hundred individuals reside there, but The Fallen's outreach is much bigger then that.

Using small, yet simple radio devices, thousands of individuals listen to The Fallen's leader every day. This has caused the creation of dozens of smaller chapters around the globe, and even one on a moon of Elysium.......

The Olympians

On one of the six unnamed moons of Elysium resides a particularly successful chapter of The Fallen, but it is probably more of it's own group considering only a single terminal allows the two factions to communicate. It's base is a crude, but insanely advanced space station hidden from the sight of both Earths. The fact is, the moons of Elysium haven't been adequately explored. Doing so would take decades. But the Olympians don't just rely on that, they have plenty of technology to remain unseen for years to come.

This base houses over a thousand people, as well as The Fallen's fleet of ships of around the same number. If The Fallen wish to relocate here however, which is the eventual plan, only one ship is fast enough to get them there in a timely manner.



The Fallen Leader -- Vermilion

Olympian Leader -- Open

Ship Captains -- Open

The Fallen Commanders -- Open

You can of course join as a simple member, but where is the fun in that?

Post your modified character here as well as an intro post responding to the transmission above (or not), and then i will post again (with my own modified app) and we can get this thread rolling.


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