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Shadows Empty Shadows

Post by batguy135 November 25th 2016, 10:02 pm

At an unknown location in Georgia... (I know, very cheesy, but whatever)

Sean's ears rang as he felt the cold ground under him. Where am I? He slowly blinked his eyes open. His head throbbed, and his vision was blurry as he looked around the room he was in. When his vision finally cleared, he saw a large hole in the wall, with several police members coming from the other side.

They pointed their guns at him and shouted, "Freeze! Don't move, or we will shoot." Their guns were aimed carefully at Sean. Sean slowly tried to stand up, but the cop who barked orders before shouted, "Don't-" but he was cut off when suddenly, all the police officers were flipping through the air, their guns flying from their hands. Sean was now standing, near the back of the room. How did I do that? he asked himself. His hands were trembling, and he was sweating. Then blood dripped down his forehead and hit the floor. He was bleeding from a large gash on his head.

Sean reached up and lightly touched the wound, and was surprised when memories came back. Not all of them, but bits and pieces. He saw himself holding a gun, then a bright explosion of light. Sean's thoughts were then interrupted by an officer shouting, "Hey, you!" Sean looked up and saw a young officer, probably in his mid 20s. Before Sean could do anything, the officer pulled the trigger.

Everything seemed to slow down to Sean. Sound was sucked away and replaced with a loud silence. Sean looked around, confused. Everything was in slow motion. That's when he noticed the bullet from the gun moving at him at about the speed of a professional Olympics runner. Slowly, Sean stepped out of the way and watched as the bullet collided with the wall behind him. Time resumed to normal. The officer stared at Sean in shock.

"How-" the young officer was cut off as Sean suddenly dashed across the 16 and a half foot long room in a split second, appearing behind the young man. Then, fast as lightning, Sean snapped the officer's neck. The young officer fell to the ground, limp. Sean looked at the body, then grinned, feeling a strange satisfaction.

Status :

Quote : "I don't care how many people I kill. I don't care how many families I destroy. All I care about is getting what I want, and no one can stop me from getting what I want." - Sean Crowe, "Mercury." Powe

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