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We Don't Talk Anymore (Starring: Malus, Skyler, Drifter, Withdrawl, and Humanity)

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Re: We Don't Talk Anymore (Starring: Malus, Skyler, Drifter, Withdrawl, and Humanity)

Post by Asmodeus on July 3rd 2018, 11:55 pm

Matthew was concerned. Not for himself, for those he called his friends. Already they had been harmed, damaged and sent on an impossible mission because of him. At least if this had been Bolt or Cypher they would have had a damn chance on evading these guys. He looked to the leader, Fear and his eyes narrowed, and he couldn't help but realize what form of grand design he had in store. This was not going to be an enjoyable evening.

"You...I like." The masked leader said with a hearty and yet somehow sinister laugh as he pointed to Luke. "Fifteen minutes..." He said as he snapped his fingers. The Bloodmoon agents flourished their weapons, then sheathed them as they utilized a very familiar wrist-like attachment to grapple themselves to the ceiling, disappearing in the darkness above. The slight sound of feet on metal beams faintly echoing. There was nothing he could do, not without revealing himself. Fear would wait until the others had left.

"For the first time since I've met you that night in the alley...I smell fear." He said, though he did not sound so sinister. His hands came up and he pulled off his mask, ripping down his hood and peeling away the veil of secrecy.

"You don't have to do this. Walk away. You know what you're doing is wrong..." Matthew said, attempting to remind his old mentor exactly of the morality they once shared. Before despair overtook one, and hopelessness the other. There wasn't even a cinematic pause, it was immediately responded to with a fist burying itself into Matthew's ribs, a sickening crack heard as he dropped to his knees.

"You must answer for your crimes, Akuyaku. Tsukiyomi demands it." He said with a sigh. "Now we will see if your love for your NEW brothers is stronger than your love of yourself. We have brought in an old friend. The Inquisitor, you remember him I'm sure." He said as he motioned with his arm, a very strangely dressed member arrived, wearing a gold trimmed cloak with an empty void of darkness over his face, the rest of his front torso was exposed to reveal his several ornate tattoos on pale, ashen skin. Black traditional leggings accompanied by sandals clicked on the ground as the man stood, his hands together with hsi fingers laced within one and other.

"Your friends run until daylight. If they are caught, we will kill you. However... if we fail to extract the information we need from you... we will kill the people that mean most to your beloved friends...and yourself." He said as he looked to the Inquisitor, nodding and stepping aside. "If they catch your friends too quickly...then you cannot tell us what we need, thereby we will execute our promise and remove Patrick's mother, and Lukas' brother from this world to accompany you to the gates of Hell. However...if you tell us, then the only one who dies here you. Food for thought. Perhaps you can finally save someone selflessly." Fear said as he placed the mask back upon his face and walking off. Leaving Humanity with The Inquisitor.

"They deserve to know...By the writ of Honor, I demand you proclaim your advantage over the lessers you have challenged." Matthew began, but he was quickly kicked with a wooden sandal, sent flying onto his back as the darkness coiled arond his wwrists, transforming into solid chains of black liquid. The Inquisitor grumbled as he reached down and picked the man up by his throat.

The group had departed and made their way out into the town. They had only so much time before they were pursued. If fifteen minutes wasn't enough time then there was going to be a problem. No doubt someone would bring up the idea of driving away to out-maneuver the ninja-kin clan through sheer speed. Of course there could even be the potential of a trap or some form of last-ditch effort to make a save. Lukas was bleeding, though thankfully it wasn't fatal. Skylar had the healing factor and Malus was just starting to warm up to the situation...though proved to be the most...prudent to the situation.

There was a great curiosity about this group, something that wasn't understood about them. they were a very different group of individuals, that much was certain. It wouldn't be long now before the game was in it's total field of view. There would be a buzzing on Luke and Pat's phones, a group message had been sent from Matthew's number.

We have the younger brother of Lukas and the mother of Patrick. When we catch you, we kill Matthew and that will lead to their untimely ends as well. You have been warned. My honor remains intact. The text said, it probably caught on quickly that Matthew wasn't using his own phone. But the others were made aware of the full stakes of this fucked up game. It was times like this that weaknesses such as honor were very useful tools. Especially when Matthew wasn't capable of defending himself for a moment. His cell phone, on the other hand was quite useful.


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Re: We Don't Talk Anymore (Starring: Malus, Skyler, Drifter, Withdrawl, and Humanity)

Post by Chellizard on July 18th 2018, 11:20 pm

The night was still young, and Tyuki had been in LA for only a few short hours now. She came to visit her Aunt Chelle who had been tucked into a hotel room. You see, her Aunt had been suffering a horrible illness, and Tyuki could slow down the decomposition if she concentrated her healing energies into the most severe spots. It wouldn’t reverse the effects, but it definitely slowed it down.

”Just, be still…” Tyuki grumbled, her hands cupping over her Aunt’s chest.

”It burns, you know. I only move based on instinct, not to annoy you my dear.” a soft, pained chuckle slipped passed her lips.

Tyuki would will the energy to concentrate into a beam. The light would pierce into the epicenter, literally penetrating into her Aunt’s heart. The beam would spread like a vaccine, small bits of healing energy attacking and devouring the spreading cells from the red energy that infected her from ingesting Lucius Alba’s blood. As she concentrated, her hair would become stark white and her eyes would glow brilliantly with glimmering gold flecks.

Chelle would gasp, the aching pain rushing through her entire form. She would hear her phone go off and start to reach for it before Tyuki stopped and snatched the device.

”Nope. Not tonight. If it’s important, I’ll let you have it back.” being stronger than your Aunt was a plus. Tyuki would hold onto the phone, opening up the messages icon to see a daunting message.

”Shit.” she said, taking the phone and putting it into her pocket. She would slide her own phone over to her Aunt.

”I’ll be back. I promise. Just, take a nap or something. Bliss needs me.” a full lie passed her lips. She had never lied this big to her family before.


She was very fortunate to have a semi-controlling Aunt. The message was linked to a number that had the name Matthew H. next to it. There was an alternative program synced up on the phone, likely by a tech whiz that Chelle knew, probably Bliss, which tracked down the wide location of where the cell phone last pinged. It was near a club. Of course it was.

With her spirits high, and her directions based on this tiny map, Tyuki would change into her hero attire and slip her mask over her eyes. Her blond hair would fall around of her face, adding just a dash of contrast to her mostly black, and gold, suit. The leotard and boots combination with a big moon on her chest was the sign she was Eclipse, the winged heroine. She had been a hero in the reverse dimension scandal, and now here she was, trying to figure out why her Aunt’s boyfriend had been at a club and why was he going to be killed. She had to figure it out. And fast. Hopefully she would make it in time.


Malus finally realized that Patrick was aiming to make some sort of Molotov cocktail. Now it made sense. He felt like such a fool for rushing him.

”I have a great idea. Throw the alcohol and I’ll light it on fire. If you ask me how, I’m going to really blow your socks off.” he said, running alongside of Pat. The two of them were taking long strides, moving at a pretty admirable pace given the circumstances. It wasn’t until Skyler rolled up in a car that he realized running was a very ignorant idea.

”Oh. This is much better. Get in,” he said, opening the door and instructing Pat to go ahead and slide in. He would climb in after.  Settling into the back seat, he felt his stomach lurch as Skyler stepped on the gas, leading them off toward a place that would be considered at least ten percent safer than where they had been previously.


The kiss was easily the best thing to happen tonight, but it was something that definitely needed to be on the back burner.

”Look, we cannot waste time. You’ve got a bullet wound, and I’ve gotta get these other normal people outta here. I cannot let ‘em die. Not when we can save them.” She would almost physically carry Lukas out of the club, dragging him toward the nearest car. It was a smaller four door sedan type, a tan color. It was inconspicuous; very low profile. She made sure Luke was in the passenger seat and buckled in before activating Aiva. She was so lucky that all of the cars in this day and age were electronic push to start. Aiva had the vehicle started in no time, the small holographic girl standing on the dashboard.

She would pull up next to Malus and Patrick, waving for them to get into the car. As soon as they were buckled up, she was off, her foot slamming down the gas to ensure they had a good distance before the chase started.

”You may not know it, but I’m pissed off. I am not gonna let them hurt your friend, Luke. I won’t.” Skyler was angry. She had no idea that there was a text message now stating that Luke’s brother and Pat’s mom were also hostages. She was just dead set on getting ahead of this nonsense.

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Re: We Don't Talk Anymore (Starring: Malus, Skyler, Drifter, Withdrawl, and Humanity)

Post by Red on July 20th 2018, 11:50 pm

A lot can happen in fifteen minutes. Your entire life can flash before your eyes. Your whole family can be killed. Everything you hold dear can be stricken from you. The world can collapse in on itself, with nothing but despair left. That's what was threatened if Luke and Pat did not use the time they were given properly. It wasn't just Pat's mother, Malachi, and Matt who's lives were at stake. Pat could die, Skyler could die, and Drifter himself could die playing this stupid game. A lot of bad can happen in fifteen minutes. A lot of mistakes, idiocy, and terror can take place in such a short span of time, but also a lot of good, and a lot of righteous competence. Wounded or not, Luke did not intend to just lay down and die. No, he was pissed. Nobody was getting hurt tonight on account of some morally delusional ninjas playing the standard villain Trolley Problem.

After Skyler and Luke got in the car, Drifter would urge Pat to come with. It was only sensible to stick together, and he wasn't about to to abandon another one of his friends. He felt terrible leaving Matt as it was, but Drifter wasn't in a position to go back in there and liberate the guy.  The fact of the matter was, he was cornered, outgunned, and he needed some space as quick as possible to actually do anything to stop this madness. He could be stupid and get himself killed, or he could do something to save everyone. The decision wasn't a difficult one.

"The thought never crossed my mind. If Matt goes down, I go down. Now punch it," Luke said, showing Skyler some directions he pulled up on his phone. He knew exactly where he was going. The bunker had served him well when he and The Veil fought that Russian assassin, and it would serve him well tonight as well. If they were going to beat a heavily armed, better trained, and better organized group of people, they needed at the least a home field advantage.

Luke typed out some code in response to the message the freaks sent. He was sure Matt at least had debugging enabled on his phone—nobody that was reasonably tech savvy wouldn't. If not, well, his message would be sent over text anyway. If it was, however, Luke's code would patch him through a call that wouldn't even need to be answered for him to speak through, and he would be on speaker to boot.

Rant Mode Initiated

"Your honor? YOUR honor is intact? Are you brain dead? Did someone bludgeon you with a hammer when you were a baby? Did you go to town on the lead paint in your room? Please, don't reproduce. It's better for all of us that way. You're either a vegetable, or you're just redefining words to suit your purposes. Honor is facing your foes with integrity, not with extortion. Honor is allowing your enemies to be at their strongest instead of ambushing them when they are at their most vulnerable. Honor is not being a kid and woman killing pussy. Oh, yes, you warned me before doing the most sleazy shit you could possibly do—such a noble fucking samurai you are, giving me a reach-around. I can't even use your 'honor' over on you, because apparently it's whatever you say it is. Fuck you, and fuck your oxymoronic bullshit. Own the fact that you're an underhanded assassin instead of dishonestly presenting yourself as someone to be perceived as noble, you lying fuck. The only people that would ever think you have any semblance of a quality even vaguely resembling honor would be the others in your ninja terrorist cult. If it actually was intact, you'd drop the comic book villain game of cat and mouse blackmail you got going on and face everyone involved on equal footing, but you won't, because you're a dirt bag lowlife masquerading as a follower of a respectable code of honor. Kindly, sir, eat my dick," Luke said, finally exhaling after hanging up the phone. He was red in the face, but he was not clouded by the anger. No, he was determined. He had some tranquil fury going on, and these League of Shadows knock offs were going to feel it by night's end.

It would only take Skyler and Lukas about five or six minutes to get to the back road that lead to Drifter's bunker. It was an old nuclear testing facility abandoned and forgotten about after the Cold War. It had one entrance , it was underground, and had enough armor and weapons to make Rambo blush. They'd have all they needed down there, from medical supplies and technology to a means to defend themselves. Assaulting such a position would be difficult, even for these people.

A lot can happen in fifteen minutes, and Luke intended to prove that to these walking contradictions.


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