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Project Exodus: Old Earth Facilities

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INV ONLY Project Exodus: Old Earth Facilities

Post by Elena Vexus January 6th 2017, 10:48 pm

Terraforming Station:The Vamana

Name: The Vamana
Population: 700,000
Max Capacity: 1.2 Million
Description: This is the moon-sized terraforming station currently orbiting what is known as Old Earth. The population currently consists of  the operating personnel, Legionary members of both Marie's and Vexus' factions, prisoners awaiting transfer, and residents awaiting transfer to Elysium. This base is equipped with a powerful laser originally used for the terraforming of Old Earth into farm land to provide for the residents of Elysium. It has been used in the destruction of civilizations previous to the official establishing of Elysium, and eradication of rebellions. Presently, its power source has been depleted due to scientific tests rending the terraforming laser currently inactive. The Elenas planned to move the station to orbit Elysium after Old Earth had been completely drained of all re sources, however it can only keep itself in orbit at the moment. There is also a teleport pad on the station normally used to moved people from the Station to Elysium. Unfortunately due to the power loss, it can only teleport a single individual at a time with a hearty recover time in between. The Research and Development teams are hard at work to create a new power source in order to continue the use of the station. The station was constructed from recovered Necrodium enhanced with Technomatter making the facility nearly indestructable.


Maximum Security Prison: Antartica
Population: 5,000
Max Capacity: 15,000
Description: This is the prison head quarters of Old Earth. There are a number of smaller facilities around the world, but the worst of the worst are kept here. This facility houses the most powerful MetaHumans. These individuals either defied the relocation to Elysium or were simply deemed too dangerous by the Elenas. There are a handful of inmates who were gathered after surviving a terraforming blast, they are kept in the deepest and most secure parts of the prison. There are currently only 174 prisoners being kept at this location. The rest of the population is the resident staff, Legionary members, and other high ranking members of The Human Empire who occasionally over see this location.

Other Prisons:


Old Earth Agriculture Main Establishment

Location: Hawaii
Population: 50,000
Description: Here is where the Human Empire regulates everything agricultural on Old Earth. All of Hawaii is their base of operations. They have authority to call military presence to an area if they are not providing, destroy farmland if it has been contaminated, and even order a terraforming strike. The population consists of engineers and farmers of Old earth, Legionary members, scientists, some families, and any other ranking members of the Human Empire. The rainforests and any other previously preserved areas of land have remained untouched by the terraforming for the most part on the rest of the planet, Hawaii included. These areas are heavily monitored for any unauthorized activity. This station also monitors all farms on the planet. Whether they deal with meats, dairy, fruits or vegetables. To legally run a farming business, it must be registered with this establishment. They are not accepting any more applicants. This is the second most densely populated area currently on Old Earth.

Other Major Farm Locations:
Abu Dhabi-

Most livestock farms are located in what remains of Russia, China, and Northern India.


Old Earth: Human Empire Base of Operations

Location: Encompasses all of Paris and Versailles and extends upwards roughly 100,000 Feet/30KM/18Miles in France; Europe
Population: 1.4 Million
Description: This base was constructed by Vexus and a team of humans and robots when the earth was undergoing terraforming. Inside the dome everything continues as if the Elenas' reign had never occurred. The dome is undetectable by any means whether it be scientific or in the realm of magic. Due to its sheer size it obviously exists, however no form of detection can prove that it is actually there except for the basic human senses of touch and sight.
In addition to it being undetectable it is also completely impenetrable. Once again there is no form of technology or magic that has been proven successful at breaking through the dome's defense, however it is unknown if it would survive a blast from The Vamana. The dome does extend under the ground preventing any below ground surprise attacks. There are two weaker spots on the dome. The most northern point of the dome 18 miles up and a south western part of the dome where the gates of Versailles are located. At these two points there are entrances that can only be triggered by Legionary members. They are there to allow shipments of supplies enter and exit the base.

Everyone and everything is monitored constantly by the Empire. Not a single resident of this base carries the MetaHuman gene, and if they do they are sentenced to prison.
No new residents are accepted, there are no visitors, and there is absolutely no contact with the outside world. Only other high ranking officers of The Human Empire are permitted to enter and exit the base at will.  The dome is basically a large screen which displays the sky,  sun and horizon as if would be in the real world. Even if you were standing right at the edge of the dome it would appear as if it went on to the rest of France. The largest change to the city is that the Eiffel Tower has been converted to a massive grid detection system that monitors every inch of the city at all times. The Empire knows how many people are within the dome and  where they are at all times. In the event of an intruder, they will be immediately pinpointed and targeted by the Legionaries and apprehended quickly. The Tower has also been cannibalized and made into quite literally a death ray, very similar technology to what is used in The Vamana. The weapon can only be operated from within Versailles, or by a device carried only by Ms. Vexus.

All prisons, farming locations, and monitored areas on Old Earth are easily viewed in the Palace. High ranking Legionaries can communicate with and pull information from any long range wireless device still on the 'grid'. This is the only place on Old Earth that can easily communicate with Elysium. They are also obviously constantly patched in with The Vamana station in orbit. There is a teleport pad in the base that can take members up onto The Vamana. This base's inhabitants include Elena Vexus herself, her personal guards, a vast army, and humans with their families who proved themselves useful but also refused to leave Old Earth. This is the most densely populated, heavily protected, inescapable and impenetrable area on Old Earth.[/center]

Ms. Elena Vexus
The General
Advancements: #1-#8
Elena Vexus
Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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