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Ambra Nellecra (WIP)

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Ambra Nellecra (WIP) Empty Ambra Nellecra (WIP)

Post by 4mb13nt_N01s3 September 30th 2016, 1:44 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Amber Nells
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Ambra Nellecra
Title: The Puppeteer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: White with orange red tint
Eyes: Grey/Hazed over (Blind)
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the profile, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.

The Legacy

Ambra is broken beyond any psychiatrist’s help and beyond salvaging of any kind. Her mind has been warped by the tragedy of losing her mother and brother and from the torment from her two demons Seraphris and Seraphett. Ambra so often distracted by an inner dialogue of the twin demons and herself, that many of the things she says out loud is just one third of a conversation in her head. She can snap at any moment from calm to outraged, disturbed, or grieved. She often takes out her puppets from her backpack to “talk for her” whenever she gets bored of talking by herself. As well as being absolutely psychotic and a megalomaniac, Ambra has a perverted mind from Seraphris and self destructive mind from Seraphett. Seraphett causes Ambra to constantly rush into battle with little caution at all no matter the level of danger. If she isn’t faced with danger, Seraphris typically drives her mind towards her lewd side. When Seraphris and Seraphett leave Ambra alone for a bit she becomes less spastic, more concerned for others, and her megalomaniac, destructive, and perverted sides tone down a great amount.

Amber grew up on the west side of The United States in Oregon. She had always been an artistic type of person. Her strong suites tended to be on the creative side and lacked interest in concepts that were straightforward and not open ended. Her parents encouraged her passion for the arts and helped her in any way that benefited her aspirations. She was also very close to her older brother who collaborated on projects with her for school. As Amber got older and moved on to middle school she was introduced to the art of puppetry by her sixth grade art teacher. She was fascinated by the uncanny look of some puppets. Their eerie qualities combined with the creation of story inspired her to create her own collection of character to create stories with. Amber and her brother worked on this for some time, putting on shows for art galleries  and such. Her brother liked creating things, but he gained happiness more from seeing his sister do what she enjoyed no matter how “different” it was.
When Amber was 15 she heard a voice from within for the first time. It was while her Father was driving her and her brother home from school. The voice spoke as two voices mended together. “Ambra.... We love you more than them…” Amber’s mind blanked out.
When she woke up she was being carried out of the car. It was now smashed into two others. One was flipped over, the other was on fire and currently trying to be put out with a fire extinguisher. She looked up over her chest to see her car with her mother lying on the hood of the car not moving the slightest bit. Glass covered her hair and shoulders. Amber’s brother seemed to be also not moving. Paramedics removed him from the car swiftly and carried him into an ambulance. Amber was brought onto a stretcher, secured and also brought into another ambulance. Then all her senses finally came back to her. There now was only pain. A pain in her left leg was the only focus. She looked up over her chest again as the ambulance bumped around traveling on the freeway. Her left leg was torn open to the bone. The bone was broken and so the half of her leg bent left further than it was supposed to. Amber laid her head back down with her eyes wide breathing heavily. She was about to scream from the realization and the pain when she hear the doubled voice again. “We can help you child… We can make you walk again. Trust us Ambra…” The pain was muffled by their voices. They gave her an abnormal warm comfort. She drifted asleep.
She was in a hospital bed for three days. On the third day her leg was completely healed. She was declared to be a miracle. Healed by God many said. Doctors were stumped with disbelief. They took a sample of her DNA to see if anything was abnormal but couldn’t find anything strange about it. With this news of her quick recovery spreading rapidly she was noticed by everyone including her future captors. Amber immediately went to go see her brother in the same hospital to check and see if he was recovering. He hadn’t regained consciousness yet. Amber entered the room and saw him sleeping in his bed not stirred by a single thing. She spoke to him reassuring him “Its going to be alright… You’re… you’re going to make it…” She stuttered in her words feeling tears run down her cheek. The voice spoke again… “He heard you Ambra… You’re a LIAR…” Her brother’s heart rate monitor beeped faster and faster… Amber stood up. She ran to go get the attention of a nurse but no one was in sight. Her brother convulsed on his bed and the abruptly stopped flatlining. Amber sank down to the floor and sobbed uncontrollably… “YOU!!! WHY ARE… YOU DOING THIS TO ME?” “You need us Ambra… Stay strong…” the voices replied. “THAT'S NOT MY NAME!!!”
A year passed after Amber’s mother and brother’s death. Amber’s mind was broken by her loss. She made puppets of her brother and mother. She recreated memories of them using the puppets. The voices talked to her every day now. They told her she was strong, encouraged her, and promised her power to overcome her loss. All she had to do was accept her name to be Ambra. Amber wanted this now more than anything, to forget the past. Her mind was constantly haunted by visions of the car crash, her mangled leg, and her convulsing brother.
She decided when she was 15 to be called Ambra and denounce her old name. Days passed by and the voices spoke to her more often but the memories didn’t go away. Eventually she told her father that she was troubled by voices she thought were demons. Her father said that he would get a psychiatrist to see her but Ambra was insistent on seeing a priest. Ambra went down to her neighborhood church to see the priest to see if he knew about exorcising demons. She talked with the priest and he told her his history with demons (which wasn’t very extensive). The voices spoke again to her. “We would like to finally meet you Ambra… you are ready for us…” Ambra blankly stood up to the sound of what seemed like an earthquake in the chapel's ceiling. A enormous hand broke through the chapel and grabbed the priest. Another hand came through and together the hands tore the screaming priest in two. “Hello Ambra… we finally meet…” The glowing shadow-like hands evaporated into purple dust that scattered and burned away. Then two dark imp-like figures appeared before Ambra one male, one female. The male said “Hello Ambra… I am Seraphett…” Then the female interrupted  “and I am seraphris… We are yours...” They both then entered her body though her eyes destroying both of them. Both of her eyes now were hollow, grey, and clouded.
Ambra fumbled around babbling nonsense about the priest and the shadow-imps that just appeared before her. She stumbled through blackness for her sight was gone. As she walked she heard whispers that guided her through the clearing between seats. She came back home to her father who sounded horrified by the sight of his daughter. She sat down on the couch after trying to find it for a minute to try to recollect her mind. It was hopeless. Her father was asking her too many questions all at once. He was bothering Ambra… The hands appeared again, smaller this time behind her father. They both grabbed his neck and choked him out till he fell to the floor. Ambra just sat on the couch. She started to giggle… She started to laugh… She started wailing… She was laughing so hard she was crying. Ambra stood up laughing. Seraphris and Seraphett laughed with her. Amber was gone forever.
For the next two years she lived on the streets watching the investigation of the priest and her father’s murder from afar. She talked regularly to Seraphris and Seraphett and discovered she had a new type of sight. Her new sight let her look not only at the world and people but also into people and see their memories. However she could no longer remember her past. The only thing she could draw from it were the puppets. She took a bunch of them with her in her backpack. They were her only possessions now… and her prized possessions. She was very careful to hid from the authorities but one day she was spotted walking at night from her hiding place to go get a spare set of clothes from her house. The police then approached her when she returned from her house to question her and take her into custody.
Ambra finally used the demons voluntarily for the first time to kill all the police that approached her that night. The next day SWAT came to take her down but she was unmatched. She used the arms of the demons to crush her foes smiling and laughing with joy at their destruction. The more she used her powers the stronger grip she was getting on the the two powerful hands. She defended herself until all of the team were dismembered or crushed in some way. Then she felt a sharp pain in her neck. Then another.
She looked up to see a silhouette of someone on the roof above her. Holding a tranquil gun. She fell down and blacked out...

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)


Power 1:
Puppeteer’s Conjuration: Can summon up to 2 Hands 2 Eyes and 2 Mouths at a time. Ambra can summon these different parts of her demons through dimensional portals to interact with the world around her. All of these portals can be suspended in space and hold the body part from where the portal was summoned. All of the body parts can be summoned at different sizes, and can be summoned at different distances.

Distances : Mouths 1-10 ft, Hands 1-100 ft, Eyes  1-150 ft (All must be summoned in line of sight)

Sizes: Eyes 1-20x normal size, Mouths 1-30x normal size, Hands 1-50x normal size

Power 2:
Puppet’s Fused Conjuration: Ambra can morph her body by summoning extra hands, eyes, or hands on her body or can manipulate her current body to mimic that of her demons. She can maintain up to 3 main changes on her body. She can create them in 1-30 seconds but once she is done using them they take around 30 min to an hour to revert.

Power 3:
Blade Conjuration: Ambra can summon a demonic blade for 1-2 hours that can range from the size of a dagger to a blade 12 ft long. She can wield a blade that is up to 5 ft but any higher her demon arms would have to wield them.

Power 4:
Puppeteer’s Marionette: Ambra becomes her own puppet and merges her whole body with Seraphris and Seraphett. In this form she is nearly unstoppable. Her appearance changes dramatically and she gains complete control over all her powers which buffs their strength and lowers their limitations. Ambra also gains the power to enter their demonic realm safely and control up to 4 human sized puppets at a time. Ambra can only activate this form if she is at peak energy or is in severe danger where she has no choice but to risk this unstable form. Marionette form can only be maintained for 1 hour, rarely a bit more.


Power 1:
Regeneration: Ambra can heal herself with the help of Seraphris and Seraphett at accelerated rates. Minor cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries can take a few minutes or less to heal. Stabs, bullet wounds, burns, other medium wounds

Power 2:
Higher Agility and  Endurance: Ambra is extremely agile. Ambra can sprint at 29 mph for 15-20 min. She can also scale structures at a proficient rate. Ambra also has a fairly high pain tolerance. (Doesn’t require Seraphris/Seraphett)

Power 3:
Demon Sight: Though blinded by her demons once she took control of them, Ambra can nearly see the world just like everyone else. Ambra has a sense of her surroundings without using her eyes somewhat like an infrared camera and sonar combined together. Though Ambra doesn’t use her eyes she can perceive just as normal people. She can also into people’s pasts with her Demon sight based on how strong their will is. (Doesn’t require Seraphris/Seraphett)


Weakness 1:
Tangled Strings: Seraphris and Seraphett are separate entities and sometimes don't obey every single command Ambra gives. They both like to occasionally tease Ambra by not listening.

Weakness 2:
Cut Strings: Ambra can not operate any of her magic without her hands. (Can regenerate them)

Weakness 3:
Amateur Sword Swinger: Doesn't know how to properly wield a sword. No previous training in weaponry of any kind (for the most part).

Weakness 4:
Insanity: Ambra doesn't function mentally like a normal human being. She often forgets what is going on or gets distracted in her inner conversations and delusions.

Weakness 5:
Human Body: Ambra still has all the needs and limitations as any human would. (besides demon fused body parts and her high stamina

Weakness 6:
Children of Gaila: Seraphris and Seraphett don't take orders from anyone but Ambra and their mother Gaila. Gaila is an elite spirit that created Seraphris and Seraphett. The twin demons have been trying to escape Gaila’s influence since they were created. Any object or person blessed by Gaila will weaken Ambra and her demons if she comes into contact with them.

Weakness 7:
Toll of the Plays: Putting on Puppet performances can be exhausting. After Ambra uses her powers for several hours she will begin to grow weary unless she rests or consumes something. The more Ambra has conjured the faster she will tire.

Weakness 8:
Charisma of the Insane: Ambra isn't that terrifying to look at at first glance (besides her horribly ripped clothes), but if she were to try to communicate with any regular civilized human she would be probably ignored or feared.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 2
Endurance 1
Reaction 3
Strength 4

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