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Scadoosh (Also hi)

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OPEN Scadoosh (Also hi)

Post by Buckhop6 on November 19th 2016, 12:03 am

I have traveled far across dimensions (all the way from a star wars RP forum) to discover the existence of these strange beings known as 'superheroes' (or villains). Smile
In all seriousness though, this place looks kinda cool for some of my writing ideas and I look forward to posting in some interesting threads. A starting question: Does the displacement of solids to the point where one could move through them (much alike to that of Billy-ray Sanguine from the Skullduggery Pleasant series) count as a restricted power (I believe it's similar to molecular manipulation, however I'm not quite sure.)

Thanks in advance!

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OPEN Re: Scadoosh (Also hi)

Post by VoidOfEclipse on November 19th 2016, 10:40 am

Hi, welcome to this dimension!

I had some hesitation with this as well, since Void (my Renegade) has the ability to manipulate the density of objects. She can make solid, inorganic object'/ density like that of water and walk through them. Though this is technically molecular manipulation (like what you want to do), she has appropriate weaknesses to go with her powers and can't control anything with molecules other than that. (Plus she's not over powered in the slightest. You can check out her bio in my signature.) If something is restricted when you add it to the powers list, I'm sure the Mod checking your application over will let you know!

When I read that restricted power, I thought that it more or less meant you can't have a power that turns people into water, or broccoli into gold. I dunno, I just winged it and it turned out alright! Sorry if I'm no help!


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