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Project Exodus (Marie)

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INV ONLY Project Exodus (Marie)

Post by Elena Vexus January 3rd 2017, 1:18 am

Blueprints. Tests. Revisions. Tests. Another test. Failure. Failure, failure, failure. Vexus could only take so much disappointment. For years now she had been putting together plans for a device used to terraform the earth. Something that only she could imagine, only something she could engineer. Years ago she had collected the appropriate materials for this weapon's construction. Nercodium. There had been plenty of shrapnel from the New York City Assault. Vexus had soon after gone into production of the material, infusing and restructuring it with her own Technomatter. She needed more of it. Much more than had scattered about in the destruction of the Big Apple.
Her reasoning behind this madness was the discovery of a Super Earth. She stumbled upon a wormhole behind Saturn. Upon further investigation she discovered this lead to a planet much larger than that of our home earth. It was in a solar system smaller than our own, but more than inhabitable. It had taken years to procure this information, but seeing it gave we wild ambitions. Create a Utopian society and utilize the current Earth as a farming planet to provide for the inhabitant. This is where her terraforming machine comes in, one of monstrous proportions. Construction has already commenced. Elena has hidden the project on the dark side of the moon. And for such a massive station, an immense amount of power will be needed. Vexus has been troubled with finding an appropriate source of energy, she does not currently have the technology to create a near endless supply of power. Nor does she have the magical prowess.

For this reason, and this reason alone she has contacted the only person in this dimension Vexus knows to be powerful enough to assist here. Elena Marie.

Elena sat high in a suite in the Burj Khalifa awaiting her guest. She sat at a table large enough for two, infront of a large window overlooking the city below. They both would no doubt have things to gain from this. There was a motion at the door, and Vexus saw Marie enter in the reflection of the windows.
"Thank you for coming... It has been quite sometime since we have seen each other, my old friend."
As Ms. Marie sat down Vexus slid what looked like an iPhone closer to her. The screen lit up and projected a small hologram. It was an image of the Super Earth she had discovered.
"I've located a new earth, very easy to reach, very easy to colonize. I do have a vision, Marie." She took a pause and had a sip of her dark coffee. Elena turned and shifted her legs so that she was staring directly out the window.
"I want to create a new utopian society on this Super Earth and I am prepared to cooperate with you in order to effectively rule over the inhabitants. Now, this brings me to the more important part of our meeting..."
Elena took back the phone and typed in a few things on the screen and slid it back over. It then projected an image of an octahedron.
"We will use this current planet to provide all the agricultural needs of the Super Earth. And for that, we will use this planetary terraforming machine. Those who wish to join us will be escorted to the new planet, and those who refuse will remain to provide for us. Once we have finished with this earth, the machine will be able to travel and remove our 'workers' and relocate to another planet for us to harvest. However, that will be centuries down the line."
She placed her coffee back on the small table and looked at Marie directly.
"I need your expertise in creating a power source for both this terraforming station and adequate transportation to and from the Super Earth... As I have said, I am more than prepared to cooperate with you, Elena Marie. The ground work has been laid, construction has commenced. All I need now is your assistance in the completion of Project Exodus."

Ms. Elena Vexus
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