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Elis Saal

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Elis Saal Empty Elis Saal

Post by PrincessPunch October 9th 2016, 10:55 pm

Elis Saal
Take the universe and grind it down to the finest powder and sieve it through the finest sieve and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy

Basic Biography

Real Name: Elis Saal
Renegade Name: Ignis
Title: Philosophical Judo Master [self-given, she doesn't know Judo]
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black [White when in disguise]
Eyes: blue [White when in disguise]
Height: 6'1
Weight: 182 lb
Blood type: Not Classified

The Looks

Elis has two resoundingly different appearances, one for when she is out and about in her normal guise, and one when she is patrolling the city as a Hero! Of sorts, at least. More like, a person that generally stops people being dicks with other people, more than a hero.

When normally active, Elis has short black hair, and wears a subtle, unobtrusive latex suit, covering her from neck to toe, and with only her head exposed, under whatever clothes she decides to wear for the day, so it is only generally her hands and occasionally her neck that is obviously latexed, and even then it's skin coloured. She wears a pair of glasses, totally fake but for the show. Through these, her blue eyes can be seen, and her face has a soft, perfect look to it, as if she spends several hours a day in front of a mirror applying moisturiser and makeup for the perfect complexion. She has ample breasts, and a lithe frame, something that would make her generally attractive for a few people, until they found the reason for why she wore the suit, at least, the reason she claimed.

In her hero form, Elis changes so much she is barely recognizable. Ditching the latex for a deep red halterneck corset, a very short pair of pants, and some incredibly vibrant pair of red ballet heels, she shows off a great deal of her flawless skin, and flants a firey pattern on everything she wears. This, along with her name, clues everyone in to her powers immidiately, and so they can work to counter her, and take advantage of the fact that she is so obviously putting her powerset on show. Another large  chnage is the colour of her hair and eyes, taking a very sharp nose-dive to a pure white, and removing the need for any sort of mask. Her hair also stands on end, spiky as if gelled into a mohawk. She wears a flashy pair of gauntlets that look very high-tech and are clearly the source of her power.

The Legacy


Split in two between her civilian persona, and her heroic persona, Elis is quite an interesting girl to get to know, in whole or in part.

Her civilian persona is a reclusive one, that gets embarrased when anyone brings up the latex suit she wears, and generally tries to avoid talking about it. She can cave to pressure pretty quickly, unless it is something about her suit, and will let herself be dragged about, or talked down to by most people simply because it is easier for her. She is generally roped into going clubbing, taking drugs, and other acts that are unpleasant and, or, degrading simply because she is a girl that finds herself subdued and dispassionate, with the sole exception of her suit. Always paying for everything, she makes it clear that she has a solid income, by always being able to pay for everything, and never once being broke or out of money. Though there are some things she draws the line at, it is rare to see her do so.

Ignis, her superpowered alter ego, is an entirely different kettle of fish. A clear exhibitionist, she loves crowds, showing off her body, and being the center of attention. Ignis takes command of most situations when she arrives, and if not then she makes herself a very flashy number two. Ignis and Elis have a strange moral code. She believes that justice, mercy, and other ideals are mere concepts of a human mind and thus unworthy to live one's life by. She may stop a robber holding up a bank teller, only to rob the very same bank using her electrical powers to interface with the ATM machine. While she personally believes that she has no right to take a person's life, there is little more she will not do on a whim. Not out of any malice or heroism, but because she wants to do it.


Ignis, born Eliane Saal, was not one who looked to the horizon for anything. Life, was just life. She had a distinct inability to work, socially, so had few friends, and didn't get along with her parents because she didn't really know how to get along with them, and they simply brushed her off as being weird when she was nine, so she decided that humans were not worth the effort. But, what she did have, was an abundance of drive and talent in online forums, spinning out many different guises to fill the days, weeks and months of apathy between school.

However, one day, she blew up her room's light-bulb by touching the switch. It made her jump, but she passed it off as a dicky fuse, a theory that was then proven false when she blew up her computer as well by touching that. Through secret trial and error, hidden at the bottom of her room away from anything electrical and with several metal objects, she found her that her everything were electrical. And, that she couldn't be shocked either - which she discovered by sticking her tongue on a piece of metal she was touching - which led to an awkward question. How the hell was she going to tell her parents that she had suddenly become some sort of, lightning girl? And if she couldn't turn it off, how was she going to do anything in this world of increasing electrical reliance. In five minutes she had a whole list of things that would be destroyed by her touching them. So, instead, she ran to the bathroom and pulled on the rubber gloves used for cleaning. That sorted her hands, but there was the rest of her that was a problem, so she stole out of the house, and went to a certain, shop, she knew. There she bought herself a catsuit in a skin-colour, and spent the next hour fighting to get it on before finally succeeding and returning home. Her parents didn't really care, she was always wierd, and her school didn't care either, not being paid to deal with her strange.

So, over the next few years, she went everywhere in it, but also avoided people to reduce the risk of accidents, while working on a book in her spare time over a new computer she got. It was quite ironic, being about a girl who had suddenly gained powers she had no idea what to do with, but she changed details up enough that nobody knew it was her she was referring to. However, just after she managed to get it published, Bad Things happened in her home and then school and then society in general, and she had to leave her town for somewhere else. Somewhere far away from her town. So, she ran to the city she is currently residing it. Having some terrible luck, she managed to get herself in a situation where she was about to be mugged, only to be saved by some caped crusader. Without really thinking, she spilled the beans on the whole electrical powers thing, and luckily, the man was kind enough to help her out with getting in under control.

While, through extensive testing and training, it became clear her touch-to-shock would never go away, she did manage to throw a few lightning bolts, which was always cool. Drunk on the power of lightning, she created her own costume and took to the streets. But, she was kind of bad at creating costumes, so it looked, less noble hero, more something out of a late night Japanese Hentai. Even so, it was pretty liberating, for her, giving her a new and rather nutty impression of herself, making her much more, socially alive than she ever felt was possible. So she became much more of a Deva than she ever thought was possible, through several iterations of her costume, and even some new powers. However, the feeling all but went when she got back to her civilian gear. It was like the costume was the source of it all, or at least the Catsuit that protected her from electrocuting people seemed to have an effect on her mentality as well as her powers. It made her even more socially repressed than usual, her persona unable to muster any sort of resistance to the requests, and demands of people around her. Deciding she needed an excuse to keep the suit on at all times, she came up with a story about how she had a bad skin deformity, which she was incredibly embarrassed about. The catsuit that she wore was specially designed so that in emergencies she could extrude some small degree of electricity, but for the most part she really didn't want to be wearing it if she needed anything powerful.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Electrokinesis: Ignis naturally generates a much higher Electromagnetic Field than most humans, and can use this to her advantage, making the super powers from her own body.  Ignis' main power is, despite the fire natured name and motiff, electrokinesis. Throwing lightning bolts around, and uterlizing it to have an electromagnetic powerset. Originally used so she could actually wear the hellish Ballet Boots without tripping, she has since become accustomed to them, and now can uterlize it for lifting metal objects, and launching them and hypersonic velocity. This bio-electricity renders her immune to practically everything electrical based, and she also has the ability to absorb electrical energy to refuel herself, and to sustain her body, however this is highly inefficent and doesn't really do much more than take the edge off unless she dangles of Power Lines for a few minutes.

Power 2: Super-Physiology: An offshoot of her Electrokinesis, Elis can supercharge her body's electrical impulse, and react with incredible speed, as well gain a small measure of super strength and speed by causing controlled muscular spasms with her electricity. Generally she is on the lower end of transhuman, but with enough power - her body is immune to being fried regardless of how much juice she courses through her body - she can be marvelous. An additional trick is the immunity to pain - though this causes problems of it’s own due to losing the tactile senses that come with it - and being knocked out, as her brain’s electrical impulses are subcontracted to her body’s power.

Power 3: Regeneration: Another offshoot of her Electrokinesis, this elevates her natural healing process to be several hundred times faster than the average human's recovery. Losing limbs can take her several weeks to recover as she needs to recreate that from scratch, something not biologically possible and so requiring a lot more energy than normal.

Power 4: Electromagntic discharge: An offshoot of her electromagnetic powers, which is in turn an offshoot of her Electrokinesis, Elis can compress electromangetic energy into a ball, and then release it as an electromagnetic pulse, disabling and distorting any electrical output in the surrounding area, up to four hundred meters in a spherical diameter, depending on how much energy Elis puts into it. Her own body reabsorbs the electromagnetic wavelength, making her immune to the distorting effects, but without buggering with it's buggering powers at all.

Power 5: Electrical Sense: Yet another offshoot of her Electrokinesis, this allows Elis to be able to sense and pinpoint the location of any electrical output in the area, based off the level of power. The average human can be sensed from twenty feet away, but can accurately locate a Lightning Bolt from up to a mile away. The insulation of a target dramatically reduces the level in which she can sense the output, which is a blessing, because that way she doesn't have to be constantly inundated with every power station in the world.

Power 6: Mind-Powers!: The final offshoot of Elis' electrokinetic powers. This allows the girl to interface withthe electrical energy from a person's brain, including her own. While she can manipulate her own brain to modify things - forgetting or remembering things on a dime, and counteracting mind control and illusions - she has much lesser control over the hypercomplex electrical web of another person’s brain. As such she can only drain energy from their brain to learn their memories. The limits of this are that she has to be touching them, the focus required drowns out the rest of the world, and if they can not remember a memory due to brain damage or amnesia, Elis can not drain it. (This power is OOC Consent Only, except on NPCs)


Weakness 1 - Rubber: Like all electrical energies, Elis' powers do not work through insulative matierals. While a sufficently powerful Lightning Bolt may have the thermal energy to melt through the insulation, given time, the actual electrical energy can not get through, and if she is the one that is insulated, then she can not manifest lightning to begin with, rendering most of her powers inert. Though a work of several hours she can channel a thread of energy into the rubber and slowly change it to a conductive material, but this is exhausting and very time consuming, two things that do not do well with most situations where she has been forced into such a situation.

Weakness 2 - Rules Of Nature!: (Cue epic music). Elis’ lightning is totally natural, and thus must follow the rules of nature. If she is wet, it will be hard to aim - though she can spend energy to purify the water and then it will be fine - and faraday cages, lightning spires and other highly attractive metals will draw her electricity away from the intended target and to them.

Weakness 3 - Direct Current: Elis’ powers are diverse and powerful, but unfortunately direct current. As such, she can only use one of them at any given time. If she is supercharging her body, she can not throw lightning bolts or use electromagnetic powers.

Weakness 4 - Perpetually active powers: Elis can not turn off any of her powers, at any time. This causes her to need a latex suit to keep her identity a secret and not be a true haovc, otherwise she will electrocute anyone and anything she touches. Additionally with her regenerative powers being automatic, she has to focus on not regenerating damage while in her superhero guise, which can be really difficult if the damage is considerable.

Weakness 5 - Weak physical body: Excluding supercharging with her electrical powers. Elis' physical body is not exactly fit, in any way, nor can it really ever be. Her moderate level of strength comes from the regeneration powers healing her muscles as soon as they are damaged, and the focus required to stop that is beyond Elis’ full control. So a workout routine only gives a quarter of what it should.

Weakness 6 - Persona-shit: When wearing her latex suit, Elis' persona in dispassionate, resulting from the sudden feeling of power that her electrokinetic powers give her, the loss of them tilts her mentality further in the opposite direction. Were she to be forced into rubbery confinement while active as a Superheroine, she would temporarily be concussed at the neurological whiplash.

Weakness 7 - Electron–positron annihilation: Given Elis' powers basing them entirely on electrons and the manipulation of, they are suseptable to Electron–positron annihilation, which renders all her activities inert. The second issue of this is the production of Gamma Radiation, which can cause horrible cancer at sufficent levels. While Elis' regeneration can eventually cure it, it is a very horrible chemotherapy-style healing.

Essentially, Electrical Users of sufficient skill can negate any of her powers temporarily, making her pretty useless against them.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
Agility: 2
Endurance: 3
Reaction: 4
Strength: 1

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Elis Saal Empty Re: Elis Saal

Post by Chellizard October 10th 2016, 10:12 pm

Mind-drain is permission based.

Everything else is gucci.

Approved and moved.

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Elis Saal Empty Re: Elis Saal

Post by Zonkes October 16th 2019, 5:17 pm

Seems fine.

Approved and moved.

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