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Post by Proarden (Gravity Man) on December 19th 2016, 4:16 am

"The cost of progress is but a small is we who invest that will be rewarded richly."

Basic Biography

Real Name:  Unknown
Villian Name:  Proarden
Title: "Vagina-Mouth" ~ Xerox
Alignment:  Neutral Evil
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Race: Progenos Matrixian
Hair: Clear Cilia
Eyes: Grey
Height: 12'7" Long, 6' Round.
Weight: 1.6 Tons
Blood type: Stem Cell Fluid

The Look


Proarden in it's juvenile form....

Proarden in it's maturity.....

The Legacy


 A true scientist to it's very core. Single minded and consumed by his work to create the perfect specimen, Proarden is an antisocial creature that has difficulty projecting and articulating it's desires in a way that doesn't alarm people or make them uncomfortable. Though in all honesty it's not actually as if Proarden even tries to be socially acceptable, quite the contrary he goes out of his way to distinguish himself from all others by being blunt and brutally honest. Though to his defense there's no way to make "I would like to sew you together with another person to create a monster" or "I'm going to alter your genetics" sound socially acceptable.

  Proarden is a very straight forward, possessive and obsessive individual with an inquisitive mind and an ever expanding sense of adventure. His goal and his purpose are quite clear to him. He will make the perfect specimen, and when he does his purpose will be fulfilled. His legacy will be none other than the mind that moved life forward. In the search of progress, his work is eternal.


    Once upon a time.... that's how all great stories start isn't it?

   Right, well if that's the case...let's skip that part. Let's tell the story by this tune instead. It feels a lot less Disney.

   In downtown Detroit, December 25th of 2007 the snow fell down upon the human wasteland, covering it in a blanket of white. The smog hung over the air blocking out every star in sight, and there wasn't a single street that didn't have a drug dealer or a crooked cop looking for some grease to add to his pockets. There was a club there, brand new on the corner of Griswold street and Clifford, opposing side of Washington Boulevard. In this bar was a simple woman, with a simple dream. She was a bartender, but every night that 23 year old looked to the stage and thought to herself that one day she would be there. Singing like a Nightingale, singing in the wee hours of the morning to wake the world into a beautiful and blissful morning.
    She was young, beautiful with locks of blonde hair and the most stunning green eyes you'd ever seen. She had a small mole just above her upper lip on the left side. Somehow it just added a form of realism to her, validated the existence of such a beautiful angel in a run down world. Then you had the typical story, boy meets girl. Cue a young farmer from Mississippi, traveling on Holiday to meet with his family. The tanned man walked in dressed for the part, the suit got him in the door; but his simple voice and his down to earth perspective is what got him out of the city with the most beautiful and talented woman in Detroit.

   Proarden was the child of Ms. Laurel Cassidy and Mr. Blake Meyer. Neither of which had housed any form of metahuman power. Not a single metagene recessive in either bloodline to be found. They did what all young adults who think they're in love do, and like all great things in life it ended up with a huge mistake. Of course neither of them minded at first. They thought it would be perfect. She was young and would have a child, he could work the farm and she could continue to pursue her musical career. she'd come home and her man and her child would be there for her. the next Dolly Parton she'd jest. Ultrasound after Ultrasound she'd visit, the doctor's saw nothing wrong. After the second they simply stopped going. Money was tight and insurance wasn't all that good. *cough cough* Obama*cough cough*.

    Blake got on his knee and presented a ring to Miss Cassidy on March 27th of the following year and they were to be married in October. The birth of their child would be the day they solidified their family forever. It was going to be perfect. for the first time in either of their lives they were happy. They felt loved and appreciated...and nothing could change that. Well...they thought at least.

  October 3rd, 2008 on a highway to Michigan to see Miss Cassidy's parents Blake would have to pull off the road and call for the ambulance. Laurel's contractions began and she was dilating. Her baby boy was on the way. Blake did what he promised he'd do and he placed the ring upon his wife. They shared their kiss before she punched him and put his hand in a death grip. I know, romantic right? Well if that didn't put butterflies in your tummy, wait until this next part. It will... I promise.

   The final push came and there it was. Her baby boy sloshed onto the pavement as Blake jumped back in horror and little cries turned into screeches. Laurel cried out, asking what Blake had just done, but then it was. She saw him...she saw it. The thing she had birthed was not her baby boy. It was not a baby boy at all. It was a creature, A monster. Without a second thought the newly weds had no qualm about kicking the baby creature into the ditch and driving away as fast as possible.

   No love. No life. It just so happened that that night there was a creature just such as he. A wandering, broken little boy found the infant creature. It didn't terrify him, he saw the creature but he didn't shy away. He took the creature and continued his walk. He did so without question. He did so without fear. He did so without any hope for reward. That is why I serve him. That is why I'm loyal. That is why Gravitas is my family.


Matrixian: Proarden identifies as a "Matraxian" stemming from Latin and a concoction of English. Not only is it the "Womb" and "Mother" of it's creations but it also defines the structure and plans that it will biologically follow. Proarden's biology is that of a strange monster that consists of both male and female reproductive parts. The creature's body is home to several thousand types of cells, many of them malleable and moldable in their own way. Proarden creates three forms of parasites from their own body, each of which can be found in the "Minion" description. In addition to the strange hermaphroditic physiology, Proarden is able to survive harsh elements and high concentrations of chemicals or elements that would otherwise kill a human being.

Survival of the Fittest: Proarden Has the ability to utilize one of it's parasites in order to rearrange and repurpose genetic materials. This power gives Proarden the ability to alter the genetic coding, structure or even purpose in order to create, recreate or modify any living creature. The unfortunate truth of this power and ability is the fact that Proarden's parasite is a part of itself and therefore is unable to actually modify itself.

Superhuman Intellect: Proarden's intellect is superhuman, spanning to such a degree that it has developed the ability to telepathically communicate with certain parasites that it's body has created. The telepathic communication with it's offspring allows Proarden to commune with it's children and the intelligence allows Proarden to create the technology it needs (although the things it uses do not require a superhuman's intellect.)

Disturbing Counternance: Proarden's disturbing physiology and detrimental power makes it quite literally impossible for it to sneak around or do anything at all, as it is forced to acknowledge and be acknowledged by all non-Progenus around it. How they acknowledge him is entirely up to them. If it's a look of disgust, of pity or of fear. whatever this is it essentially halts everything that's going on for a single post. During this one post, they are not able to harm or act out at Proarden, but Proarden is not able to harm them or act upon them either, as his socially awkward nature causes him to freeze while under such scrutiny.


The Pursuit of Perfection: Proarden is constantly pushing themselves to make progress and to continue their experimentation to reach their ultimate goal. Their goal is an obsession to them, and if their goal is not benefitted in any way by helping another it is highly unlikely that they will contribute in any way.

Matraxian Loyalty: Matraxian's are incredibly loyal to their family.  Proarden was found, sheltered and cared for by Gravitas when it was rejected by it's own kin. Gravitas having raised it, it feels as intensly loyal to Gravitas as it does it's own children. Ultimately Gravitas is of the utmost importance to Proarden, though it often times causes conflicts with it's desire for progress.

Physically Vulnerable: Physically Proarden is incredibly squishy. while it does have some natural armor and plating it is nothing that gives it an advantage against piercing damages. Mundane guns will even crack the plating, and pierce it's shiny, squishy body.

Hyper-focus: Proarden's genetic-alteration abilities require it to enter a state of focus so intense that it is unable to even function in it's own body at the given time. Using it's telepathic communications only require a certain extent of focus. Loud noises and bright lights can disrupt it's telepathic bond for a short time (2 posts)

Unfinished Evolution: if somehow Proarden's genetic-alteration orders are interrupted while in hyperfocus, the thing being modified will experience a lapse, and the creation/host will become abominable and unstable, giving it a rather obvious weakness, even if partially achieving what Proarden intended.

Matter Matters: Proarden's creations require sustenance. Some of them can use photosynthesis. Some of them are omnivores, some scavengers. But in order for them to grow they all require legitimate food sources, water sources and areas to take in the energy and matter that is essential for growth and development. Likewise, the matter taken from an infected individual is considered as well.

Permission: In order for Proarden to place his parasites into another PC or Player-owned NPC it requires expressed consent from said player.

The Human condition: Proarden is actually quite fascinated by the human race. He finds their concepts interesting and wishes to know everything he can about them. After all it believes that a small piece of the human race is deserving to be part of the next step of the greater purpose. Proarden could be convinced to indulge it's curiosities quite easily if given the opportunity.

Slow: Proarden is fast for such a long monster, but when it's not in the water it doesn't get anywhere near it's full potential speeds. In water it can go up to 60mph. On land it's lucky if it can move at the pace of a walking person. Colder environments make movement more difficult.

Disturbing Counternance: Proarden's disturbing physiology and detrimental power makes it quite literally impossible for it to sneak around or do anything at all, as it is forced to acknowledge and be acknowledged by all non-Progenus around it. During this one post, they are not able to harm or act out at Proarden, but Proarden is not able to harm them or act upon them either.

Human at heart: Despite it's gratitude and devotion to Gravitas, Proarden was born of a human being and retains what appears to be a relative human consciosuness. As such it is fully aware fo the fact it's abandonment came due to it's disturbing features and therefore dislikes it's own apperance. In it's own dislike for it's own apperances it also takes note of when others look at it. Proarden will seem to be no more human than when they are being looked upon by others. The fact that it is under the scrutiny of others may have a variety of effects. If it is just one person Proarden may be able to ignore it with only a few thoughts. Two people might enrage them. More than that may actually cause total disruption of it's telepathic bonds and make it unable to use it's abilities for the number of posts equal to the people who looked at it.

Follow the yellow slime road: Proarden leaves a trail of slime behind it, which doesn't help it's cause in anything ever....

The Arsenal

No Items at this time.


The Parasites: Proarden's body is constantly birthing new parasites of many different kinds. The Parasites function as "minions" of sorts as they assist Proarden in their quest to produce and create more children. Unlike it's "children" Proarden does not view the parasites as it's children, rather as extensions of itself. Though all of it's children are born of it's parasites it's parasites itself are no more an individual person than a sperm or an ova is.

Parasite Prime:

Minion Name: Parasite Prime

Minion Description:
    Parasite Prime looks similar to that of Proarden in it's juvanille form, although it's extremadies are a slight bit more proportional and it is incredibly small, small enough to infiltrate one's blood stream. They are considerably more durable when scaled to that of Proarden. They have terrible fangs and anchoring talons near their face which allow them to anchor into a victim.

Minion Abilities:
 Survival Adept: Parasite Prime shares the extreme survival conditions of it's origin, meaning it can survive in some of the most extreme conditions and continue to persist. Even under water and in intense heats or freezes. This includes inside many if not all organisms. Most anti-parasitic drugs prove ineffective against these resilient and superior parasites.

 Of One Mind: Parasite Prime moves as one singular mind. They are several hundred parasites but all of them together embody the hive-mind which resides within Proarden. With enough parasites present and reproducing inside of an organism, it is possible for Parasite Prime to "possess" a host and actually gain control of all it's movements and thoughts. Parasite Prime can even do this with deceased organisms. (Permission based when applicable.)

 Information Syphon: When present in an organism it has the ability to release small pulses through the brain once latched on,. In doing this it allows Proarden or Parasite Prime to go through and harvest information from the specimen's brain, or even implant thoughts into it. (Permission based when applicable)
Pursue Progress: Finally Proarden's Parasite Prime is the parasite that Proarden utilizes when it makes genetic alterations to an organism. the Parasite bits into a victim and injects foreign and alien stem-cells which the parasite then signals pulses in order to repurpose the host in a way Proarden commands.

Minion Weaknesses:
For SCIENCE!!!!: Nature and evolution are incredibly scary. For Proarden it is unfortunate to learn that the pursuit to progress is a series of trial and error. Proarden's modifications via these parasites may be costly to the host, or overall more destructive than beneficial. While these parasites and their hosts are Proarden's primary means of defense it seems to hold little to no care for their well being, and is willing to order an experimental change at any given moment. One that could be costly to the tides of battle.

Telepathic Jet-lag: Whenever Proarden takes control of Parasite Prime, it is a seemless transition. When Proarden loses control or releases control of Parasite Prime it is an entirely different story. When control is lost or released there is a momentary lag in Parasite Prime's ability and control over a host. While this is not typically ever enough time to grant the host control back, it is effective in finding pauses in it's attack patterns and actions.

Primordial Ooze: If Parasite Prime is ordered to alter a host, but the telepathic connection is lost with Proarden (or is forcefully severed, or Proarden is distracted) Parasite Prime will do it's best to follow the order to the best of it's knowledge, though Parasite Prime is not overly intelligent. If Proarden commanded it to add an extra arm, and the connection is interfered with then Parasite Prime might make it a massive arm growing out of the host's stomach,  taking flesh from the back and ultimately leaving the spinal cord exposed. Or it might just breakdown the entire host into nothing but a puddle of ooze.

Adapted Weaknesses: The Progress to perfection is a long road. Parasite Prime will adapt new traits and abilities when commanded to, it also will adopt certain weaknesses that come in conjunction with the ability.

Parasite Primal: Parasite Prime, when not receiving any directive from Proarden is a rampaging monstrosity. It's hosts are typically hostile in foreign environments or in overly crowded places. After so long without contact from Proarden the Parasites within the host will develop their own consciousness. Not all of them will share Proarden's views or beliefs. Though many of them degenerate and their consciousness is never birthed, leaving a feral and uncontrollable monster that is no longer of any use.

Curiosity killed the Cat: Parasite Prime is not intelligent, though it has the basic beginnings of sentience. Every so often when certain things are present they might actually be able to dissuade parasite Prime from completing it's designated command, or it's designated evolution. There are 6 things that are known to catch Parasite prime's interests.

Parasite Progenus:

Minion Name: Parasite Progenus

Minion Description:
  Parasite Progenus is a growth that spawns from within it's host and grows outwards, breaking through the skin or melding through it and eventually overtaking the entire body. It can look in many different ways, though it normally has it's own eyes, several of them and a mouth of it's own, as well as tubes with circular mouths and fangs to latch onto and a tendril with a barb deposit more parasites into.

Minion Abilities:
 Survival Adept: Parasite Progenus shares the extreme survival conditions of it's origin, meaning it can survive in some of the most extreme conditions and continue to persist. Even under water and in intense heats or freezes. This includes inside many if not all organisms. Most anti-parasitic drugs prove ineffective against these resilient and superior parasites.

 Of One Body: Parasite Progenus is a parasite that is much bigger than that of Parasite Prime. Parasite Progenus is a visible growth that has integrated itself and grown from within a host. By time the Parasite Progenus has been noticed, it's already assumed full control of the host's body and mind.

 Progenus: Parasite Progenus is a smaller, modified and more dependent version of a Progenus Matrixian. It's purpose is the preservation of it's host as it carries, births and procreates lesser Progenus beings to help in the creation of the Perfect specimen. Paracite progenus has a physiology at it's disposal in order to help assist with protecting it's host. It is able to see things on multiple spectrums, to eliminate the element of surprise from invisible threats. It has the ability to attach or with it's sucker tendril or use it in order to bite; and it's barbed tendril in order to  implant other parasites into unsuspecting victims. It has the ability to let out a horrifying and deafening screech, as well as mimic the voice of it's host perfectly. With enough preparation it has the ability to use it's sucker tendril arm to regurgitate a thick chitin shell over it's host and itself to form a protective barrier. Finally it has the ability to remove some tendrils form it's host to grab and rope in another host, effectively adding and fusing multiple hosts together to become a more effective parasite.

Minion Weaknesses:
For SCIENCE!!!!: Parasite Progenus is smarter than it's Parasite prime sibling, and so it is fully aware of the fact others are not likely to take it's countenance kindly. Utilizing an array of stealthy tactics, the Parasite must lure other into coming to it in order to spread it's fellow parasites or impregnate an unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately even in it's stealthy nature there are still physical tells and things that it cannot control that make other's aware of it's presence. Parasite Progenus, unfortunately, is likely to only wound people, and thus is more likely to be killed.

Pride: The higher level of intelligence and it's deceptive ways often times make the Parasite Progenus very proud and egotistical. It seems to value the fact that it is more intelligent and is (generally) allowed to keep it's own sentient thoughts.

Proarden conflict of Personality: Proarden is actually the Parasite Progenus' greatest fear. The Parasites remember being mindless thralls and while they're free now to have their own thoughts and ideas, Proarden still maintains the ability to control them. This fear alone tends to keep rebel-minded parasites in check, although many would be willing to die in order to disclose some of Proarden's secrets if given the opportunity.

Frailty: While it is able to protect it's host, Parasite Progenus is often times the softer and more easily damaged of the two, making the Parasite Progenus itself the weak spot for all of its hosts.

More the Merrier: The more people that a Parasite Progenus has amalgamed together the more difficult it is to sustain them. Without being able to sustain it's host, the Parasite Progenus would die in a matter of hours.

Time is everything: The Parasite Progenus' chitin takes time in order to harden, making it a pre-emptive weapon. However utilizing the chitin also restricts movement by an incredible amount. This makes the chitin a nearly impossible thing to master.

Attachment Issues: The Parasite Progenus having intelligence actually grants it a rather unhealthy attachment to it's hosts, both past and present. Even after leaving one host and attaching to another it holds a serious and sometimes deranged attachment or sense of affection, making anything that happens to the host trigger an outrage, or even in some strange cases crippling depression.

The Voice of Progenus: The Parasite Progenus enjoy conversation, and enjoy waving their superiority over mankind. If given the opportunity to talk, they will gladly do so, and are quite likely to have a civil conversation before mutilating someone.

Parasite Waltz: The Parasite Progenus relies entirely on it's hosts auditory sensory, and as such if the host is put in pain due to auditory noise, it causes extreme pain in the parasite. The parasite will either need to endure the pain (which is unlikely) or withdraw it's root-tentacles from it's host until the episode passes. At this time the parasite is easily removed.

Frenzy: The Parasite Prime may turn Primal, but the Parasite Progenus have the chance to go into a frenzy. Driven mad by the knowledge of all it's hosts or driven by their emotions, the parasite may try to fashion itself a humanoid body made of pieces of it's hosts before roaming out into the outside world. This is caused by coming in contact with overly emotional hosts, overly intelligent hosts or too many hosts too quickly.

The Mechanics

Spawning: As a hermaphrodite, Proarden has the ability to lay an egg with it's ovipositor and fertilize it, or internally bear a child with itself. The child is a perfect clone of Proarden. If laid as an egg it may not hatch until a later date. While in it's egg, it is conditioned and educated by a program created by Proarden that allows the born child to be "mostly" caught up to the point that Proarden died when it exits it's juvenile years. 

Aquatic-based lifeform: Proarden is far more formidable in the water in almost every aspect, as well as all of the Progenus.  The slime trail he leaves behind is also quite nutritious and could provide the body with more than a few days worth of sustenance.

Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Strength : 4

Gravitas Gang:

Proarden (Gravity Man)
"Man aint nobody take me seriously, dat be my superpower!"

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Re: Proarden

Post by Eric Slattery on December 19th 2016, 4:22 am

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