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Rafael Cordoba: The Fireball Sailor

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Rafael Cordoba: The Fireball Sailor Empty Rafael Cordoba: The Fireball Sailor

Post by exhaustinaustin on November 21st 2016, 1:35 am

Rafael Cordoba

"The two most powerful forces within us are spite and will."

The Bio

Real Name: Rafael Cordoba
Villain Name: Codename Ciro
Title: The Burning Tigershark
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic(Dominican)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6”3’
Weight: 210 lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Rafael is a tall, muscular Hispanic man with short dark hair and green eyes. He wears his facial hair as a “short boxed beard” that is kept neatly trimmed, even during long voyages or missions.
He does not bother wearing a disguise, as most of his missions do not require him to be in the eye of the public. Thus, he can normally be seen wearing collard, button-down shirts and khaki pants along with a white sailor cap and coat. He has a tattoo of a compass and his daughter’s name on his right arm and a one of a tribal cross on his upper left pectoral.

The Personality

Hot-headed and dedicated, Rafael is a loud and smart-alec man who isn’t afraid to take action when his patience is tested. He is a very honest person who prefers making his ideas short and clear and is therefore annoyed by those who beat around the bush or try to avert the truth.
His two main pet peeves are cowards and underhandedness. In his experience, the duo has gone hand in hand. While he can reasonably tolerate criticism or dissent, He despises being fooled, and believes that anyone who has to resort to trickery is either too weak-willed or intelligent to handle a problem directly and honestly. He will also lash at anyone who dares to hurt his daughter Estela.

The Story

Rafael woke up in a blurry haze with only a faint memory of what had happen. His ship had to dock on the hillside of a small island with what looked to be a fully operational port and fuel-station near the coast. Curious about the uncharted isle, he exited his vessel, walking on the pier to find someone to purchase gas from. That was all his brain could muster up.
His stomach was severely upset and a dull pain radiated through his body with every heartbeat. The room was a brightly lit, gray box with a blocked off window. As he sat up from the cold, metal ground, he notices a loudspeaker in the opposite corner, right next to what appeared to be an elevator door. As he sat up, he felt a thick pinch on his left arm and a mechanical whirring sound, and looked over. A thick ban had been affixed near his shoulder. Its material and color resembled that of an old, nineties’ computer and it had a simple, liquid crystal display that read out his heart rate, blood pressure, and other graphs that Rafael knew nothing of. Whatever it was, it finally beeped. The whirring and pinching had calmed down.
“Good afternoon”, a voice over the intercom suddenly spouted. “You’ve stumbled upon an artificial island created by the US military for research and development. It’s mine now though. They abandoned it nearly 40 years ago.”
“Sancta mierda...” Rafael groaned in apprehension.
“Nobody was meant to find it, but now that you’ve stumbled upon it, I have two options to deal with you. You can either die to tell no one, or unite with me. That device on your arm is the pivotal factor within the whole deal.”
The mariner under duress looked back at the armband for a split second, looking back towards the intercom.
“You may refer to me as Tiburòn for now. I and my scientists have engineered a new type of radioactive molecule. It contains elements and ingredients that have been known to form meta-human mutations: In short, beings with uncanny abilities. This particular strain is also a long-lasting, terminal toxin. This island is absolutely polluted with it. You would have died hours ago if I haven’t had intervened.
Unfortunately, now that you know, I can’t let you off scoff free. The system attached to your arm delivers small amounts of a potent antidote on a set schedule. It’ll keep you alive and well, but only if I chose to allow it. We’ve already monitored and discovered your meta-human abilities, and since it might be of use, I want you to work for me. Go on missions and do my bidding. It’s a small price to pay to stay alive, no?”
Rafael was pissed off; forced between a rock and a hard place. His mind was focused and worried most about his daughter: Estela. Suddenly, the elevator opened.
“You have two options. You can go to the ground floor and get back on your ship, but you’ll die in 3-5 hours. If you go to the basement one, The device will remain active. I’ll mold you into a super-soldier. You’ll meet my cohort and other assistants who will train you into a powerful being. Nobody will be able to stop you.”
With his teeth gritted, he reluctantly pressed the button to save his life and keep his family together. Even if it meant breaking the law and bowing down to a devious man, he chose to live for Estela’s sake.
As the door closed, the loudspeaker picked up once more.
“Oh yeah, and if you fuck up and jeopardize my plans, you’ll be S-O-L. Comprendè?”

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Blast Canon:
Rafael can ignite and launch himself in a fiery blitz. The projectile travels at a high speed, and covers his entire body. He can launch himself from any position, even from a handstand or in midair as well. If fired on the ground, he can change his direction once, launching himself upwards at an angle. In midair, he can either rocket horizontally or diagonally in order to return to the ground. He can only move in straight lines and change direction once, however.

The Weaknesses

-Rafael can only travel around 30-50 yards before “Blast Canon” peters out and he must recharge.
- This will also fail if Rafael is submerged in water
- His body is still susceptible to collateral damage if he misses his target and hits something to hard. Thus, he struggles against mobile opponents who can lead him into walls and rocks.
- If he peters out in midair, he may not be able to land gracefully or hit the ground hard.
- Even though he ignites himself with “Blast Canon”, he is not immune to fire, bullets, or any other sort of incoming projectile or attack.

The Items

NS550 High Emergency Antidote Link (HEAL Band):
An electronic arm band attached to Rafael that delivers a medicine that sustains his life. It is remotely operated by a mysterious man who refers to himself as “Tiburòn”, who uses it to manipulate Rafael into doing his bidding. It is nearly indestructible and cannot be removed, but can be switched off at any time if either Rafael fails or the controller is accessed by another user. It also displays various other medical stats, such as heart rate, blood pressure, radiation level, and energy readouts.

The Minions

The Fluff

Rafael is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.
His favorite beverage is a mixed drink of rum and ginger-ale. Outside of work and missions, he seems to always have it on him.

The RP Sample


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Rafael Cordoba: The Fireball Sailor Empty Re: Rafael Cordoba: The Fireball Sailor

Post by Thorgron on November 21st 2016, 6:38 am

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