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A Glint In A Dragon's Eye

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A Glint In A Dragon's Eye Empty A Glint In A Dragon's Eye

Post by Council August 23rd 2016, 9:09 pm


Basic Biography

Real Name:None; number of aliases
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:Dragoneye
Title:Dragon-on-Horseback, The Curveball of Acheron(No one calls but herself calls her that)
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Age:Unkown, even to her; mentally 21.
Eyes:Fire Hazel, see below
Height:169 cm
Weight:61 kg
Blood type:B+

The Looks


Dragoneye stands, and sits, relaxed, dignified and with her back arched whenever she can help it, adding a good couple of inches to her apparent stature. She has an elongated heart-shaped head; her salient chin and cheeks make her face’s otherwise round contours a little blocky. Her nose is straight and pointed, and  her dark olive skin is visible only on her face due to her conservative clothing. Her toned muscles, wide shoulders, sharp features and low center of gravity lend just a hint of butch to her look. She has thick, lean legs and a plump backside. Her warm brown locks are just short of shoulder-length, turned inward to point sharp toward her neck. She is by no means beautiful, as opposed to the superheroine standard, just pleasant to look at.

The most noticeable feature she has are the eyes she was named after – they are wide, bright, and their sharp cut give her an imposing visage. Upon closer inspection, the irises are clearly reptilian, and they light up in red hot flames while she is excited.They are also very expressive – people are advised to look into them to see where they stand with her. Given her tendencies to kill on a whim, this is crucial information.

For a costume, Dragoneye wears archery gear of a simple design, but very snazzy, expensive materials. Her white, flowing robe is organic silk, and the matte black body guard to cover it is a rare, hard yet light industrial alloy. To the touch, the armor feels closer to leather rather than metal. Her flat arrow quiver, covered in elaborate symbols of steppe tradition, is worn on the strap she uses as a belt at her hips, canted backward on the off-hand side.

The Legacy


The Dragoneye of most days is brash, energetic, passionate and cheerful, driven to the next crucial mission or pointless fancy by the slightest provocation.. Given one can keep up with her and doesn’t mind her warm, hands-on approach to everything, she is good company.In such a sense, she was raised well – she can see value in people when there is anything to see and finds any reason to be your friend. She treats people as open as her with kinship and sees more reserved folk as adorable. For both kinds, she is eager to sneak herself into their hearts and rain them in hugs afterward.

Another facet of her shows up rarely, while she in prayer. As she walks in contemplation, she becomes a serene, impeccable existence, her elongated, loud intonation is replaced with a soft whisper, and genuine kindness radiates from her gaze – it’s the only sign she is not vile to her very core for people who intimately know her, really. So important these moments are to her, she often insists to dress the part – in other days, she just throws on whatever plain white shirt and long skirt she first grabs.

She speaks with passion of high ideals and hopes in humanity’s future , and for what it’s worth, she honestly believes in them. Others could easily mistake her for force of good, and perhaps by some cold equation she is a net benefit to the world, but labeling her a „hero” is a mistake. Evil is not a major part of her personality, but she definitely is morally reprehensible. The malice is only tempered, and only by her personal tastes, rather than any moral compass.

As long as they do not conflict with her strict ideals of progress, she has no qualms about doing what others consider wrong. Furthermore, she enjoys to do many things others consider wrong, each as just one of the options she has to indulge herself in, to relax after a long day. She views casually hurting people as something of a fanciful pastime she has to be in the mood for, much like how others would decide to see a movie on a whim or work up their appetite for a specific kind of food.

While she is capable of empathy – she has an abundance of it, in fact – Dragoneye can and will treat any wrongdoing with callous disregard whenever it suits her. Her resistance to pain extends to emotional pain, after all(see below), thus, while she shares the pain others feel, she can effortlessly shrug it off. What virtues she has are all tainted somehow: She will never lie, and always keeps her promises – which to her only means she has to word her promises very carefully. She values life and the will of others – but by far not as much as she values her own momentary fancies. When she is personally threatened, very ticked off, or just ’in the mood’, she is happy to kill, maim and torture. She has no justification for any of it. And more to the point, she doesn’t care to justify herself.

There is a  nearby world, where only minds exists by default. Between them is nothing but what is willed into existence. The minds come to be rather than born alongside bodies, arisen by sheer accident as essences from across the world wander onto the plane, and  may combine to form an existence with the will to live. And the minds, based on worlds where people have bodies of their own and crave love and acceptance as anyone else. in their wish for companions and agency, the minds reach out to one another. Together, they will into the nothingness a land to walk on, and each creates their own body to reflect the essence of their souls. Many of them  are humans, or resemble them. A lot of them aren’t, and ever more don’t.

The world existed for a long time, and a society began to grow within. In a world formed by will, magic prospered, and  it’s users became arbiters over the structure of the world itself.

What they gained in power was not clarified with perspective, yet. At first, the mind people were terrified of the outside world that spat refuse into their world, almost as much as the strangers formed out of what came through. Rather than use their superior position to explore the unknown safely, they have sweepingly decided everyone was a potential enemy.

They formed defenses, and elected leaders(After all, someone needed  to run a tight ship, right?). Soon, the world intended to let anyone inside rejected everyone from the outside. Eventually, there were more people barred from any amenities and comfort by the fortifications and rejection  than there were members in Against all odds, they still won, but they have realized, for all that was worth, they shouldn’t have. Their past ignorance was the only reason the conflict started.

After massive failures and turmoil, not only did they realize a welcome atmosphere was preferable to panickedly fighting newcomers to the death, but how leaders were a concept they inherited from the worlds outside their own – a position no one among them had to hold. Concepts, even ones which cannot be put into worlds can be exchanged among at the speed of thought. They knew who was the most talented at any task, and they could pool resources as needed in an instant.Any form of higher directive was unnecessary.
Theirs was a strange, wonderful, horrible world where no leaders should ever be.

The next obstacle was imminent: Even without a leader to push them around, they still needed something to do. And, fortunately enough, the majority of them wished to keep their newfound peace too much to risk working at cross purposes. Most of all, the shaken once-leaders who were scarred by their mistakes.

Thus, they started to share. They welcomed all survivors, gave away thoughts, let feelings flow, permitted each other to see into one another’s souls. To find everything, anything, at least just one goal they could all rally behind.

After torturous months in Earth time and much despair, they have found their answer. Progress was found the ideal dearest all their hearts, and they have taken upon themselves to improve not only their own, but any other world they can enter.

And not too long ago, they happened upon the process of a woman’s genesis. Then but a formless blob, the Council noticed the massive potential, the draconic ancestry in the essence of what passes in their reality for primordial goo. They brought home and nurtured the half-existence until she could form her body of her own merit. Soon, Dragoneye created her body, opened her dragon eyes, and welcomed the people around her as her family.

After she was taught the ropes, the magi were eager to see just how far her dragon blood could take her. The signs of her potential were deceptive – she had inherited little, and had even fewer mystical talents of her own.  More to the point, they found out she was a hurtful, tainted person who couldn’t tell right from wrong. There was no particular cause nor reason for this - the material she was given form from just happened to be itself tainted from the start. Disappointed, but more mature and nurturing than to just write her off as a failure, they taught her what magic she had aptitude for. She has proven  herself immensely capable, and just as fell, with what little she could do.

Over time, they have managed to have her put her talents to good use. But, were never able to improve her character. She is just as callous and wicked since the moment she was born.

But that could be directed towards an ultimately better world, and that is all they asked for.

By the present day, Dragoneye’s image of herself solidified, and is able to walk the Earth.

And goodness, does she ever walk there.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Soul of The Dragon: Dragoneye has the senses, responses and precision of an apex predator. Her eyes in particular are beyond any conventional predator though, able see at a distance and in a detail far beyond a regular human’s, right down to a detail 4000 times smaller than her distance from it. Therefore, a detail the size of one millimeter across would be spotted from four meters away; a human would be spotted from over four miles away. She can then hit that target with a projectile with alarming regularity, within the limits of the projectile itself. These talents are magically imposed upon her body by her soul – she cannot turn it off, but others can suppress it.

Flame Breath Vestige: Dragoneye did not inherit the ability to breathe fire, but her body would be equipped to handle it. Her respiratory system resists combustion and contains heat safely away from the rest of the body until up to 6000 degrees Celsius(or 10832 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as filter out smoke or poison, mundane or not, making her able to survive anything from smoke screens to tear gas to inhaled biological weapons without so much as a cough.

Dancing Flames: In place of a fiery breath, Dragoneye can exert her will externally to control fire to a limited degree. Without much effort or concentration, she is able to change the direction of any flame within three feet of her somewhat, more than sufficient to bend them around her body and avoid harm. With concentration, she is able to pour mana into fire as fuel, turning the smallest ember into a blaze, or bend and contort the flames within range until they are extinguished over the course of a few turns.

As she has to be conscious of her target to control flames, she is not strictly immune to fire: If someone surprises her with a flamethrower, she could be scorched before she could react. If she is unconscious, she can burn to death.

Holy Spirit: The magic in her blood combined with her faith allow her access to what appear to be divine powers – although they could be just functionally identical mimicry of them. She is able to perform exorcism on those with no noted resistance, and bless water. Why a person as callous as her is able to retain powers so lofty as is anyone’s guess.

Extreme Pain Tolerance: This is not a result of her origins or magic, just a statistically improbable mutation. By sheer chance, Dragoneye was born with the ability of gleeful resistance to any extent of mundane pain, be it physical or emotional(but not mental). Nothing in this world can cause her enough pain to break; her body would give in far before her will would.


Eye of The Dragon:  Her dragon blood is immediately obvious to anyone with more than passing knowledge of dragons(the ’real’ ones, not pop culture derivatives) once her eyes are seen. Even to laymen, her gaze gives off a somewhat predatory impression regardless of her intentions, and the more perceptive who look into her eye can get the distinct, while false, impression she is a giant lizard who might want to bite them. Disguises cannot circumvent the issue: As long has her eyes are visible, so is her heritage.

For Need of A Hoard:  Dragoneye inherited her draconic progenitor’s need to hoard valuables. Her instinct is rather weak and she doesn’t hoard anything in particular on her own accord. Offers of payment, on the other hand, are all but always accepted, and she is willing to offer much of her time as recompense – she is immortal, after all, so a few hours spent in service is worth next to nothing.  As she is not asked to compromise on her standards, she will accept anything of value for any task in return, easily for less compensation than the work is worth. She will happily kill a person she doesn’t like for a single hard candy.

Doesn’t Legally Exist:  Dragoneye was created, not born, and created in an adult body at that. She could acquire no legal citizenship anywhere – And as it turns out, there are many superhumans in each country’s employ concerned with maintaining legal records, and far be it from the Council to have binding agreements in return for recognition. As far as the law of any country is concerned, she doesn’t exist. She does have several false identities, but she doesn’t possess the rudimentary charms most of her family does to make them more believable than any other set of costumes and fake ID.

No Control: The magic of her soul cannot be turned off. This in and of itself is already a problem, but others who are able to notice do not necessarily know she has no control over them, and might interpret them as a threat.

Mana Guzzler:  Dragoneye is a creature of inherent magic who requires magical energy to survive, and her energetic, passionate nature further raises her needs to the skies.  As a result, she uses so much of it, the normally inexhaustible amount of ambient mana noticeably drops in her immediate vicinity. Other users of magic might have a hard  time believing she uses that much just by existing, and might interpret her massive consumption as preparations for a just as massive spell.

Bereft of a mana source, such as in a magically dead world where mana is sparse to nonexistent, she would turn sick and die much the same as thirst or hunger would have taken her.

Sensory Overload:  As a side effect of her senses being heightened beyond what the human psyche is capable of handling, Dragoneye’s mind can be overloaded with input, by either too strong or too many stimuli. The former disturbs her thoughts, causes mental pain(the only kind she is only as resistant to as the average human), and may result in her passing out. The latter is a source of immense frustration, and she feels urged to either stop the source of the commotion or leave the area.

For the most part, this isn’t a problem, but as she cannot close her ears, she cannot handle loud noises or many sources of sounds at once.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
No Moral Compass: Perhaps through a mistake made during her creation, Dragoneye has no inherent sense of right and wrong. She understands good deeds and bad deeds exists, in an abstract form, and has a halfway decent grasp of them, but she cannot relate to them at all. Appeals to her good nature might as well be made to a brick wall, since she doesn’t have one.(It should be noted that her lacking in moral guidance is in no way an excuse, nor does it make her good. She still understands the ramifications of what she does and is yet to care.)

No Wants: A  trait  inherent in all of the people who came to exist in the distant world ruled by the Council. Dragoneye, just as her kin, only has wishes, large, world-encompassing hopes she is able to work towards - in her case, her hopes revolve around the progress and the better future of humanity. Anything else she either has to relate to the above goals, or as a tool to relax and not snap.  Otherwise, she is unable to muster any willpower or energy behind her actions, if she can force herself to act at all through some leaps of logic, even if the deed was necessary.Wants and other short term, personal goals are an alien idea she would never come up with on her own, in any case.

Outskirt Walker: Among many possible methods to wind down, Dragoneye loves to take walks,  on the edge of town even more so to enjoy the silence and admire the countryside. Once she makes residence in an area, she can be expected to have intimate knowledge of the border of town  and everything a few miles outward of it within a few days.

Prayer To The Gods: While She is from another world, after all, one which takes in errant, lost thought and minds. Among them, a henotheistic branch of Catharism has emerged as the dominant version of Christianity, one which not only acknowledges but allows the worship of other gods. She herself takes advantage of the leniency and is a devoted worshiper of Tengri pantheon, and Nyarlathotep, of all things. Her prayers have a direct, if very minor, effect on the world, but that is not reliable even when it works, and the right prayer is made to the right deity.

Perfect Body:A result of purposeful breeding, both artificial and magical, Dragoneye’s body is exceptional by human standards. Dragoneye’s appearance will remain a woman’s in her early twenties for as long as she lives, she will not die of old age, and she retains an above average physique without any effort.


Composite Bow: Dragoneye’s signature weapon, a short recurve bow suitable for horseback. Enchanted to withstand blows and magic, and to take full advantage of the range at which it’s bearer can call shots.

Weakness: It doesn't really need any - it's just a bow amped up to the capabilities of a sniper rifle. Her weakness to loud noises is the only reason Dragoneye bothers with it. It is not limited to Dragoneye's use in any way and anyone with the necessary strength to draw it can fire it. Arrows themselves are affected by ballistics, therefore winds are a factor.

Homoncu-horse: A horse of mundane appearance that survives much more punishment than anything should. Even when they die, a replacement arrives from a location undisclosed even to allies within a week or so.

Weakness: It is just a very tough horse, with the mental resilience and vulnerable innards of a mundane animal.

Hiker’s Handgun: A cheap Comanche .45/410  three pound lump of metal. Nominally a gun. Looks (and is) silly. Good for a single cheap shot and nothing else. But, the simple mechanisms of a single shot breach loader are all but guaranteed to not jam and fire at least that much. Not picky on shell brands.

Weakness: As mundane equipment, it doesn't need any.

Flamethrower Shells: In addition to the usual shots. The magnesium inside burns at 1650 °C/3000 °F. They are legal in a few places for some reason.

Flamethrower rounds are guaranteed to light up a couple tens of yards front of the barrel no matter how low-end a gun you fire them from. Bound to burn a mundane human, and may light them on fire(also the neighbourhood). Very practical tool to instantly start a fire up close.   Very easy to hit a target with. Very against the law to shoot anything alive with.

Weakness: As mundane equipment, they don't need any.

Lover’s Lash: A whip enchanted for durability, and with additional at-will burning agony.  Courtesy of her family.  

Weakness: Can be picked up and stolen as normal.

Protection Wardrobe: Every single piece of clothing Dragoneye owns has been turned bullet- and fireproof. They stand up okay to cold weapons and the blast part of explosions, too, on par with studded leather armor or a run-of-the-mill bomb-suit, respectively.

Weakness: They are clothes - sometimes you have to take them off.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 3
Endurance 2
Reaction 1
Strength 4

Update on 8.25.: Added item weaknesses, adviced by mods and others. Special thanks to Chell and mrbits.
Update on 8.30.: Perfect Body has been moved to RP mechanics. Arrows specified to be affected by ballistics(this game is really weird)

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