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Raise The Stakes (Raze)

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Raise The Stakes (Raze)

Post by Nicolas Flamel on August 13th 2016, 12:27 am

Nicolas Flamel is not the type of person you would think of walking around city streets out in the open, but sometimes situations just call for such things. He tried as much as he could do unify humans and their splinter group, metahumans; and footwork sometimes did that the best. Even if it only involved changing one man's viewpoint, that could do exponentially more then some thought.

He called himself Raze, and he was like many of his kind. He was disillusioned with the world, a danger to himself and others. But Nick would show him the light, show him he didn't have to fill the hole pain left with violence. Nicolas knew men that had done that, and though they held great power, they had no joy.

He walked down the alleyway where many said he had been, cane tapping the asphalt as the alchemist peered around. It wouldn't take long to get this man's attention, from what he had heard. All Flamel needed to do was be persistent, and he might just save a life or two.


Nicolas Flamel

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Re: Raise The Stakes (Raze)

Post by Raze on August 13th 2016, 1:54 am

Marcus was taking his same old way from his local pub, that he went to every night to get drunk he would take the same alley every time but this time would be different he saw a man tapping a cane on the brick road Marcus thought nothing of it he seemed to be a old man which was no threat to him evening said Marcus as he passed the old man. the old man looked at Marcus kept walking but he felt a cane on his shoulder excuse me, raze is it not said the old man. Marcus nearly shit himself when he called him by his street name. uh yeah what do you want

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