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Don't associate with those types (Eric Slattery)

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CLOSED Re: Don't associate with those types (Eric Slattery)

Post by Red on March 31st 2017, 8:37 pm

Lucius walked casually through the chaos, occasionally dodging a bullet or two by side stepping. He looked completely calm despite being a normal human in every other catagory but his mind. But in truth, that's all he needed. Even things he wasn't completely focused on were being passively tracked by his complex perception. The moment one of those things became a danger, he reacted accordingly. He seemed to be out for a Sunday stroll with how relaxed he held himself, even subtly shoving a man a mere foot, who was then hit by another one of the swat team members who was supposedly thrown by Slattery's bodyguard at high speed.

"Well....... Looks like you have this under control. Give me a few minutes, if you would." Lucius said to the woman, who had just disarmed many of the men. Red then left the room, apparently going to return with some equipment. He guessed people with guns weren't the only thing that they would face today, and he needed to be prepared for that.

A large number of the disarmed militants decided to play it safe and get on the ground. There were of course the outliners who tried to close with Slattery's bodyguard, one even throwing a grenade, but judging by her display of power earlier, she would be quite fine.

That is, until the obvious pair of metas walked in.

One was dressed from head to toe in black and white, his hair a matching ashy grey. The other was a mammoth of a man, completely covered in armor. He must have been ten feet tall, and half that wide along the shoulders.

The one with the black and white stayed put, seemingly sucking on a hard candy while accessing the situation. The large one, however, immediately charged Maddie with surprising speed for his size. His aim was to crush her with a double handed hammer fist technique once he got close. Regardless of if he hit or not though, whatever his powerful fists made contact with would definitely be feeling it.

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CLOSED Re: Don't associate with those types (Eric Slattery)

Post by Eric Slattery on April 1st 2017, 4:27 am

”Did’ya really have to throw me to the ground?” Eric grumbled irritably, slowly rising to his feet as a few of the guns clattered to his feet, what looked to be an automatic weapon landing right before him. That was when a grenade came, stopping midair and being thrown back where it came from. An obvious nod to the fact one does not simply mess with the pissed off psychokinetic.

”Didn’t want any stray bullets hitting you in the head.” Was what he got in return, as she reduced all of the guns at her feet, save for the one in Eric’s hands to scrap. That was when some other people stepped onto the scene, obvious meta’s by the looks of them. Now that wasn’t something that Maddie felt like dealing with, but meta violence was not always something you can opt out of. The largest and likely most muscle bound chose to charge Maddie.

In the blink of the eye Eric was once again thrown out of the range of danger, following by a bubble of psychokinetic energy forming around  Maddie. A rippling shockwave exploded from the sudden contact, causing her to sink into the floor, along with a large circular crater forming. Chairs shattered like matchsticks, flinging outwards much like shrapnel., the rest of the floor violently cracking. With a flick of the index finger, Maddie released a pulse of force meant to throw the metahuman across the room, directed right towards his gut.

Eric however found himself slamming into a wall. It sent a jolt through his lower back, along with a strangled curse he could barely restrain.”Fucking metahuman terrorists.” He groaned, rubbing his head which was now sore.
Eric Slattery
Eric Slattery

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CLOSED Re: Don't associate with those types (Eric Slattery)

Post by Red on April 16th 2017, 12:37 am

"Darn, lost my Rook." the teenager in the black and white said after the initial contact of the brute with the female meta. Instead of being thrown back by the pulse, the large meta seemed to disintegrate. Or, at least most of him did. What was left of him was a knocked out man wearing a suit, a party goer it would seem.

"Pawns go first........ Then tRes he Queen." The kid said, pointing to some of the downed swat members, eight to be exact. They instantly got back up, glittering white armor covering them, and a blade appearing in their hands.

Next, the meta pointed to a female waitress, who was running away currently, and she began to change much in the same way the soldiers did. Her outfit turned white with hints of blue, her eyes a vengeful violet, and her hair the same stark shade as her clothing. She then took her place next to her "King", and the Pawns advanced.

"Careful which ones you hit, darling, they just might be protected." The kid said with a laugh as he watched his soldiers advance. An observant person might see that near each of the belts of the pawns there was a colored light. Two green, one blue, two purple, two yellow, and one off. What this meant was anyone's guess, but it was up to Maddie who she attacked first.


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