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Panacea [WIP]

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Panacea [WIP] Empty Panacea [WIP]

Post by Gemini August 30th 2016, 12:36 am

David Crook
The Modern Messiah

Basic Biography

Real Name: David Crook
Hero Name: Panacea
Title: The Modern Messiah
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Weight: I40Lbs
Blood type: Curative

The Looks

Panacea [WIP] F7cCV4K

The Legacy

Personality: Selfless, generous, kind, pure. These are some words which could be used to accurately describe David. Whether this generousity and compassion comes from his Empathy is unknown and unimportant. He is loyal and would do anything to help his friends. The phrase 'with great power comes great responsibility' is something that David took to heart - he was given the power to help people more than any Doctor or Hospital could dream of, and it was his responsibility to do it. His he believes your intentions to be good, he will assist you.

David gets great joy from making people and their lives better. No ulterior motives or grand scheme, never asking for something in return, he simply enjoys doing it. The looks on their face when they realise they can walk again. A person's smile when they see something for the first time in years. Parent's tears when they learn their child is going to make it. It was incredibly fortunate that someone like him gained powers like his, someone driven by kindness.

There is only one thing he won't do to help someone on a whim; commit The Ultimate Sacrifice.


The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: The Panacea of Man: David's body generates a massive anount of regenerative energy, which he can discharge from his body into other people's in order to heal their wounds at a supernatural pace. This energy can leave his body from any point and merely needs to touch the wounded to begin curing their wounds. He can cause this energy to pulse from his body, healing all around him. This energy also rejuvenates those it touches, putting fire in their belly and refreshing their stamina. He can control the speed at which it heals and he can cure disabilities such as blindness or paralysis. His body is always expelling this energy, even on an extremely minor scale, meaning that just by standing near him you may feel slightly rejuvenated.

Power 2: Empath: David is a low-level empath and is capable of sensing the emotions of others and allowing himself to feel what they feel, essentially making him superhumanly compassionate. He can use this power to sense people's presence.

Power 3: Blood Cure:
noun: panacea; plural noun: panaceas

   "a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases."

Panacea's blood is his namesake. Drinking it cures every disease known to man, and even a few that aren't known. It destroys all traces of cancer, dementia and various others conditions. It can instantly rejuvenate someone's body, making them feel 20 years younger and full of energy. It also cures hunger and thirst. Essentially, his blood is a modern day miracle.


Weakness 1: Unbiased: Panacea's energy will heal whoever it touches, whether they are friend or foe. While he can aim it with some precision, doing so takes time. If rushed, he will heal the wrong target.

Weakness 2: The White Mage: As he is a healer, Panacea has absolutely no aggressive skills. The closest he comes is healing an ally who is fighting. In a one on one battle, he is as effective as normal human.

Weakness 3: Compassion: Panacea is easily talked down due to his empathic compassion, meaning it's very easy to make him see your side. He can be manipulated easily if he isn't careful.

Weakness 4: Thin Blood: The reason Panacea doesn't use his blood for often is that his miracle blood doesn't naturally clot. The smallest cut is very dangerous to him as unless he seeks medical help, he'll bleed out.

Weakness 5: Eye of the Storm: Panacea cannot heal himself, yet.

Weakness 6: Overwhelmed: If someone's emotions are strong enough, Panacea can find himself breaking down into fits of tears or rage.

Weakness 7: Strain: The more severe the wound, the more energy he has to use to heal it. Small cuts/bruises can be healed in seconds with about as much strain as breathing, but severe wounds such as stabbings or broken bones can take varying levels of energy, depending on how fast he tries to heal it. Healing broken bones in seconds would both be exhausting for him and painful for the patient, but it is definitely possible. Healing them in ten minutes would be about as exhausting as running a mile while healing them over the course of an hour would be as stressful as walking for the same amount of time.

Weakness 8: Extreme wounds; Panacea, as of yet, cannot restore lost limbs/organs.

Weakness 9: Bounceback: If he rushes curing an ailment such as Blindness, his powers will solve the issue by simply moving the ailment. To him. It goes away after a time, but it cripples him for several hours.

Weakness Ten: Threshold: Panacea cannot usually (see below) restore someone to life, even if they died a second ago. His powers only work if there's some life energy in their body, even the smallest bit and his energy can multiply it and restore the person to health, saving them from the brink of death, but the second they pass over, he is powerless to help them without The Ultimate Sacrifice.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): The Ultimate Sacrifice: Panacea could discharge every single ounce of his energy into the remains of a dead person, utterly destroying him, but restoring the dead back to life. Perfectly. No draw backs. His life for theirs. If anything, the surplus of energy in their body might even give them more longevity. There is no restriction on how long they've been dead; bring him even just a piece of their remains, be it a sprinkle of ashes or a shard of bone and he could bring them back. They may be disorientated, confused or haunted by what they saw in the afterlife, but they'd have all their memories, skills and powers.


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: two
Endurance: three
Reaction: one
Strength: four
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