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Tricks n Treats (Jeannie Rose) Double XP

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DBL XP Re: Tricks n Treats (Jeannie Rose) Double XP

Post by superguy1 on October 23rd 2016, 12:33 am

"I, uh, think so?" Leeroy replied, slightly confused. He didn't understand what had just happened. The remains of the dragon began to shake and stir, before coming together to form something human-like. The being rose to it's feet and stared at them. "Oh god.." Leeroy began, not wanting another fight. The being raised a hand, as if to tell him to relax, it's chest heaving up and down. It was laughing, silently. It ushered towards the car, and the remains of the monsters rolled over to him, turned back into monsters, and stood by him.

The being blinked out of existence, then reappeared, right in front of Leeroy, and the woman. It held out it's hand offering something. Candy. A fun size Snicker to Leeroy, and a Twix to the woman. Leeroy accepted, not wanting to offend the creature, who then patted him on the shoulder, and flew off, with it's monsters following. "What. The. Fuck." Leeroy said, staring after the beings. None of this made any sense. He shrugged though, hopped on the back of his creature, and rode it away. "I'm Lee..Scumbag!" he shouted back at the woman. "No idea what any of this was but...Halloween huh? Happy Halloween, and thanks for the help!" he shouted back, before he and his creature disappeared into the forest. That was quite enough Halloween for tonight.


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DBL XP Re: Tricks n Treats (Jeannie Rose) Double XP

Post by Jeannie Rose on October 23rd 2016, 2:48 am

yay I was starving,battling movie slasher ,nearly getting blown up ,chased by a dinosaur and fighting a dragon can really make a girl hungry,thank you she takes the candy bar from the ghost thing?

munching on her Candybar Jeannie listens to the man as they watch the ghost and monsters fly off.huh lee interesting that's two lees I know now. scumbag that an interesting name.i'm Jeannie. yeah, what a Halloween. I wonder think it just wanted us to have a good Halloween? like the monsters where the trick we had to get past to get the treats.maybe it's like a Halloween spirit,huh maybe that's the great pumpkin,Charley brown never showed what it was exactly.

wonder if will see it again sometimes that was fun maybe it'll be back next year. yeah, no problem helpings what I do. have a happy rest of Halloween. bye bye
she waves goodbye watching the man and his creature take off. then picks up her gun bag and heads back the hotel and can get back to her Halloween candy. she finds some cartoons to watch and eats her candy. what a fun Halloween.
Jeannie Rose
Jeannie Rose

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DBL XP Re: Tricks n Treats (Jeannie Rose) Double XP

Post by Chellizard on October 31st 2016, 1:20 pm

Approved experience gain.

10 XP awarded to Jeannie Rose.

10 XP awarded to superguy1.

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