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Wardens (Lore Page)

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Wardens (Lore Page)

Post by Drifter on August 29th 2016, 7:20 pm

If you RP with me or a few other people related to this subject, you may know or will come to know beings that we call "Wardens."  I decided to make this page just to put what they are in writing, so if you're interested go ahead and grab a drink and get ready for nerdy made up mythology.


"We were as aimless as the humans when we first flickered into existence, but through it all, we found what our duties were." - Kakabel, Warden of Knowledge.

Essentially, Wardens are immortal, supernatural, and humaniod beings there to teach humanity the ways of the world, as well as protect the universe's concepts. They conserve the natural order of things while mostly remaining unseen. That said, sometimes they do come out from their veiled world when the need is great. When walking among mortals, they seem to style themselves after a wide range of human cultures.

Wardens are partially based on the Vörðr of Scandinavian myth as well as a subset of angels from Christianity who taught humanity forbidden knowledge, called Watchers. Keeping that in mind, they aren't simple reprints. Think of them more as protectors of concepts and man as a whole, rather then gods of certain things or guardian angels.


"You wanna know about the Wardens? Well then, come here, sit down, and snuggle up to a blanket. I'm about to tell a story.

There was a time when the world was, well, primal. Cavemen ran amok and got excited about fire while having no semblance of even a language. I mean, who even gets excited about fire? It's hot and stuff i know, but geez........

Anyway. Understandably, the universe thought that was pretty shitty. Somebody needed to teach these things how to be who they were supposed to be.

That's where we come in. We're a universal necessity. There are all these buttons and levers behind the scenes that need to be pulled and pushed, or everything ends up horrible.  It's a really lame job, but like being a garbage man, somebody has to do it.

We came about as a reaction. When you hit a tree with an axe, it's probably going to come down. We're just like that......... We sit in our veil and watch the mortals, fix their problems, and we do so happily.

It's our duty.

Well, not mine, anymore anyway. You get to the less boring stuff when you start to talk about killing Wardens. But that's a conversation for another time! Now get away from me!"
- Asy, Former Warden of Sanity.

Power and Structure

"The nature of power is that it can be taken. If one has a lot of it, they are undoubtedly worthy of wielding it." - Amory, Warden of Power.

Wardens have abilities that revolve around the concept they protect, and will generally be empowered the more they're around it. Other then their unique abilities, each wields a telekinetic and/or elemental power, can teleport themselves and others, are practically invulnerable except for a specific weakness that kills each instantly, and can project powerful illusions over mortals.

There are 160 Wardens in total, 20 of which are Elders that govern 7 beneath them each. An Elder is the Warden of a particular blanket concept, while the minor Wardens represent aspects of that blanket concept. For example, The Warden of Knowledge may govern the Warden of Philosophy and the Warden of Poetry, as well as many others. The Elders are usually in charge of organizing their subjects, as well as picking up the slack for killed/corrupted Wardens.

The pseudo leader of all of them is Amory, The Warden of Power.


Each Warden has a special weapon they can call to them at any time. The destructive capabilities are quite ridiculous, especelly against a concept the Warden's patronage directly opposes. It can be anything, from a gun to a broken bottle. The only real thing that connects them is their different colored auras and sleekness. The weapons can also have unique abilities that are, like unique powers, tailored to the specific Warden.

These weapons can 'hurt' other Wardens, but instead of eventually killing them it will send the defeated being back to the Warden dimension, where they will be bound until release.


When a Warden dies, they don't fade from existence. They become a corrupted version of themselves. This thing within all of them has sometimes been recognized as another personality, an antithesis, and even another entity entirely. What's for certain though, is they are the exact opposite of what they once were.

Some call them The Fallen, some call them Handlers, others recognize them as Wardens still. Their nature is to either destroy the concept they once protected or to embrace it's opposite, if it has one. Rather then protectors, they are assailants. Only when they die again will the former personality take back control.

Death isn't the only thing that can bring them to the anti-thesis state however. If a Warden becomes disillusioned with themselves to the point of corruption, it can happen without any death at all....


Somewhat of a legend among the Wardens, Neutrality is seen as the ultimate disgrace to what they are. This happens when a Warden and their antithesis come to an understanding or acceptance, merging into one being of balance. To do this powerful outside forces are needed to break the Warden's bind to their Elder, and only one has been known to do it flawlessly.


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