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Mabel bo babel

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Mabel bo babel Empty Mabel bo babel

Post by The Swolefather October 18th 2016, 10:15 pm


"Getcha fresh, dank memes here"

The Bio

Real Name: Mabel Nora Foss
Renegade Name:  Volpe
Title:  The Vixen
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Pureblood Lycan(Werefox)
Hair: Red and silver ombre
Eyes: Neon Blue
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115
Build: Athletic

The Looks

Mabel can be generally found wearing a baggy hoodie or band t-shirt paired with leggings, yoga pants or well, any type of comfortable bottoms, and running shoes. She has also been known to rock beanies or baseball caps.

In her Lycan form, Mabel looks similar to a common red fox, though much larger( 4'6" at the shoulders and 5'9" long body and a 4'8" long tail, weighing in at 100 pounds) Her neon blue eyes are still visible in this form, and the lower canine teeth protrude from her lips.

The Personality

Mabel is the definition of a little shit. She's pure sarcasm, filled to the brim with piss and vinegar. She's more vulgar than a sailor and doesn't care about anyone's feelings when it comes to what she says. All of that aside, she is a memelord, true and through. She will pull out her dick for harambe, she will huehue her way through life; and most importantly, everything is in dire need of a pun. Pair that with a hatred of being called cute, and a short, fiery temper, you are given Mabel, the ticking time bomb of memery.
The Story

Mabel was born in a remote town in Northern Ireland to two lycan parents. Her father being a fox-lycan and her mother being a bear-lycan, she took after her father the most. She was always a small child and found the winters harsh in Ireland. At a young age her mother taught her to control her lycan powers, keeping her from giving into the beast, and introducing her to the magical arts. After a few years of what we'll call home schooling, she was sent into a town further north, to learn magic at a legitimate school. It was there she found her affinity for destructive magic. The teachers constantly reported on how she was prone to blowing things up, setting them on fire, or accidentally destorying her own clothes. She finally graduated from the school, after being held back twice due to life threatening accidents the school deemed unacceptable, she found herself moving to the United States to further study magic. She found a hidden coven within Harvard, which taught more creative uses of spells. She spent years sneaking onto campus because, to be fair, she wasn't smart enough to get in on her own merit, and learning to use her magic unconventionally, be it launching herself into the air with explosions or propelling herself forward with fire. This was around the time she discovered the internet for what it truly is as well; a goldmine of memes. She became obsessed, pulling her dick out for harambe, trololol'ing, flipping tables and speaking in gamer talk all too often. It wasn't long until she was banned from the coven, sadly. Once again, she was deemed to destructive, and found herself under the wing of an oddly dressed woman named Quinn.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1: Explosion Magic:
Mabel fell in love with the arcane arts, and spent years finding which one she loved the most, which ended up being an offshoot of fire magic. With her style of magic, she creates explosions from concentrated magical energy. Ranging from firecracker sized pops to bomb like destruction.

2: Immunity to her own magic
Mabel will not take any damage from her own spells, not including her clothing. But, she is affected by the kinetic energy of said spells, allowing her to launch herself long distances, or in some cases, accidentally send herself flying back a few feet.

3: Lycanthropy
Mabel was born to two parents afflicted with Lycanthropy, in which she took after her father, adopting the werefox genes. With this, she can turn into well, a werefox. This grants her increased speed(upwards of 40 mph) and peak human strength, as well as increased senses of smell and hearing. Outside of here lycan form, she is still granted the increased senses, and due to her tail, she has superior balance. She can enter her lycan form as she pleases, being a fullblood lycan.

4: Fire Magic
Mabel can call forth magical fire and can will it to do as she wishes. Ranging from wave like bursts to jet like flames used to fly short distances.

The Weaknesses

1: Chanting magic
In order for Mabel's magic to work, she must put energy into it through words. They can't be nonsensical, to an extent. They must pertain to what she wants the spell to do, the more words, the bigger the boom. This can range from simply saying "Bang" for small firecracker like bursts, or whole speeches for city-leveling type explosions.

2: Concrete
Concrete and stone are immune to her magic, no matter how big the blast, things like streets or brick buildings will not be affected. So while a blast may incinerate cars, demolish light poles and break windows, the street will be unscathed minus some ash.

3: Concentration while shifting
When Mabel begins to turn into her lycan form, it takes concentration. A break in this concentration will cause her to lose control of her Lycan self.

4: Short temper
Call her cute, call her little, or overall just annoy her, she will snap and proceed to lose her temper. This causes her spells to go a bit out of control and also might make her lose control while in her lycan form.

5: Pre-existing fire will not listen to Mabel's fire magic. The fire she summons forth is infused with her own magical energy, while normal fire is not.
The Items

Gauntlet Foci
These gauntless are inscribed with runes on the palms and the back of the hand in order to boost her magical output and make them immune to her destructive powers. Other than that, they aren't truly magical, and can be damaged easily. If the runes are scratched off too much, they will lose their focus qualities.
The Minions

Mabel has a pet Armadillo named Garfunkle that has a rune drawn on his tumtum to protect him from her destructive magic.
The Fluff

Mabel has an unhealthy obsession with both coffee and avocados, giving her either one would make you her best friend.

Mabel is immune to the damage of her magic, allowing her to not be scorched to the bone by her fire magic or turned into jelly from the explosions, but the kinetic energy will still send her flying much like a force jump from star wars.
[On a side note, i'm replacing Revenant with Mabel. I honestly have no want to touch that character, which sucks because someone had to go and approve him and such. But Mabel is a character I know I'll get much more enjoyment out of.]

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Mabel bo babel Empty Re: Mabel bo babel

Post by Chellizard October 18th 2016, 11:25 pm

Application Checklist

1. Does this application's Bio have the adequate information? Yes

2. Does this application's Look section have at least one photo, or six sentences detailing their character? Yes

3. Does this application have adequate personality information listed? Yes

4. Does this application have a detailed history with plot oriented information? Yes

5. Does this application properly use the priority list? Yes

6. Does this application have the proper 1:1 ratio for Powers:Weaknesses? Yes
Comment: So long as you're not literally blowing up buildings in every thread, we're fine.

7. Do the items on this application have adequate weaknesses? Yes

8. Does the Minion on this application have the proper 1:2 Powers:Weaknesses? Yes
Comment: Armadillos are cute. Lil tumtum... Lol.

9. Do the RP Mechanics actually qualify as a role play mechanic? Yes

10. Is there an RP sample? Not Applicable.

Other: Be sure to link Revenant for me to retire or trash him - other than that?

Approved and Moved.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Mabel bo babel Empty Re: Mabel bo babel

Post by CainVulsore September 19th 2017, 4:39 pm

Trashed Upon Request

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