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The first rule of fight club is...(Rampart, Madeline, Prodigy)

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Re: The first rule of fight club is...(Rampart, Madeline, Prodigy)

Post by The Swolefather on February 9th 2017, 5:20 pm

Roan felt his body weight quickly shift downward as his vision was filled with the image of Madeline's knee. A loud crunch filled the air as his nose went sideways, blood splattering the ground. Rampart roared, as he began to stand back up, which felt a bit too easy. It wasn't until his feet had left the ground that he had noticed the predicament he was in. Everything momentarily slowed down as he focused his vision on her eyes, staring into them with as much hate as he could muster. His body began to go into motion, heading towards her horned head, he yelled once again, tucking his head in for a proper headbutt. The sound of their skulls colliding echoed through the silent city, repeating one after another, like gun shots. A warmth began to cover his face, as blood dripped from his skull. Roan's eyes opened, seeing his blood decorating her horns. Roan took a few more hits to the head before his vision began to blur around the edges. He could feel the tension in his limbs leaving him, as his body went limp.

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Re: The first rule of fight club is...(Rampart, Madeline, Prodigy)

Post by Champion on February 9th 2017, 5:35 pm

Delivering his own brand of heroism each night was something that Miguel relished in doing really. There were afterall plenty of people in the city that were causing plenty of trouble for the people , and  that was when he had to punch them in the face until their skulls split. Despite his lack of an overall heroic costume, Miguel much preferred just wearing normal clothing. This came down to a pair of black jeans, boots and a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off over a plain white shirt. Typically, he just ended up wandering until he found something that seemed vaguely illegal, though Miguel had thought about doing vigilantism right one of these days. That would have involved getting an information network and maybe cowing criminals into helping him rather than splattering their skulls over the pavement. Eventually he did come across something, that being the sound of something reverberating through the air like gunshots.

”Well shit, what’s that?” He muttered, taking off past a few people that looked to the sudden speeding metahuman with certain fear. It didn’t take long for him to discover the source of the racket, leaping onto the roof of a building, and overlooking the brawl between two metahumans. One of them looked like they were getting their asses handed to them, though the one handing out the ass whooping looked a little…demonic if the phrase fit. Making snap judgements was somewhat of a skill of his, so Miguel jumped down on the street with a resounding boom, rolling his neck with successive pops and cracking his knuckles. This involved saving the underdog, because that was what heroes did or so he believed anyway. Without warning he rushed forward, aiming to connect a punch at the demonesses face with considerable force, likely far more than she had experienced from her current opponent.

The attempt was to force her to let him go, which came with the whole saving people aspect of things. ”Having fun there? Was thinking you might want a fight with someone that could actually fight back.”

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Re: The first rule of fight club is...(Rampart, Madeline, Prodigy)

Post by Queen of Arcadia on February 11th 2017, 6:04 am

Madeline stood over the limp body of the foolhardy hero who had so brazenly challenged her. His blood trickled down her forehead on down the bridge of her nose. A single droplet broke free and was pulled to the ground by gravity, only to have its trip cut short but the vicious demon’s tongue. A wave of disappointment filled Madeline from head to toe. She had been itching to stretch her legs and go all out on someone for a long time, but no one seemed to be capable of holding their own against the goddess of war. A sigh escaped the red heads lips as it seemed all the fun for the day had come to an early stop.

Just as the demon queen was ready to call it quits for the day, a wave of familiarity overtook her. Someone or something nearby was radiating a very powerful aura. She loosened her grip on Roan’s collar and shifted her attention to her surroundings. The source of the familiar power was getting closer. A few seconds later and Madeline would get a fist full of that energy to the face. Madeline had heard the individual propel themself at her, and part of her wanted to dodge the punch and avoid any unnecessary damage, but the other half of her wanted to gauge first hand if this new arrival would be worth her time.

The force of the punch was enough to dislodge Madeline from her spot and resulted in her being knocked back several feet. The demon queens head quickly snapped back to the person that had struck her. A look of sick and twisted delight crept onto Madeline’s face as she stared the young man down. “To be completely honest I really wasn’t. All my toys seem to break so easily.” she said, her eyes shifting from the man to the beat up Rampart and the slain hero from earlier. “Tell me something. If I break you to, is there a money back guarantee? Better yet, do I get a free set of steak knives?”

Madeline stood straight up and began rotating her right shoulder and then proceeded to crack her neck and knuckles, each making an unnaturally loud popping noise. She take the same approach that she had taken with both of the other rambunctious heroes, and allow the new arrival to make the first move.  Judging by the actions he had taken upon arriving on the scene, she knew she wouldn’t have to wait long; even going so far as to taunt the man into attacking by holding out her metal hand and goading the young man on.

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Re: The first rule of fight club is...(Rampart, Madeline, Prodigy)

Post by The Swolefather on February 15th 2017, 10:55 pm

On his way down, Roan spat at the woman, attempting to spew blood in her face, but she was gone from his vision the next moment. Everything began to turn black, and he laid lifeless on the ground(cuz that's all I can fuckin do)
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