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Gerard Lionel Giles

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Gerard Lionel Giles

Post by Chellizard on September 8th 2016, 1:22 am

G. L. Giles
"It's Gerard. Not Gerald. Not Gerrado. Gerard. No, I am not telling you what the L stands for. Stop asking."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Gerard L. Giles
Moniker: None as of yet.
Title: None as of yet.
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light Brown/Reddish Brown
Height:  6'0"
Weight:  175lbs

The Looks

He gets the cool scar after his meta-gene is activated.

The Legacy

Personality: Pensive and focused, Gerard likes to keep his nose tucked into a good book. He enjoys grungy B-rated horror films, and lots of classic movies. He's always been the 'odd' kid in school. Pale skin, freckles, red hair, and golden brown eyes that look almost orange. He's also always been the tall, lanky quiet guy that keeps to himself. He's fairly intelligent, and quite funny, but really has no friends. He's not a very popular person.

History: Born into a family of four in a little village in the United Kingdom, and being the youngest, Gerard was the baby of the family. But, tragedy struck their little perfect family. Gerard's mother died during child birth with him, so he was raised by his father and uncle alongside his older brother, Cameron, and his sister, being his oldest sibling, Priscilla. The three children were all apart by 2 years.

Priscilla was ahead of everyone, and caused the most trouble for her two little brothers. Gerard tried his best to cover for her when they were in their teen years, making sure to lie to their father about her where she was or who she was with. Cameron was also a hassle on their father, so it made Gerard push himself to be the shining star. He would help clean, and started to cook at a young age. He was taking care of his siblings when he should have been taken care of the most.

By the age of seventeen, Gerard was already starting his second year of college. His goals were set high to take a research fellow at a lab doing work with one of the biggest archaeologists and scientists in the world. He just had to study and get into this program by the end of his four years at university. Finally nineteen, and nearing his birthday in the coming month, he achieved his goal: to go on the expedition and take an internship as the assistant. He would be taking a flight from London to Washington State in the United States. He was never happier in his entire life.

The Powers and Weaknesses

Physical Priority
1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength


All of his powers are not active until after his first or second thread on SHRP. Maybe even his third.

Above Average Intelligence: Gerard is blessed with having a higher base IQ. And with his meta-gene being activated, it rapidly expanded his mind giving him access to run complex equations and algorithms without so much as furrowing his brows in concentration. His intelligence is limited to book smarts, however, considering he has no actual street smarts what so ever.

Plasma Electrokinesis (Element): His power of electrokinesis focuses on the plasma of the electricity. Meaning, it's like a goo of electricity rather than a clear zap. He can coat his hands in the smooshy goo and use it like thin gloves to shock his enemies - but of course he's still learning how to use this.

As his power progresses he will be able to use the plasma to coat over weapons, or even electrical equipment to detonate the charges and fry them. Or simply fry his enemies.

Plasma Electrokinesis (Form): Gerard is able to change his cellular structure and become electrical plasma and enter into the main frame of electrical wires, systems, or the like for faster travel from one point to another. He can also take on a physical form that looks humanoid but is made up of the plasma. He appears opaque at his core, and transparent around the edges of his being - as if he has two levels of plasma making up his body. He also appears as a sort of blue color.

Allergic Reaction: Gerard is extremely allergic to shellfish. He found out the hard way by eating hush puppies stuffed with crab.

Normal Physique: Having no super human strength, durability, or healing factor means any damage Gerard sustains while not in his plasma form will hurt him severely. He is a squishy human when he's not squishy plasma.

Soft Hearted: Gerard has a soft spot for people with meta-genes, as well as people being bullied or picked on. He will put himself between the danger if it means he can stop someone else from getting hurt.

Overloaded: He can be shorted out just like electrical equipment - meaning: he is weak to other electrokinetics, and his powers go haywire during lightning storms.

Fatigued: Over-use of his electrokinesis breaks down his muscles and causes him severe pain. It requires him to rest or take ice baths.

Inexperienced: He has no knowledge of fighting, let alone using his powers properly.


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Re: Gerard Lionel Giles

Post by Humanity on September 8th 2016, 4:27 am

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