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Shaking things up in New York (Thor)

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INV ONLY Re: Shaking things up in New York (Thor)

Post by Killer Bee February 22nd 2017, 7:25 am

The pounding in Lucy’s head was beginning to be outweighed by the pounding of her heart. Caught in the heat of the moment and otherwise locked in a heated debate with a person she deemed to be out of their damn mind, it was an understatement to say she felt anxious. She lifted her large apelike arm off of the now decommissioned hospital bed and recoiled a bit as Dressler began to shift into a new form and fire back a rebuttal to Lucy’s previous statements.

Just as soon as Dressler had attained his new form and finished speaking, the door was broken down and several orderlies rushed in only to be terrified by the sight of the two grotesque beasts now occupying the small ER room. Lucy turned to them, the scared look on their faces being reflected in her own as one of Dressler’s arms reached out and clamped down on a male orderly’s leg. The cracking of bone was audible to all and so were the screams and pleas of the orderly as Dressler’s grip continued to constrict around the man’s leg.

Feeling a sudden burst of courage Lucy motioned forward. She didn’t attack nor did she try to pry the man from the monstrous doctors clutches, fearing she’d only further the damage. Instead Her head poked out a bit further than her body, putting her face to face with Dressler’s bug like mug. “PUT HIM DOWN NOW!” she let out a bestial growl and began to prowl around Dressler, almost stalking him, like the animals they were. The fire was back in her eyes, shades of various personalities all working together in this moment to give the young girl the strength she needed to confront the blonde doctor.

“You want to judge humans, you want to cleanse them….who gave you such right? What have you done in your lifetime to deserve such an honor?” Lucy’s prowling continued, the tentacles sprouting from her back violently lashing out at the space around her. “You are no one special. You live in a world where people like us are a dime a dozen. Just because you have powers…control over genetics does not warrant such behavior. Someone with as brilliant a mind as yours should know better.”

Lucy had completed a full circle around Dressler before coming to a stop in the same spot she had started in. She posture showed that though she might have been scared and confused, there was a new found sense of courage and anger and it was being directed in Dressler’s direction. “The last person that should be trying to preserve the best traits of humanity, is someone who lost there’s long ago.”

Lucy was beginning to feel herself and though she may have been going a bit overboard with her tirade she was far from through with letting Dressler off the hook for all his past transgressions. “Also! You say humans have become laid back and soft in today’s world, relying so heavily on technology, but are you no different? Look how quickly you were to use your powers to prove your point. Your no different from the very things you condemn. Rather than use your mind you’d so easily fall prey to your own power in an attempt to win an argument….hell any meta would. That makes us no different than them.”

Killer Bee

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INV ONLY Re: Shaking things up in New York (Thor)

Post by Thorgron May 23rd 2017, 9:55 pm

As you wish Dressler sneered deliberately, whipping the screaming man's body around slamming it with a loud pop against the ground. All movement and screaming stopped from his body as blood pooled in the now cracked floor. Lucy it seemed though was unphased by his display, puffing her form up and craning her neck to meet him face to face. Then she began to circle him, slowly like a jungle cat circling it's prey. How delicious he thought as his various eyes kept tabs on her the animal nature in her is showing. But her words were biting in his ears. What gave him the right with all of his knowledge to come to the conclusions he had? Wasn't that obvious? She possessed his mind, she knew exactly what gave him this right and yet she continued on, willfully ignoring the beautiful knowledge swirling around in her head.

I was born to this right, child literal venom dripped from his mandibles as contempt spilled forth in his words. Every man woman and child, every lousy miserable soul on this planet that has come before me has lead to what you see in me now. I am the result of millions of years of evolution, the species that the entirety of metahuman kind has been transitioning to. I am more, I am beyond, not human, not metahuman but something else entirely! Then came her comment about his loss of humanity.

His eyes bulged with rage at the insolent creature before him. Humanity does not know what is best for them! He was screaming now, every muscle in his body tensed as he practically shook with unadulterated wrath. The weak, pathetic maggots that they have become do not deserve their place in this world! They are hedonist gluttons for pleasures and opportunity that not creature on this planet has ever been privy to and yet they squander it away on frivolous mind rotting technology and insignificant frivolities! They are a race of lemmings hell bent on their own destruction! I will not, CAN NOT stand idly by while they choke out every last resource from the precious ground they so unworthily tread upon and from the organisms still working at their own betterment and evolution! And still Lucy persisted, prodding at the ever enraging Dressler with taunts of his own hypocrisy.

Spitting mad, he could barely form coherent thought anymore, the whites of his eyes now a bloodshot smattering of pink and red. His entire body trembling under the fury at this girl he mustered up what little sentient thought he could. I DO NOT REST! I DO NOT STOP! I! AM! SUPERIOR! Instantly he cocked back his arms, the gripping talons becoming hardened pounders spiked with jagged rows of gnarled limpet teeth. At the same time his legs' joints broke backwards into mighty flea legs, propelling the now barely intelligible doctor thrashing and biting with a sonic boom straight at the girl. He would show her, he would beat the insubordination and lies from her brain if he had to.

Shaking things up in New York (Thor) - Page 2 Pbucket
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INV ONLY Re: Shaking things up in New York (Thor)

Post by Killer Bee May 23rd 2017, 10:35 pm

While in the midst of her predatory prowl around Dressler, the good doctor let her words get the better of him. Truly she was striking a cord by comparing him to the very animals he made himself to look like. Dressler had begun to let his animal instincts show by forcibly crushing the poor orderly into the hard tiled floor of the emergency room. Lucy’s eyes shifted down to the mans crushed corpse. She could feel a part of herself wanting to cry out and scream in pain at the man’s unwarranted suffering. Instead of feeling remorse for the individual her newly acquired inner Dressler began to show, feeling more pitty for the devolved state of Dressler’s mind and the means by which he was trying to sway her.

Her confidence shifted to arrogance as Dressler began his counter argument. He still continued to spit the same message over and over again. “Yeah, yeah, yeah you’ve told me this story before. Humans are the devil, and you are god.” Lucy’s mind continued to sift and bring up all the wrong that Dressler had did rather than all the good he was trying to accomplish. Her words hit deep and she knew it. That was one of the advantages of having someone else’s thoughts swirling around in her head. She knew how they thought, knew how they felt, and knew exactly what to say to really tick them off.

By this point in Dressler’s rebuttal he had all but devolved into a raging mass of insect parts. He was so keen on calling human’s insects and Lucy was keen to rub that in his face, that was once she was able to find a moment to do so. The limbs began to shift and crack and bend and shift once more giving Dressler all he needed to launch an assault on Lucy. Though she didn’t have much time to react, she did in fact have enough time to study how their ability worked. Seeing Dressler shift so many times was beginning to give Lucy all the information she needed to make this encounter just a little more fair.

A massive thud filled the air of the emergency room as the doctor collided with immense force against Lucy’s gorilla like arms. Dressler’s spiky club-like appendages came crashing down into her arms. Lucy had been knocked through the wall behind her and into the side of the hospital bed in the adjacent room. THe momentum carried the two beasts into the furthest wall of the next room, causing drywall to come crashing down upon them. The jagged teeth dug deep into her muscles and a feral scream escaped from her feline muzzle.

The young woman did everything in her power to try and rid herself of the pest that had latched onto her. The tentacles on her back writhed uncontrollably against the ground, which did more harm that good as it caused the spikes of Dressler’s arms to tear into her arms even more. She attempted to roll her body several times, but the hospital bed had caved in around her sides making that form of escape all but impossible. That’s when she remembered, though it was more like felt, that she had a tail. With as much concentration as she could muster up, Lucy took her scorpion tail and trusted it blindly at Dressler’s side multiple times. “You want to call human’s insects because you think you’re better than them? You should really take a look in the mirror pal!” she barked out before giving one final thrust of her tail in conjunction with a heavy push of her arms to dislodge Dressler from his position on top of her.

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Killer Bee

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INV ONLY Re: Shaking things up in New York (Thor)

Post by Sponsored content

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