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Mel Avispon (Hivemind)

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Mel Avispon (Hivemind) Empty Mel Avispon (Hivemind)

Post by exhaustinaustin November 15th 2016, 12:36 am

Mel Avispon

"Power and trust come hand in hand. I've never had one without the other."

The Bio

Real Name:Mel Avispon
Hero Name: Hivemind
Title: The Cosmic Beekeeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dirty-Blonde
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 175 lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

With a slightly below average height, slender frame, pale skin, and a freckled face, Mel’s physical appearance is far from imposing. In fact, at first glance, you’d assume that he was a 2nd year high school student, not a freshman in college. The boy’s round face, bright eyes, and soft skin do a wonderful job at masking his abilities and struggles. Just one look would make one assume “Man, this kid must have it easy.” His civilian clothing choice doesn’t help either; mainly donning bright polo shirts, cargo pants, and high-end sneakers. He normally keeps his hair short and neat, spiked-up and styled with hair putty, as humidity and moisture causes it to puff out and frizz.
Mel’s uniform is rather simple though, consisting of a black and yellow striped shirt, black combat trousers, and a dark hooded overcoat. If there is ever a situation where he would need to protect his identity, he also dons a ski mask and yellow goggles, however these times are few and far between.

The Personality

    Thoughtful and idealistic, Mel is certainly a dreamer and a planner. Most of his mental energy is put into predicting and analyzing a resolution rather than actually carrying his ideas through. Unfortunately, this leads to also means that once discouraged, Mel lets himself fall into a mental “rut” and can struggle to come up with solutions and ideas in a frustrating and tense environment. Despite this anxiety with difficult scenarios, The Cosmic Beekeeper has a very firm grasp on what he is and isn’t capable of, meaning that he can analyze and act in a situation very quickly as long as he believes that his options can lead to positive outcomes.
    Social, Mel conducts himself in a very interactive and extroverted manner. He views the problems and puzzles of his friends and allies as ones of his own. Even if he isn’t in a place or situation where he can directly solve or assist with the issues, Mel will always think and try to mentally break down the situation in order to picture how it can be solved. This can either go two ways, leaving an impression of integrity and care, or lighting suspicion in the eyes of those more distrustful. One could just as easily interpret his devoted, “try-hard” nature as a back-handed attempt to hide any true intentions. While Mel always has the best intentions in mind, he would be lying if he were to say that he wasn’t trying to compensate for anything.
    The Cosmic Beekeeper has struggled with two main psychological grievances throughout life: self-confidence and epilepsy (the latter definitely being a contributing factor to the former). Despite his problem-solving, go-getting attitude towards work, Mel shies away from talking about his successes and capabilities. He is extremely uncomfortable talking about himself and his problems, as he would view it as a burden or annoyance onto other people. One of his greatest fears is having a seizure in a public place, for even though they only occur in his sleep, he would feel terrible knowing that others would judge, discriminate, or otherwise pity him due to his affliction.
The Story

    I’ve put up with epilepsy for about three or four years now. Of course, I guess you can say I’ve been enlightened for three or four years now, but I’m still deciding whether the costs outweigh the benefits. Thank God that they only happen when I’m asleep. I’ve been able to keep my license and live a normal life because it doesn’t happen when I’m conscious.
    The other thing that makes it seem not as bad as it sounds is that I learned about Bhramari. At first, it was kind of weird when I started dreaming about an ancient, ethereal entity. They would manifest themselves as this huge, violet symbol, with bright gold and purple wisps whizzing around the area. Nothing else really happened. There was no noise or text or hidden meaning, so I would just wake up and go about my day.
    What I didn’t know is that the dream was a message, one I ignored about eleven or twelve times before they snapped and forced me to pay attention. My parents starting to have to shake me awake as I was sleeping through the alarm. I lost nearly all my energy too. I would wake up, sleep during class, go home, and then sleep even more. I knew something was wrong, but I would have never expected that one day I would wake up with my parents staring at me from the foot of a hospital bed. Those dreams that I was having caused me to spasm in my sleep.
I started listening to Bhramari after that. I started asking the symbol questions. After multiple times, I learned that it was some sort of extraterrestrial nature spirit. It was a collective conscious that behaved like a swarm of insects. It was hard to tell what facet of nature they represented, but I assume that whatever element they stood for on their planet doesn’t exist on ours.
It’s hard to describe, it’s kind of light fire, but with a more plasma, electric quality; an energetic cluster of will-o-wisps that moved and behaved like smoke. Turns out, they were looking for a new home. They really didn’t give any reason why they chose me. It was my fault that I never bothered to ask, but over time, after I started to take medicine and the seizures stopped, they manifested in real life. I started seeing the damned thing whizzing around the classroom and hallways. While I knew they were tangible and everyone could see them, they never seemed to show up unless I knew for certain that I was the only one looking at them.
    The dreams got more and more detailed. Soon, I could summon the swarm at will and direct it around. It would expand, collapse, and latch on to stuff I directed it to and even do a good amount of damage, almost like a moving, sentient bugzapper that would fry anything that touched it. I knew that there had to have been a reason that Bhramari reached out and lent itself to me this way, but I didn’t know how serious of a situation that this town would fall into for Karma to let me have it.
    It was all over the morning news “Northside High School in Verdepolis, South Carolina leveled to the ground”. The facility that I had graduated from less than a year ago had been demolished to rubble from some sort of small Earthquake. Nothing made sense though, the event wasn’t widespread enough to be picked up by seismographs back in the city, and the damage was odd, as most of the destruction was to the top/middle of the building rather than the foundation and ground. “A midair earthquake”, I thought. Nothing made sense.
    Weird events like this have been happening more and more around the city. The attacks seemed far too specific to be premeditated. The catastrophe were starting to spread outside of the state too. While there were thoughts ringing in my head and a fear that whoever did this is going after me, or that I and Bhramari had something to do with it, I didn’t care. If I was given something like this, then I need to go out and use it. It’s my job to figure out what’s going on and to stop whatever’s happening.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Bhramari’s Swarm:
Mel has gained the trust of the cosmic entity Bhramari and can now manifest a part of the conscious as a cloud of like-minded wisps. While he does not have absolute control on what it does, he can telepathically order the cluster to move, expand, contract, and attack a target. The “sting” of each wisp (when an ember glows, exuding its power into anything it touches) is like an electric shock, the greater number of wisps in a cluster, the more damage that it will cause, as each sting of a wisp resonates and amplifies more and more after every attack. He can also absorb this power within himself, imbuing his muscles with energy and allowing him to jump high into the air.
Mel can use this in a variety of ways, either surrounding his body to amplify his own melee attack, using it as a projectile to surround and strike an enemy, or even to light up the path ahead.

The Weaknesses

- Bhramari’s elemental energy is limited. Mel cannot make an infinitely scaling swarm of power, and the more energy he generates, the more mental focus it takes, meaning that he cannot “double team” an opponent, using the cloud of wisps and himself as two separate attackers.  Bhramari either enhances Mel’s attack or Mel focuses, solely using the swarm to fight.
- The further away the swarm goes from Mel, the less concentrated and powerful it will be. The phenomena has a maximum range of about 50 feet. It will be very week at that distance, however.
- Mel struggles against bulky, heavily armored targets, as one with enough power or armor would be able to withstand and walk through the swarm to smash his face into the ground. This applies to mechanical entities such as robots, cars tanks, helicopters, and other large automata as well.
- While he can imbue himself with energy to jump high into the air, he can still have the swarm knocked out of him, causing him to lose control and crash-land. Since the power is directly absorbed into him, he is also incapable of using the swarm for anything else until he has landed and completely discharged.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Mel can control the colors of his wisps, making them either yellow, purple, or white. Without any input, they are purple, however. He also channels it in his hand as a time-killer to stare at or to intimidate an opponent. The concentrated cloud looks like a bright, spastic purple flame.

The RP Sample

Embark ( A Kingdom Hearts RP)
Dallon scratched his head. He too was partially confounded by the mission, as how could there be heartless on a bunch of uninhabitable rocks?
“There has to be more to the story that the school, or even this council can’t tell from the distance. If this asteroid belt was so volatile and hazardous, why didn’t they just blow them up in the first place?”
The explorer attentively observed the alien as she reviewed and enacted the final takeoff procedures. He knew that one day, both he and Zelene would be higher ups in the school at one point, thus operating the ship for missions like this would definitely be a future responsibility. The faster he could get to grips with this place and its technology, the better.
As the conversation continued, he breathed a sigh of relief. An outfit that would let the attired to travel in almost any condition seemed like it would be insurmountably expensive in his world. “Oh, thank goodness. Lord knows how much I would have to give up in order to afford even a piece of that suit if it were at home.” His eyes shifted to the side for a moment, but instantaneously brushed off the rest of his thoughts. He thought back to his first heartless attack, and how greed in development eventually led to the advent of those dark monsters.
“You have no clue how much we could have avoided if we could have just copied and alchemized stuff to build things with. But… Being an officer, I’m sure you’ve seen greed ruin a bunch of people, even if it is easier to manufacture things there.”
Dallon kneaded his hands before he continued his thought.
“Oh, I’m sure they’ll just see me as another type of extraterrestrial if this place isn’t as homogenous as Earth. Is this locale rough? I wouldn’t think a bunch of criminals would gather at a facility as constitutive and productive as that, but you never know.”
The explorer planted himself in the co-pilot chair as the ship rose and zoomed off out of the atmosphere. While he had been on enough missions to get used to the flight, he couldn’t say that he didn’t think of the rickety biplanes of his time. His face was still neutral and attentive, but his palms were sweaty and red under the gloves, clutching the arm rests with all of his strength. Zelene’s mention of this vehicle not being as up to snuff as other flying machines didn’t help either.
Despite his unease, he still looked out the window with her and peered into the star-dotted void. In what seemed like no time however, the two were on the outskirts of a cluster of energetic and obviously lively planets. While they all seemed to have vastly different environment, He noticed a bunch of other ships and satellites painted the same color with identical series of symbols on their sides.  Was there a mega-monopoly rooted in these worlds?
Dallon began to crave researching and learning about the history of this place. It all seemed so enigmatic and thrilling.

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Post by Thorgron November 15th 2016, 1:23 am

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