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Lilu Empty Lilu

Post by Loving Siege on September 1st 2016, 7:11 pm

"E Kulia i ka nu'u"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Lilu'Mahulu
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Lilu
Title: Idol Of Balance
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: Twenty Five
Gender: Male
Race: Hawaiian/Samoan Deity
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown(White)
Height: 6'8'ft
Weight: 705lbs
Blood type: ???

The Looks

Lilu Samoan_wrestler_commish_by_kandoken-d83k82k

Mana State:
Lilu 5eac9cfad6c0331d13c76f3de54f7356

The Legacy

Lilu is the very meaning of laid-back and gets the best out of every moment he has  gift for making his whole life one vacation, and a extremely confident and gregarious  personality. Boredom is unknown to Lilu in his presence because he is very good at carrying others away with his enthusiasm, good mood and his optimism, with an unparalleled level of endless courage and willpower.  

Abstract thinking and profound philosophizing surprising to most is a big deal to Lilu and he regularly communicates about it . While he is sometimes pragmatic, realistic and live completely in the here and now, he still holds no problems with thinking ahead and coming up with theories. With Lilu also holding a disdain for basically any types of work, he rarely never prefers any sort of relaxation over "working" to the point where many label him as extremely lazy. A varied field of activity with a lot of social contacts is something Lilu does not stray away from, but he still holds no qualms being by himself on a regular basis . Lilu has seemingly very little hobbies and interest, as on an almost every day basis he lays upon the beach or deep in cooling water, taking his time to surf upon the crashing waves . He is not afraid of the unknown as he is flexible and creative, he quickly adjust to new situations and make the best of them. However, Lilu routinely comes into conflict with strict rules or hierarchies by which he quickly rebels and does as he wants.

For the friends he makes, Lilu is considered generous, and generally helpful in conversations, as he fills a room with great importance to harmonious relationships and a good atmosphere. Lilu is also a prolific ladies man and is quite adept at using his looks, charm and reputation to woo multitudes of different women from anywhere and everywhere. Lilu also possess little to no modesty, shown by his only article of clothing being a traditional lava-lava, and pays no mind to rules concerning clothing, even to the point where he finds enjoyment being nude, despite others attitudes towards it.


A timeless conflict has been raging between the two pantheons of Deities depicted in Hawaiian and Samoan mythology, their struggles against one another reached a boiling point. As war was about to approach between the two sides, a compromise was made with the two pantheons by Vavau and Mahulu. The compromise between them is that each deity would transfer their very being into a single creation of a child, the child would be the amalgamations of both pathogens and share a deep connection with each and everyone of them non biased on a side, and when deemed ready could finally end the struggle between them. So they chose the night of a beautiful full moon to birth their child, choosing a young couple of a Hawaiian girl and Samoan boy swimming in the ocean to be the ones to look after their child into he is ready, for the first time they worked together as their essences flowed into the clear blue around the couple, and unbeknownst to the couple formed a infant into the Hawaiian woman.    

Months later, Lilu' was born as the child of a loving couple of his Hawaiian mother and Samoan father on a house on the beach the beautiful island of Hawaii . However, a five years after his birth Hawaii was hit by a massive earthquake off shore, causing a small tsunami to form and wreak devastation upon their home, separating Lilu from his family and dragging him deep underwater into the blue. Surprisingly Lilu naturally adapted to the rough storm waters and further resisted the pull of the water, in amazement no need in holding his breath, his parents also surviving the wave frantically raced out into the water to retrieve him. When suddenly a deep sea predator lunged forward through the murky blue towards Lilu, revealing itself to be a monstrous great white shark, Lilu did not fear the beast as it reached in a attempt to plunge it's teeth upon the boy. Lilu quickly realized his swiftness in the water as he dodge the Shark's first assault, and as the shark passed him in it's failed attempt Lilu acting quickly grasped the tail fin of the shark and with all his might spun it around and launched it hurtling out of the water and though the stormy sky. His parents shortly reached him after over joyed with the safety of their child, and in amazement if what they had just witnessed as they made their way back to land.

Many years passed until Lilu reached the ripe age of sixteen, where he was privately taught everything he needed to know by his powers and had no need for school. His parents knew of his apparent physicals abilities  from the day of the tsunami on, but it changed nothing between them and Lilu as they decided it would be his choice what to do with them. Quickly becoming know as the guardian of Hawaii completing many heroic deeds for his people showing an intense love for them and they showed it back, utilizing and mastering his families wrestling techniques to aid himself. Now he spends most of his days relaxing upon the beach, or with his parents and socializing with anyone near him and completing tasks and lending a helping hand to the people of Hawaii and Somoa whenever needed.  

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

"Ikaika" Quality of being strong : Lilu's muscle functions are unknown as they resemble that of who regularly exercises at his size, and are not denser than the average humans. Leading to unknown factors in which gives Lilu such a high factor of strength beyond that of ordinary human boundaries, some island natives believe he is empowered by the combination of Samoan and Hawaiian gods, but no one not even Lilu truly knows what his power is . However, Lilu possesses great superhuman strength sufficient to lift and toss a tank or punch a hole straight into a submerged battleship. His mysterious strength enables him to demolish through durable materials such as thick wood to heavy metal and would take reinforced barriers or special elements to have a chance of slowing down his brute strength. While nowhere near the most physically powerful, Lilu's strength is on a category that allows him to defeat and hold his own in a physical fights against some brute powerhouses, with his standard level of lifting power being around 100 tons, but when pushing himself to his current absolute limit when fully hydrated he was able to lift a completely flooded submarine out of an ocean to save the crew. While also allowing him so land travel using his strength make fast leaps high into the air and cover large distances.

"'Ohia"Hard: Lilu's mysterious body enables him to withstand heavy impacts that would kill any normal human and gives him the ability to function normally on the highly pressurized ocean floor. He possesses a large degree of superhuman durability on a high enough level to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths , this also makes him durable enough to be almost invulnerable to extreme heat and gun fire. Lilu's body is more heavily suited towards blunt/energy type trauma but the likes of direct assault rifle fire at point blank range to the face can break his skin, head on collisions with speeding trucks, resist powerful energy based attacks that would harm and kill humans and some lower super humans. His stamina is also far beyond anything human as well as some super humans, and if he is constantly hydrated or submerged in water his stamina can be potentially non ceasing.

"Wai" Water: Lilu is inexplicably connected to water and the very forces behind it, and is completely natural to the element much more so than to the land, and as a child became a master swimmer to the highest degree. He was able to normally function and move underwater, unfazed by the pressure, temperatures or lack of light, and the need to breath while in submerged. Healing at a much higher rate than humans when completely submerged in water. Lilu's speed while swimming far outstrips his speed and reflexes on any type of land, to such a degree that he considers himself one of the fastest beings underwater. He is able to easily swim at speeds of 180 mph for several hours non stop, his upper limit of speed while underwater but he has said to be able to push himself in distress to speeds at mach 3. Making Lilu able to out speed water vehicles such as boats and even ships while under water, his speed underwater is even high enough to create large whirlpools, spin his hands to create mini whirlpools, swim into entire tidal waves, spin fast enough to create vacuums in water, and propel himself out of the water at high speeds to cover vast distances over land and even multiple stories tall.

"Mana" Power: Lilu can tap into a small amount of his potential power or Mana, said to mirror the essence of his native islands. His native tattoos begin to spread upon his arms, lower abdomen, and legs  glowing fiercely bright ocean blue, while his eyes turn completely light blue radiating with a short trail of glowing steam like Mana, and with his lava-lava turning sea blue with with native symbols. While harnessing his Mana his phyical abilities increase all around to a undetermined degree, however still greatly above his regular abilities , but to an unknown extent and his limits have not been fully explored as this power is not commonly used.  While also unlocking limited usage of more of his hidden abilities that are seemingly connected to his native island elements, such as the ability to cast and manipulate potent "Uila"Lightning from his body which far exceeds natural lighting in power and speed and can even cast Uila down from the sky in multiple massive bolts capable of easily obliterating and overshadowing entire building with a single strike, creating and manipulating "Wai"Water he can create rain clouds, fire off powerful streams of water from his mouth with enough force to slice through steel, manipulate water in his proximity to create hard constructs or masses of water to create massive waves  and to constrict and engulf targets into the water.


Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua: Lilu thrives in and by water as it hydrates and calms his mind and body sharing a deep connection to the blue, and so Lilu must return to water after a period of time and stay hydrated or he will constantly weaken into so. He suffers from severe water deprivation after numerous hours without decent hydration or exposure to water, in turn weakening Lilu both physically and mentally, the level of his all his physical attributes constantly weakens the longer he is deprived of water the point output constantly lowers as his water deprivation extends  and so does his ability to take damage, while his mental states decreases at a similar rate with losing concentration and skill in any activities. This is why Lilu prefers to work or operate around sources of water but if there is no other choice he will abandon the sanctuary of the blue.  

'A 'Ole E 'Olelo mai Ana Ke Ahi Va Ana Ia: While properly hydrated and underwater heat and flames are no concern to Lilu, but when even slightly dehydrated or upon land without access to water extreme heat and powerful fire becomes a heavy issue. With extreme heat without access to water and hydration rapidly causing dehydration to him and the negative side effects, and with the onset of the intense heat having the ability to cause severe burns and higher his susceptibility to be damaged.

La'ilua ke kai: Mental balance, inner peace, calm mind are all necessary for Lilu to enter his Mana State, requiring for him to also be fully hydrated to have the mental ability to enter Mana. Lilu can only utilize his Mana State when his state of mind is at balance and he is concentrated. Making it near impossible for Lilu to enter his Mana State while in combat or without concentration and focus, to achieve such focus Lilu has to be still for a few moments leaving himself open to attacks as he can not defend himself during the few moments, and once the focus is broken he has to start over again.

E kulia i ka nu'u: Lilu's current mortal shell can not properly contain his Mana energy, with his usages lasting shortly and having harmful effects. Once Lilu's enter's his Mana State he can only maintain the form for an extremly short amount of time as his body can not handle even a fraction of the power, causing Lilu to burn out. If Mana does not exit his Mana State after a short time period, he risks causing damage to his mind and body to a degree where he is forcibly ejected from the state and is immediately knocked out and wounded. Even if lilu exits the state after short usage his body in a weakened state for a very short time to rehabilitate from the sheer power, leaving Lilu in a weakened state nearly about to pass out.    

Ho'onalu: Like a wave Lilu is very care free, and just goes with the flow of things, besides his native islands and his family for with he shares a unbreakable bond, with he rarely concerns himself with situations outside of them. Making him seem tremendously lazy and unconcerned for the well being of non islanders , given to the fact he ignores most to all minor crimes of non islanders and when off island. Earning him a infamous reputation as a apathetic, dispassionate and arrogant person making him publicly hated by a large majority people living off the islands . This also extends to when he is faced with a problem he feels is unimportant to himself and the islands, where he would rather concede or give up instead of start and take place in conflicts, even if he could handle it without difficulty by himself.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Musician: Lilu holds a special affinity towards music instruments, and is compassionate in learning new instruments native to the islands and mastering them at a prodigy like rate. With his favorite musical instruments and the only ones he plays being the pate and ukulele, playing his own songs or an already made one at any time he feels the flow walking around or just relaxing playing to the rhythm with a smile. Lilu also holds no bounds to the types of music he enjoys listening to and freely gets into new music, but still heavily prefers island music to all else.

Singer: When Lilu begins to hum or speak words in song like fashion of the first order seemingly unrestricted by pitch, he does so in a smooth alluring voice filled with a powerful spirit within every note that has captured the attention of  all who have heard his vocals, his singing has been complimented  as a divine otherworldly tone of sheer beauty, with even other top vocalist praising his skills to the highest possible degree, said to soothe the rage of the gods themselves.  

Wrestler: Has mastered each and every wrestling technique taught to him by his parents, and even invented new styles and moves himself. Gifting him the name as the champion of grappling, where even without his strength his wrestling skills and techniques are unparalleled to virtually all, as even when he was a child he would non harmlessly grapple with the top predatory animals upon the island in secret.  


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)

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Lilu Empty Re: Lilu

Post by Humanity on September 5th 2016, 12:01 am

Ok, just so we're aware SHRP has no singular canon Gods or Goddesses, as such the word Deity is more of a slanted term...or a personal perception and not the actual reflection of beliefs or imposing of site canon....

that being said....

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Lilu Empty Re: Lilu

Post by Arcana on September 7th 2017, 4:53 pm

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Lilu Empty Re: Lilu

Post by Arcana on September 7th 2017, 4:58 pm

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