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The Circus is in Town! (Glint)

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INV ONLY The Circus is in Town! (Glint)

Post by The Nekromonga on Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:19 pm

A good old fashioned circus had set up outside city limits and people were excited, especially since other forms of entertainment have been getting pricey lately. It drew in the crowds, who were looking forward to the games and the unhealthy food... and the shows.

"I want 4 corn dogs! 6 burgers! 2 cheese pizzas! 3 jumbo sodas! a couple of burritos! cotton candy! 5 ice cream cones!" A thin, wiry looking tween wearing a pointy wizard hat was excitedly ordering food at the food fair.

Skeptical of the bum looking girl, the cashier billed before calling witch girl's order. "That'll be 80 bucks kid."

"I don't have any money though..." She said, dejectedly turning her pockets inside out. And said pockets had holes in them.

"Then beat it kid. This ain't a charity..." He said, rather dismissively. A man had to make a living, but then again, seeing how thin the girl was, he handed her a bag of nuts. "Here, maybe this'll keep you full till somebody buys ya some food."

Dabbler left the stall with her small bag of nuts, looking at it with disdain. She looked around; it was night time now, and the dimly lit carnival was ripe for opportunity. She sneakily teleports under one table while the people were occupied with their phones, snatching a box with a burger in it, then teleporting away before they had any idea what had happened. Dabbler sits on a bench and triumphanty begins eating her ill-gotten gains...

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