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This is Halloween! (Quinn) [Double Exp: Halloween Event]

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CLOSED This is Halloween! (Quinn) [Double Exp: Halloween Event]

Post by Mindy on October 27th 2016, 8:36 am

Black and orange draped over the acrylic reds and electric blues of London's west side, over the city of Westminster. Unlike the more beuaracratic parts, like Chelsea or Bankside, or the more depraved, Wemberly, Piccadilly Circus was the heart of a multi-block party stretching from Trafalgar Square, through Regent's Park, all the way to just a couple miles out from the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. There was free food and booze to all sporting a festive feel on Hallows Eve. Metas and performers took to the streets wowing and entertaining the crowds with their tricks. The entire thing was watched over by some sort of mysterious group that stuck to the shadows to keep the peace.

In a back ally behind a small local deli, a bright red and black portal exploded into life. Practically skipping out of the portal, Mindy leapt out of the vortex. She wore a black, Smashing Pumpkins tee-shirt with the words written in black on top of an inked jack-o-lantern ontop of a orange and dark purple skirt with black nylons. On her head she adorned two masks, one of an oni and the other of a Kitsune.

Despite Quinn pointing out that there was no point in jumping through the portal, that walking would work just fine. Mindy loved kicking her legs up as she went through the swirling pool of magic.

Mindy was still a teensy-bit sad that Quinn refused her suggestion of coming dressed up as pumpkin but they both had agreed what Quinn had decided to wear was also totally adorbs. Sebastian had out right refused to come. Ignoring the costume choices that Mindy had provided him, He still wasn't too keen on portal magic. He refused to "subjugate" himself to that for some party. Some party? Some party! That showed how little he knew; this was THE party. The biggest Halloween party in the world.

"Let's get going Quinn!" Mindy called out through the rift, despite the unlikely-ness of her being able to hear her on the other side.  

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CLOSED Re: This is Halloween! (Quinn) [Double Exp: Halloween Event]

Post by Quinn on October 27th 2016, 9:42 am

Quinn steps through the portal, ducking a little to make sure her hat doesn't get caught. She adjusts her dress that screams Gothic Lolita to the world, making sure that it didn't get ruffled during the transport from there to here. Not only did she have the dress, she even have a stylish umbrella that matched perfectly with her dress so that her outfit was completely. Once she finished making sure that nothing was wrong with her clothes, she walked over to Mindy, her shoes making a click with every step.

"Mindy, I told you that running is hard with these shoes. Why did you leave me behind?" Behind her the portal closed. Quinn uses this chance to hug Mindy, half leaning on her. "So where are we going first?"
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