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Post by Tartarus on August 11th 2016, 2:54 pm

"Gee, I don't know. Why would a hired gun try to shoot somebody? Could it be because somebody paid me to?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: James Murphy
Villain Name: Conduit
Title: None
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 192Kg
Blood type: A-

The Looks

James Murphy is a man with a slim yet muscular build, and the physique of a gymnast. His hair is Jet black in appearance and he likes to keep it sort, usually not allowing it to grow any longer than an inch and a half in length, although despite its short length it regularly looks windswept. His eyes are an Icey Blue, not showing any emotion, simply cold and hard.

When not working James tends to wear dark trousers, with a belt and a shirt, which he keeps tucked into the trousers' and with the top two buttons undone. The majority of James' clothes are dark in colour, with him preferring a black and dark navy palette.

The Legacy

Personality: An extremely cold, detached person, James is a borderline sociopath, with a fairly high intellect, complimented by an eidetic memory. He has no Empathy for others and at times can allow himself to become a little paranoid, not trusting anyone around him, although at all times James remains almost unnaturally calm.

History: James grew up an only child and was raised by his father, John, his mother, Susan, having died when he was very young.

His Mother had died when he was only 4 years of age. The official report said that she had gotten drunk and driven off the road, killing herself, but James' father thought differently. His father was a soldier in the SAS, and had been involved in a great many black ops missions, during which time he had made a great many enemies. He believed that one of these enemies had killed his wife.

At the death of his mother James' father left the military to raise him and John soon started moving James around, paranoid that someone would attack them. Due to this paranoia John started to rigorously train James' in a great many ways for survival. This included hunting (out doors survival, tracking and stealth), military combat training (Hand to hand Combat, fire arms training, use of a dagger and archery) and tactical thinking. Thus ended James' childhood at the tender age of 4 and the start of a great deal of resentment toward his father.

At the age of 8 James discovered he was different from the other children. Electrical appliances started to shorting out around him. When tested it turned out that James had the metagene, allowing him some degree of control over electricity, although it took a great deal of concentration to control his power and stop it randomly shorting out equipment. as the years past and James worked on his meditation, he found that he could stop his powers from destroying all the electrical equipment around him and he could even start to control it a little.

At the age of 16 John left to go to the shops and never returned, instead the police turned up at the door to inform James that his father was gunned down in the street and that he had to go into foster care. Something that didn't effect James as much as it should have.

Once James was kicked out of foster care at the age of 18, despite his intelligence, he was left with little to no prospects, due to his life moving from place to place and his father being to paranoid to enrol him in any formal schooling. as such he turned to crime, using his combat skills to secure a place in one of the local gangs. It soon became apparent that he had a talent for violence, and he caught the attention of one of the local crime families and they approached him, setting a test for him.

At the age of 19 James killed his first man, his training at the hands of his father making it fairly easy to silently kill the local business man that had being campaigning to stop the crime in the area.

By 23  James had set of on his own, working as an assassin, a hitman for hire and was starting to build a reputation for himself, along with a decent bit of money. On top of this his control of his powers had vastly improved. He no longer lost control of them and he could now use them to by pass and shutdown most security systems that he came across.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: - Military Training - This involves training with hand to hand combat and James has some experience with most weaponry, although he is best with archery and sniping. This also includes training in military tactics, tracking and stealth. Being only 23 James is not a master of anything, Although he vastly out classes street thugs and even many common soldiers. Given James' solitary nature, when not on a job, he spends all his time split between training his physical skills and control of his powers.

Power 2: - Electrical Manipulation - James is able to see electrical currents running through any system and is capable of manipulating the flow of the electricity, allowing him to shut down or power up electrical equipment at will and to by pass security systems with relative ease. Once during meditation he was able to electrically charge his hands, although he is yet to repeat this feat. perhaps in the future he will be able to advance his powers beyond mere manipulation of circuitry.

Power 3: - High Intelligence/Eidetic Memory  - James is capable of taking in every little detail of a situation, processing that information and reacting at a very fast rate, and can grasp complex scientific theories with little difficulty.  Before any fight James will use his intellect to prepare far in advance of any confrontation.


Weakness 1: Durability, although he has military training he still has a human body and given that his armour is fairly light, preferring movement over durability, he can be badly hurt if he gets hit the same as any un-armoured human.

Weakness 2: Mental exhaustion - Although his powers are useful they require a great deal of concentration to use and can leave him at the point of collapsing after extended use. using meditation techniques, over the years James has been able to increase the amount of time he can use his powers for, however it is a slow process. At present he could continuously use his powers for 30 minutes before passing out although any more than 10 minutes leaves him too exhausted for effective field work.

Weakness 3: Pride - Due to his high intelligence and general distrust of people James will often ignore the suggestions of others, especially those he deems to be less intelligent than himself. Even when their advice is proven correct, he finds it difficult if not impossible to acknowledge this.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
- Expert Marksman
- Stealth - James takes pride in being able to get into a heavily guarded facility, take out his target and leave again without anyone else even knowing he was there.
- Borderline Sociopath - He has little to no empathy and is socially awkward.
- Eidetic memory (Photographic memory)

- James has a bow he has named Winters Kiss - A compound Bow that had become known as James' signature weapon as more modern weaponry that rely on electronics within them could be damaged whenever he uses his powers.
- Flexible Carbon Kevlar suit with Hood - This suit provides a certain degree of protection from damage while maintaining James' agility. The suit will stop small arms fire from a distance and depending on the strength of the person, it can either stop stab wounds completely or at least slow the blade enough that the wound won't be fatal. Due to being lightly armoured James is vulnerable to heavier gun fire such as machine guns and larger calibre bullets, as well as small arms fire at point blank range. on top of this, although the suit is effective against stabbing weapons, it does little to protect against blunt force trauma, such as a bat.
- Optic Mask - A special mask that has optic sights in the eyes, allowing James to see minute details and at a great distance, as well as infra-red and heat vision which James could switch between at the push of a button. Unfortunately James could not use his masks settings while using his abilities as they would short out and destroy the mask.

Physical Priority

Agility - 2
Endurance - 3
Reaction - 1
Strength - 4

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Re: Conduit

Post by Thorgron on August 11th 2016, 3:25 pm

Welcome to the site Tartarus! I'm Thorgron and I'll be guiding you through what needs to be done to this app to make sure it's all set for approval.

The biggest thing that needs changed is that you have more than a few things listed in his appearance and personality that need to be listed in powers and items. The suit and the goggles both need to be listed under items where you will give a description of what exactly each does. You will also need to create one weakness for each item (maybe the suit does little against fire, maybe the goggles don't work when Conduit is using his powers, etc. the choice of what exactly the weakness is is entirely up to you). You also list that he is highly intelligent and possesses an eidetic memory. Are you intending for his intelligence to be superhuman or is he just intelligent by regular standards? If superhuman, then I would lump it in with his eidetic memory as an ability which would require you adding an additional weakness to the character.

So aside from that, the rest of this looks relatively solid. I do have a few questions for clarity's sake though.

Is he able to zap someone or fire bolts of lightening with his Electrical Manipulation? Or can it only reroute the electricity already present in technology?

About how much usage of his abilities will trigger his second weakness? You mention that it requires intense concentration and that it can easily put him to the point of passing out but then say he has trained extensively to improve this. Please elaborate in the weakness on how long of an extended use would knock him out or how big of an influence he would have to force before it became too much for him.

Finally, does Winter's Kiss have any special qualities of note or is it simply a mundane bow that Conduit favors? If its special in some way, it like the goggles and suit, will need its own weakness. Otherwise its fine to be kept as is.

Alright, that looks to be about all that needs addressed in this app. If you have any questions moving forward you can contact me or one of the other mods on the cbox, through a PM or you can reply to the app itself. Happy editing! Smile


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Re: Conduit

Post by Thorgron on August 11th 2016, 5:59 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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