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The Lost's Experience Thread

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The Lost's Experience Thread Empty The Lost's Experience Thread

Post by The Lost September 24th 2016, 11:09 am

Name: The Lost | Characters: ( 1 / 3 ) | Experience: ( 24 / 24 ) | Advancements: ( 0 / 8 )

Completed Threads | [12,192 Total Words / 24.384 Exp]

  • Operation: Immortal Hellbeast | [4770 Words] | The New Path's continued research and development into the occult finally bore results, but at a cost. An extra-dimensional being was successfully summoned from another dimension, but the portal between realities was left open and hostile forces from beyond the portal began an impromptu invasion. Thankfully, Viking Team of The NPPMF managed to hold the line until The Lost and an elite team of security contractors managed to both secure the extra-dimensional being and gain her support. She managed to frighten the incursion forces into closing the gate from their end. The Lost managed to gain this extra-dimensional being as an ally, and collect several interesting research material from the other dimension. The head researcher of the project was let go due to incompetence. He left peacefully, but probably harbors more than a few grievances. While Viking Team were able to hold the line, it was not without casualties.

  • Operation: Android Dreams | [5860] | The NPPMF had found one of its clients to be in violation of contract. Furthermore, it was discovered that the client had been unjustly imprisoning a unique individual for research purposes. The Lost decided to sever ties with the client, but not before taking just payment. After all, the incompetence of the client placed NPPMF security contractors at serious risk. The Lost waited until a local warlord launched an all out attack, to rescue the imprisoned individual and double cross the client. This had been long in the planning, and plenty of preparation work had been done ahead of time. With the unexpected help of The Immortal Hellbeast, The Lost manged successfully rescue the captured individual. All non-allied witnesses were killed and no evidence of The New Path's betrayal had been destroyed. Unfortunately, due to the sheer scale of the conflict, casualties were unavoidable. Many brave men and women of the NPPMF gave their lives to successfully complete this operation.

  • Jeannie Gets Lost | [1562] | The Lost hired Jeannie Rose to capture or kill Kalmosk Vomohvi, a wanted war criminal. She agreed to take the job.

Experience will be distributed as follows:
500 words equal 1 Experience Point (XP) for regular threads. 350 words equal 1XP for quests, and 250 words equal 1 XP for arcs.

  • First Advancement will cost 5 XP                    
  • Second Advancement will cost 10 XP                    
  • Third Advancement will cost 15 XP                    
  • Fourth Advancement will cost 20 XP    
  • Fifth Advancement will cost 25 XP  
  • Sixth Advancement will cost 30 XP  
  • Seventh Advancement will cost 35 XP  
  • Eighth Advancement will cost 40 XP

To those who go the way, he who has strayed shall be known as The Lost.

To he who has strayed, he has simply forged a New Path.

It is time to take The Next Step
The Lost
The Lost
Post Mate
Post Mate

Status :

Warnings : Banned
Number of posts : 148
Location : Lost.
Job : Mastermind.
Humor : Twisted.
Registration date : 2012-09-06

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