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Elena Marie Collin

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Elena Marie Collin

Post by Adam Johnson on September 10th 2016, 4:27 am

Elena Marie Collin
”I’m capable of more than you could even begin to comprehend.”

Basic Biography

Real Name: Elena Marie Collin
Villain Name:
Title: The Crimson Witch
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 41 (Looks at least 20 years younger)
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Militian)
Hair: Bright red
Eyes: Deep green
Height: 5’7
Weight: 116
Blood type: A-

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Elena is a crafty individual, capable of making something out of seemingly nothing. Tends to know when to strike, and when to wait. Despite her trickier nature, Elena is known to be a family oritented person and loves her own family very much, willing to go to any legnths to provide for them in any way she can.

History: Elena’s life had been a long one, steeped in magic and the various intrigues that came within the twisted web that was the magic world existing underneath the veil of society. Elena’s part within this began with her parents, or rather her father years before she was even born. He was born to the prestigous Theil’s family, a line of people that traced an ancient lineage filled with power for many centuries. He however was one of thew unfortunate few that had been born withut the precious gift to use magic, something that the family had treasured above anything else. Born a shame to his family, all he could do was live in continual shame as he grew up until he could leave that family.

Her parents had met not too long after that, having a child of their own. A perfectly normal child as he was hoping, but that was not how the story went. Unlike her father, Elena had been born with a power that was manifested within few of people in her family. From a young age it was kept dormant, something that only occasionally manifested in ways that they didn’t really catch onto. It was a power that made her believe that she was nothing more than some manner of metahuman. They were becoming more prevalent within the time, so it made perfect sense to her. It was something that she believed until she befriended  someone that had been  living close to her. An unknown that had become a close friend within time; Arianna Hale.

She was the first one to see the true magical potential within Elena, that she was so much more than she believed she was. Someone with incredible magical potential, and of course she demonstrated what she meant. This had been a demonstration that brought so much...well magic into her life, and made everything all the more fantastic due to it. This had lead to many lessons, how to harness the magical essence within her in an attempt to control any unintended bursts of energy later on when she had grown even more in power. In the end her magic of choice had ended up being the unpredictable element of fire, something that seemed to match with her fiery hair.

While this friend had not been within her life as long as she would have liked, they were there long enough to get a young mage started within their long trek of magic. That being until his father found out that she had been practicing the very thing denied to him at birth. Finding out about that had thrown him into a rage, causing the man to become strangely violent. Elena had become confused by the sudden change and within slef defense had accidentally unleashed her magic within its full glory.

All within a second, her home was ablaze and father had been reduced to nothing more than a burnt body within that wreckage. The damage however had been done, and she had nothing left for her there but desolation. So she did the only thing she could at the age of sixteen, and that was run away. There was a wide world out there, and likely a world that had more to offer her than if she stayed here. So Elena ran and never really looked back, making use of anything that would help her survive.

This had lead her to a journey across the country, one that had started in Louisiana and then stretched across many seperate states. That within itself held many different adventures, encountering so many things that she had only believed were fiction until then. A young fire mage withna world that was far larger and more varied than she could have ever hoped it would be. That being until she first met a man by the name of Cornelius Caster, an aged but powerful mage that had seen the still budding talent within her. A flame that he had hoped to fan, and so he took her in within the midst of her long journey.

It was within that time that she truly had an intereaction with one of the magical families, one known as the Caster family. While the last name was rather on the nose, they were powerful dark magics that performed things that she thought impossible. Necromancy and blood magic, even raising the dead if she was willing to pay the price for such a thing. This was also when she first gained a reputation for stealing knowledge from people that didn’t quite like having their things stolen. It was two years into her tutalage that she had found that there was so much more to learn, things that they would not give her without paying prices she did not want to pay, and so Marie took the knowldge for herself.

This had nearly cost her life, but the knowledge had served her better than she had hoped it would. This had lead to her fleeing from Los Angeles, and going to one place she had hoped she would find some safe refuge from the Caster family and their wrath. This safe haven was into the arms of her old friend, one that had given only a location within Chicago. It was upon arriving that she had met with her old friend, one that was far mroe giving with her information than her former master had been. Despite how long they had been apart, Elena knew that she had a friend within the woman. That Arianna Hale would be able to protect her, and so the woman had.

Time had passed from then, meetings with the family that she had been born from and them learning that she held potential they did not believe could be born from her father who was born without the talent. There had only been two instances of that happening, and both had ended with a mage who birthed chldren who were monumentally more powerfult han them. A child birthed with power beyond all comprehension, and they feared that much power would bring about an untold destruction upon both their families, amd maybe even the world. So they crafted a spell, one that would forever make her line uneable to be  continued, to make her and any unfortunate offspring she could have otherwise unable to produce. The conequences of that spell was not felt immidiate, but it would be felt when she had met the love of her life.

It had happened during a trip to New York to sort out a rather nasty coven of vampires that had taken root in there. One of their victims by the name of Michael Collin had taken well to being rescued, making a conscious effort to keep in touch after a cup of coffee. Things had started off slow, but they quickly became something more as Elena had realized that she was falling in love with this odd Korean man. Before she knew it, they were married and the days had been going even better, especially when she first found out she was pregnant.

Then she lost the child.

It had been a sudden blow, but something that still hit much like a freight train. This had happened several more times until she had a child successfully as if divine providence had ordained it, and that was her only son Sean. Someone that she would do anything for, and so she had her own family. Life had become perfect for her, truly happy.

This happy life had gone on for a while, Sean becoming friends with Arianna’s children, which allowed the two to keep in touch even more than they already were. Finding out that her son could not perform magic wasn’t exactly ideal, but she had doen something to give him the feeling that he still was special, even if it was just control over water itself. Sean seemed content enough with that or so from what she could tell anyway. All seemed to be going so well, that being until a rather annoying vendetta had managed to be the end of her.

Sure, her son had grown up but that didn’t make the punch any less potent to anyone involved. Death had its sting, and then it did not when she was brought back by a fool hardy mage that wanted to have a powerful puppet. A word had been off, or something along those lines, yet they had not properly bound her. Thus the return of Elena Marie, but not as she would have wanted. There was a time when she had been bound to a certain immortal, though with that came knowledge and with that knowledge more than she could have ever hoped for.

A reunion with her son and the knowledge that she had become a grandmother. So much had been given, and yet she knew that this world would only take eventually, she decided to change that. Perhaps the world wouldn’t be able to take when she had a voice in that matter.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Occult Expertise: Elena is an occult master, having learned various forbidden bits of knowledge by stealing this knowldege from the immortal Dante Alighieri, the four magical families and things she had even learned from various entities through her extended life. She has proven herself to be unparallelled to many mages in the world through sheer knowledge of magic, making her deadly to anyone regardless of the threat they may pose.

Light Magic: A type of magic that involves drawing in radiant light within the area and intermingling it with her own internal magical energy to make it better suited for light based spells. Once filtered through her own body, she can control the light in many ways that would be nearly impossible through conventional means. This includes creating hardlight constructs, weapons and various other things capable of doing damage that something intangible light would otherwise be unable to do. When making use of this magic, her eyes become ringed with a thin golden ring, the gold slowly saturating her eyes as she draws more upon this power. The more she uses this magic, the more she becomes ringed with light, becoming an even brighter beacon of light.

Her magic is naturally easier to use in brightly lit places, requiring less energy to perform and allowing her to perform more without draining her. This power also has various applications for other than attack and defense, such as extinguishing all light within a room, or even creating brilliant flashes of light. In the end Marie is a master of this magic, and can use it as she sees fit.

Illusionary magic: A magic Elena has developed through the twisting of light passing through the air, along with various other magics to augment that already. This allows her to make things appear as they normally would not, such as making something appear a different color as well as even making a rabbit appear as a dragon. Augmented through a magic that twists even sound, and smell as it travels through the air to distort it into anything else to further make the sight fit with everything else. Through ingenuity she has managed to create a level of magic that transcends normal magical illusions.

Fire Magic: The first magic Marie had ever managed to master, and one that she is the most skilled in. It involves the invocation and mastery of the element of fire. Marie has an exceptional control of fire, how large it can become by feeding it with her own magical energy, how hot it can become, how it spreads and even who it harms. This magic can be called upon through force of will or even conjured from the faintest of sparks should she be aware of it. She can create flames that are capable of melting steel into molten slag, possibly even greater metals with sufficient amounts of effort.

Enchantment: Elena is capable of of imbuing various objects with magic, how great the effect depending upon how much time she puts into it. This can range from giving glasses the ability to see within perfect darkness, or even turning a gun into something that shoots lightning. If she can imagine it, and has the time for it, Marie can do nearly anything.

Extreme rapier proficiency: Marie has a seemingly superhuman level of skill with rapiers and similar weapons, allowing her to take down even the most skilled of oppnents with quick and precise jabs.


Human frailty: Despite how powerful Elene Marie is, her body still holds the many frailties of humanity and she can be killed like any human.

Darkness:A room with a lack or low amount of light makes casting her own light magic difficult, and tiring compared to normal. Along with this, contact with umbrakinetic powers can rapidly drain ghe light that she had built up and make the magic even harder to perform as well, meaning that darkness is the bane of her.

Cold: Colder climates can inhibit her use of fire magic, the colder it is the harder she has to work to be able to form the flames as well as even control them. Tempatures at freezing or below, she would need to use great energy to even produce a small flame.

Prep time: While she can perform minor enchantments with little trouble, anything of note requires time that she cannot afford in the midst of battle.

Steel: It has an odd effect on Elena, or anyone who gains power through the soul stream. While trace contact with it does nothing, a sufficient amount is capable of rapidly sapping away her magic energy, leaving her completely powerless with around ninety seconds of bare flesh exposure.

One trick pony: Despite the fact that she has an extreme skill with her weapon, she is a novice with any other weapon and should she be relieved of a jabbing weapon, that greatly cripples her own skills.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Will of Steel: Elena Marie holds a will that is unbendable, protecting her from all manners of telepathy and mind control.

Abilities: An estoc forged of an odd red metal that transfers heat rather well, lending a certain burning quality to each slash and stab. Along with its own natural durabilityVery few forces are capable of actually snapping the blade, and the metal itself appears to rapidly sap the magic of anything that it touches. Its hilt holds a rune that allows it to be called to her so long as a hand doesn’t lay on the weapon.

  • Extreme Cold: When exposed to sudden and extreme cold the metal becomes fragile, making snapping it a possibility.
  • Still just a sword: Despite how powerful the weapon is, it is still just a sword and can be weilded by anyone.
  • Double edged sword: Despite not being one of those, the effects of its own magic sapping properties can be dangerous should Marie also accidentally touch the metal.

Physical Priority
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Re: Elena Marie Collin

Post by Bliss on September 10th 2016, 6:51 pm

I Approve


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Re: Elena Marie Collin

Post by Arcana on October 4th 2017, 9:07 am

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