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October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Pixel
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October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG

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October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Empty October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG

Post by Chellizard on October 14th 2016, 2:52 am

Hi there ladies and gentlemen!

As you all know, Superhero RPG is in the most boring time of the year...

But it shouldn't be!

It's OCTOBER! And that means DOUBLE XP!

It's coming sooner than you guys think, so be on the look out for the announcement topic so you guys know when you can start and end threads! :]


But on to other things!!

Superhero RPG has implemented a WARNING system. Yes, that's right. We also have a REPORT system now as well.

Both of these go hand in hand.

The warning bars are simple.

October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Progress_bar__cyan_100__complete_by_theacryliccat-d869qhr 0 Warnings

October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Progress_bar__cyan_75__complete_by_theacryliccat-d869qhc 1 Warning

October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Progress_bar__cyan_50__complete_by_theacryliccat-d869qgm 2 Warnings

October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Progress_bar__cyan_25__complete_by_theacryliccat-d869mnz 3 Warnings

October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG Banned_by_chellizarddraws-dal1enn Banned

A warning is given when you break the rules on the site. If you reach three warnings, that means your next one gets you banned. However, you can prove yourself by appealing to a moderator or administrator via PM to express why you think you should have one of your warnings removed. This appeal process can take up to 2 weeks, and 72 hours before a moderator looks at the initial appeal.

There are also other ways you can remove your warnings.

A simple way is to buy it off with Experience Points. That's right, you heard me. You can buy off your bad behavior with XP. But it's not cheap. It costs 500 XP to buy off a warning point.

Then, there's the obvious fact, warning points will expire after five months of receiving the warning point.

If you get banned from chat/discord, that gives you a warning point.

As you know, the chatbox rules/discord rules are simple: Don't be a douche. It runs on 3 strikes. If you get a third strike, you get kicked. If you get kicked three times from the chat/discord, you get banned. The first ban is a 24 hour ban. Second ban is a week. Third is permanent. And this is only from chat.

Each time you are banned, that's a warning.

If you get banned from the site, well, you're banned son.

That means you gotta appeal via the CONTACT button at the bottom, and that could take even longer.

You can also send an email to ( ) and I'll get back to you when I'm able.



I'm going to set up new character templates - however, all of the information will be the same... so unless you REALLY wanna swap to them, it doesn't matter.

I'll be setting up a Hero, Villain, and Renegade based character template, and I no longer require you guys to use the base code provided. As long as you have the proper information, it doesn't matter.

Character apps will now undergo more scrutiny upon judgement by a staff member. We now have a checklist that we will go through and we will also require RP Samples from new members from here on out. Users will also be required to include exactly how they obtained their powers, items, or minions in their history or descriptions of the items on their applications. No more of this "it just happened" or "it just popped into their life" cop-outs.


Banned Powers? NO MORE!

ALL of the banned powers are now considered "Restricted" instead.

Some Weaknesses are going to be added as restricted as well. These are going to be, and are not limited to: Mental/Spiritual weaknesses such as "Distraction," "Rage," or "Loved One"

I'll be ranking each power in the banned/restricted list from Severely Restricted, to Mildly Restricted

If the power is not on the list, it's obviously not restricted.

Restricted powers that are going to be added: Strength, Regeneration, and Super Intelligence

Grandfathered RPers (6 months or older ) do have the luxury of being granted their apps to stay as is, but new applications will undergo these new implications.

If you feel this is unfair, make an appeal to a moderator or administrator in the Complaint section of the board by filling out this form:

Title it with the date, and if it's a "Restricted Power Appeal" or "Restricted Weakness Appeal"

[b]Reason for Appeal (In one sentence or less):[/b]
[b]Your thoughts (Detailed):[/b]
[b]Resolution (How do you think this should be handled?):[/b]


I think that's it.

I'll add more in another post if I can think of anything else.


Be sure to look for that Double XP announcement!

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October 2016 News, double XP teaser and changes to Superhero RPG JiLqjv0
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