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When Dire Met Skylar [Oct. DBBL XP]

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INV ONLY When Dire Met Skylar [Oct. DBBL XP]

Post by TheDastardlyDire on October 21st 2016, 3:27 pm

The Demonic Dire started his adventure in Los Angelas, California.
It was about midday, and he had just arrived in his old apartment.
Normally Malik Faulkner could be found in the mansion in which his superhero team (The Necessary) resides.
Though he LOVED being a hero and having the moral highground, a merc had to be a merc didn't he?
He opened his door to find everything just as he had left it, except for the demon sitting on his couch.
Now there was not REALLY a demon sitting on his couch [even though that wouldn't surprise him at all.], but instead: an allegory in the form of a hallucination.
So you've finally come back... The thing said with a chuckle.

"Uh, yeah. I never left. Just living a dream, that's all." Malik stated as he went to his computor to look for contracts.

That dream will turn on you one day, fool...

Malik found the target named Austin Warren, aged 20.
This person was offering only $400,000 [chump change on his scale], but the story behind it brought sympathy to him.

Austin Warren bullied a girl named Abigail throughout her entire high school life. Right when she thought graduating was going to save her from this monster, they ended up going to the same college in Georgia.
Austin has truly matured since high school... In all of the wrong ways.
Austin got into the college on a full-ride sports scholarship, whereas Abigail got in through academics.
Consequently, Austin was very buff and Abigail was small and skinny.
Austin abused Abigail badly during the first two years of college, verbally and sexually.
The saddening thing was, Austin was smart. He never left marks or any indication that WAS abuse. So she couldn't just place that heavy of an allegation on the football team's star quarterback.
Abigail spiraled into depression as she slowly became Austin's little slave, thus reaching out to Dire's old mercenary group.

Dire ordered some plane tickets and directed himself to the door, until the demon swept in front of him.
It's time you fed your de-
Is all the thing could get out before Malik jabbed out his hand, and snapped thing's neck.
"Seems as if I've already fed my demons... They might be a little full."

That brings us to present time.
Malik Faulkner sits in a coffee shop near the college his target is hiding in.
He is wearing aviators, a blue and black indian print t-shirt, grey joggers and some grey vans.
He is drinking a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake at a table near the corner of the shop, so he can have a good view of everyone.

The Demonic Dire:

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INV ONLY Re: When Dire Met Skylar [Oct. DBBL XP]

Post by Chellizard on October 23rd 2016, 12:29 am

Back in her home city of Atlanta, Georgia, Skyler found herself a bit nervous, but also excited. Nervous only because today was going to be her first lecture as an alumni attendant at the University of Atlanta Georgia.

The college was famed for their wide range of well educated graduates. Doctors, much like herself, as well as Professors, Lawyers, Business men and women, and of course any other profession in between that could be thought of.

The school was a high end, high class type of institution. It had a great lawn, and a wide scale grasp for the actual school building. The old masonry tiled school reached up to a towering four stories at it's highest point, and a singular story for the lower points.

It was massive, and impressive.

And today Skyler Snowden would be doing a lecture in the auditorium for all of the medical students who chose to be surgeons as their major field of study.

She was dressed in a black dress with a moderately cut neck line, accenting her attire was a necklace and earrings to match. Simple silver and diamond accents. Her pixie cut hair made her look sophisticated, despite the shaved sides. Covering her right eye was a white eye patch, seeing as it matched the white lab coat she wore over her dress.

Long legs would stretch in front of her as she walked down the sidewalk, nearing the college coffee shop. She couldn't pass up on a hot tea to start her day. She was only in town for a short while, after all.

Skyler opened the doors, eyes and heads turning to her as she came in, one hand grasping a briefcase housing her laptop, the other having pushed the doors open. Stiletto styled shoes would click against the tiles as she crossed the shop, ordered her double espresso macchiato, and then turned, heading off toward the main building.

She paid no mind to anyone around of her, but she was sure to leave an impression. Her ID badge was pinned to the lapel of her lab coat, an updated photo of her on it along with her name:



She approached the stage, a younger girl, only a sophomore in her under studies, coming to intercept her.

"Hello, Dr. Snowden! You almost forgot your mic," she would say, a bit timid as she reached out to offer the wireless microphone to Skyler.

Skyler would smile and take the mic, her silver eye falling to look over the girl.

"Ah, thank you Miss..?" Skyler would ask, shifting her briefcase a bit to hold the mic a bit less awkwardly.

"Abby-- I mean, Abigail. Abigail Kenrich," she would say, moving to brush her hair out of her face and stand up a little taller.

"Miss Kenrich - I can't help but notice --" Skyler's very observant view of the girl couldn't help but see minor bruising around of her collar bone, neck, and the wrist of the hand that had passed the mic. However, Skyler was interrupted by a boy calling out for Abigail to come sit down.

The boy was tall, muscular, and he looked to be a bit of a meat head. Skyler blinked a bit, and smiled again to Abigail, nodding as if to dismiss her. The girl would turn and scurry off, sitting down without even looking at the boy that had called for her.

Skyler would finally take the short few steps up to the stage and walk across it, heads turning to look to her. She had accumulated a full house - so full that people were sitting in the aisle, smaller girls shared seats, and people stood near the back and in the door ways. She felt incredibly good at this moment.

"Wow, full house. I was wondering why my lecture was in the auditorium and not just the lecture hall... Now, where to begin?"

Taking a breath in, she pulled the mic to her lips and began her speech, her eyes moving over the crowd like a hawk - but always pulling back to Abigail. The girl had drawn an interest from Skyler. There was no way Dr. Karma was going to let Miss Kenrich out of her sights.

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INV ONLY Re: When Dire Met Skylar [Oct. DBBL XP]

Post by TheDastardlyDire on October 23rd 2016, 9:00 am

As Malik finished his drink, he noticed an eyepatched woman order something hurredly and leave.
He almost dismissed it as a student hurrying to class, but then he noticed her I.D badge.
His mind began churning with ideas.
He started mumbling, "Doctor? Lecture? Goose!"
He stood and casually followed Doctor Skylar Snowden to her [now their] destination.


When he made it to the auditorium, he peeled away from Skylar and began scanning the crowd for Abigail Kenrich, he wanted to be sure she was still wanting to do this.
He almost gave up on looking until he saw her up on the stage.
He saw her sit down with...
Holy shit that's my target...
He sat down next to Abigail and endured the lecture, he found he already knew all of this. Due to a lot of gutting people.
Malik had paid a guy to announce the football team needed to stay, so he was ready to take center stage.
He leaned over and whispered to Abigail, "You still wanna do this?"

Abigail did nothing but nod slightly.
That was all The Demonic Dire needed.

After the presentation was over, the man told the football team to stay.
Thus leaving Austin Warren, Dorique Phillips [the star running back], Abigail Kenrich, and possibly Skylar.
He stepped onto the stage and smiled.
"Hey guys! I bet you wonder why I've got you here! Simple! I'm gonna play a game with you. But first, I need Austin Warren..."
He pointed at him and waited for him to take center stage.
"Tell the audience what you've done!"

Austin grinned and said, "786 Passing yards, 14 touchdown passes, and 1 interception."

Malik held a grim face and said, "Numbers are all fine and good! But what about poor Abigail? How do you think she feels about being abused NIGHTLY?"

Austin swung around to punch him, Malik caught his arm and twisted it. "AGH!!! Who are you?"

He pressed deploy on his watch so his supersuit would appear on him. He let his now red irises glow and said, "I am hatred, anger, trouble, and insanity. All incarnated into one being. You tempted a devil, now it's time to pay the price... So!"
He pulled out his golden butterfly knife.
"If you do not want this to happen, speak now!"
He shouted to all who would listen.
Abigail did nothing but smile.

The Demonic Dire:

Status :

Quote : "CSSH. I'm not unstable, just obnoxious, over."

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Job : World-Class Mercenary
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