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Who likes being predictable anyways?

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Who likes being predictable anyways? Empty Who likes being predictable anyways?

Post by TheDastardlyDire July 26th 2016, 11:33 am

The Dastardly Dire
The Anti-Antisocial Anti-Hero

Basic Biography

Real Name: Malik Dire Faulkner
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: "The Dastardly" Dire
Title: Dr. D, Mr. Rational, Indigo Shuffle, Jon Irenicus
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height:5' 11"
Weight: 160
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Dire is a very remarkable creature when it comes to first appearances in costume. [I'm doing this from the boots up.]
When Dire does his "superhero landing" you'll first see his black boots ankle high with red shin guards that meet his boots at the bottom and touch to the bottom of his knees. He wears black basketball shorts with two red stripes going down the sides. He wears a utility belt that has his emblem with a red background.

Who likes being predictable anyways? Zoegraphic-graffiti-font-d
On this utility belt there are pouches. In these pouches there are pistol clips, ammo, grenade, small expolsives, and a grappling hook.
On his left and right there are two Colt M1911's in each holster.
Moving up to his torso, he has a red compression shirt with a bulletproof vest overtop of that. On his hands he wears leather gloves that have the knuckles open, an oval on the top of his hand open, the fingers as well.
On his back he has his katana named Aerie. On his head he has a pair of aviators that can never fall off unless directly knocked off and a black cowl is sewn to the back of his shirt.
Dire is not that remarkable in civy clothes, though. He tries to stay as modest as possible, with bland tennis shoes, jeans, a plain t-shirt, and some fake glasses. His arms are not amazingly large, in fact, they aren't very big at all. He has a scrawny, but toned build to the point where he looks slightly intimidating shirtless. He has a skin tone like that of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nick Canon, and Will Smith.

The Legacy

Funny: One of Dire's biggest qualities as a hero is being funny, he always jokes around while doing his jobs and you RARELY see him act serious.

Reckless: Dire is very reckless due to his power of regeneration. Someone would tell him "Watch out, you might lose an arm!" And he would simply replay "Eh, I can put it back on... Probably."

Death Wish: Dire has a death wish. He is normally the first to put himself through danger and the last one to leave, the only thing that sets him apart from most of the  people who have a death wish is: He isn't afraid to live either. He wants to die, because he desires to see his family once more. He doesn't want to give anyone an easy kill either, he wants to find someone who can outmatch him, and kill him.

Extrovert: In costume and out, Dire is an extreme extrovert. He loves going out and being social with people. He despises when people are rude as well.

Crazy: Now Dire is not clinically crazy, but he could definitely pass as it. He seems to have no borders whatsoever, and will not stop until told... And he might not even stop after that!

Hopeless Romantic: Dire will flirt anyone with a pretty face or a kind heart. But he would never be in a full relationship, he loves the idea of being single or married. He would completely skip the dating part.

Dire was born in an apartment in Boston, the room was a bloody mess and his mom thought she was getting ready to die. His dad, named Thomas, asked his mom, named Sandra, "What should we name him?"
"Malik... It means 'King'..." She said between huffs.

At about 5, his dad noticed something special in him. He noticed that he could copy almost any dance move the people did on the television. He then changed it to a highly trained fighting channel, and again Malik copied everything with ease. The next day, Thomas asked Malik how he could do that, and Malik [being very smart from such a young age] said, "I don't know, I just see it, want to do it, then do it."
Then Thomas did some research on Metahuman powers, and found out that Photographic Reflexes are one of them, and concluded that he had it. How? He didn't know, neither him nor Sandra had Metahuman powers. He understood that some people just aren't so lucky.

After 16 years of boring, monotonous life. Malik had finally gotten a car. He would go to school everyday in that thing. It was an old Chevy Monte Carlo with all black leather interior, and red paintjob. He had it made (in his head anyways...). After a long night hanging out with his friends, he turned down a shady alleyway. Just his luck, he ran out of gas. "Shit..." He said as he got out. He looked around and saw a shady figure standing about 50 feet away.
That's a little too close... He thought.
He checked his phone for service, and then he remembered he was in the biggest dead zone for his phone ever.
He didn't want to leave his phone to get stolen, but he also didn't want to sit around till morning. Before he could think of anything else, someone came up behind him and said "Sir." Malik jumped and turned to see the shady man was clad in an entire tuxedo. Malik then said,
"Indeed, neither do I." He slightly bowed "I just want you to hear a proposition..."
"I'm not into drugs either. My mom would kill me."
"What I am offering is not drugs, what I am offering is power. I am with a secret federal agency named: Project Z. We take strong, stout, and mentally stable teens and make them something amazing. Tell me... Have you ever wanted to be a superhero?"
"Well, duh! I mean who hasn't?"
"What if I told you we had the power to make you a superpowered vigilante?"
"I'd say you're crazy."
"I'm saying we have that."
"Then I'm saying you're crazy!"
"But I'm not! We have that power. Sign this paper," He pulled a contract out of his blazer pocket "And I will show you how powerful this can be."
Being the dumb and curious teenager he was, he signed the paper. "What about my mom and dad? How will they know?"
"We will take care of them, meet back here tomorrow night. Same time." He handed him a gas can full of gas and disappeared around the corner.
"Wait, how did you..."

The next night, Malik met back up with the man right on time. "You're late." The man said.
"I was right on time!" He exclaimed
"First rule of Project Z, don't be right on time. Be early."
"So where are we going?" Right after he said that he was grabbed and a bag was put over his head. "To your new home."

When the bag was taken off his head, he was outside a prison in the middle of nowhere. "What the hell man!"
"Rule 2: Never trust anyone."
He looked back to see a very large man prodding him along.
"Sooo... I'm not getting superpowers I assume... He said dejectedly
"Oh no, you will get the powers if the tests run right!"
"If they don't?" He asked
"Then you'll probably die."
"So THAT'S the catch!"
After that encounter, they made it inside. Malik then realized that it wasn't a prison at all. It was a lab/dojo. Wait dojo?
"What the-... What's up with the dojo?"
"All of our subjects must at least take basic karate lessons."
"Is there more?"
"Yes you could go all the way, black belt in hand to hand and weapon fighting."
"This seems like a hardcore summer camp. Also, the cuffs don't need to be on. I can get there without being tied up."
"It's protocol."
After a long walk to get to the main "registration" area. There was an elderly lady with glasses and a flower dress sitting behind the desk. They took his cuffs off and shut him in the room. The room smelled of roses and strawberries. He hated that smell. He walked up to the desk.
"Name, dear?" The lady asked in a sweet tone
"Malik Dire Faulkner, ma'am."
"And what would you like your codename to be?"
"Ummm..." He thought about how much his middle sounded perfect "Dire."
"Okey-Dokey, now take a number and wait to be called. When you are called, go to the door on your right."
He took a number that said 115. He looked up not to see "Now serving 112", but instead to see "Caualties: 112"
"Wait, causalties?"After he said that, he heard a loud scream of a girl, and the number went up to 113.
"Holy shit! They've killed that many?!" He ran over to the mirror on the wall.
Then the over the speaker, "Now serving subject number: 115."
He took a deep breath and surged into the door. He walked right into a caged area that opened on the other side of the room. He walked through to the other side, and behind THAT door was a "briefing room". There was an army general, who looked like he meant business.
"State your last, first, middle, then code name, maggot. Make it snappy."
"Uh... Faulkner, Malik, Dire, and Dire command-DUUUURRR!"
He glared at him for making such a rude comment on stupidity "You won't last 10 minutes... Go on in."
He saluted and brought it down into a middle finger then walked out.
When he got out there, he was met by the reincarnation of Albert Einstein. He had the crazy hair and all. As Malik guffawed, the scientist said "Greetings! My name is Doctor Zbornak." At that Malik began laughing hysterically. "Is there something wrong?"
"I just... Heh heh... I just think you're funny that's all."
"People usually just call me 'Doc'..."
"That's what I'm calling you. Let's just get to the powers already."
"Right this way." He grinned

Dire was asked to lay in something that looked like a tanning bed. That was the biggest mistake he had ever made. He was given a shot right in the vein cluster on his neck, and shut inside the pod.
There was a screen that said, "Happy time in: 3... 2... 1"
At 1, spikes ran all through his body. He screamed in agony as the searing hot spikes kept pummeling his body, until he had the sense to open the death trap and escape.
"What the actual fuck...
As he struggled to his feet, he realized the wounds were closing. In record time as well. He had over 100 holes in his body and they all closed within the minute.
"How did..."
"What if you could have that power forever?"
"I WANT IT!!!"
"Okay!" He then grabbed Malik by the head and stuck ANOTHER needle in his neck. He then fell asleep.

When Malik woke up, he was in another "tanning bed". Yet this one was filled with water so he would float. Then he realized he had an oxygen mask and hundreds of tubes sticking out of his naked body.
After hours of just laying there, Doctor Zbornak was above him. "This is going to hurt, but it's going to give you regenerative cells that will heal any physical injuries you might have. Also, you will be immune from any effect alcohol, drug, and sickness would normally inflict upon you. The only type of drug that will work on you is sleeping medicine, but even then they will have to use very large doses to put you down. The only downside is you will be rendered nearly unconscious when supersonic sounds are sent your way. For example, if you were within 100 feet of a ringing bell, you would not be able to do much because your head would catch an intense pain. This is to a flux in your blood that stems in the brain, your blood will vibrate and make a vein on your brain stem explode, and it will take every ounce of your factor to heal you before you die. Good luck, last girl named Jess that was here became a vegetable and we put her down."
At that he left. There was a pause that seemed like hours, then a sudden jolt, then nothing.

Am I dead?
Who are you?! Where am I?!
I'm gonna ask you the same thing!!!
Wait, I remember now... I was a part of an experiment... I think I died going through it.
So now you're in Malik's body?
I guess so...
So we have a woman inside us? Normally it's the other way around...
At that, Malik groaned and got up out of his bed. Turns out he WAS in a prison.
"Well shit..." He said as he tried the bars to see they're locked.
He waited and then saw Zbornak come around the corner.
"Doc, c'mon man! Let me out!!!"
"Oh yes certainly!" He said as he unlocked the cage. "Come meet your new family."

When Malik was brought into the room he was met with only one other kid. He looked about 21 (and went with that because he was good at guessing ages, weight and height.) and very muscular. "Meet Dan!"
"I am not Dan you insolent doctor!"
"Oh, my apologies. His codename is Ghost. He likes to be called that as well. Well, your training will begin shortly. Get to know your new brother a little more."
Ghost looked like a robot more than a human. He had more metal armor on his body than he did skin. He had a katana with a glowing black blade, that he later found out could cut through virtually anything.
"Sooo... Are we the only survivors?"
Hey! What about me?!
Yeah, what about her?!
"Shut up you two!" he said under his breath
Ghost raised an eyebrow and said, "Yes, if you must know. We are the only living survivors of the subjects."
"Awesome! What's your power?"
"Complete silence, I can move without making a sound."
Dire turned to look at a picture on the wall and said, "Lame!"
When Dire turned back around, Ghost was in his face. "Listen, you weak excuse for a survivor. A sense of humor won't last long here, and I won't tolerate it much longer. So you had best cut that out of your attitude, stat!"
"We'll see about the humor mister grumpy pants. I'm gonna love killing you." Dire said with a smug look on his face
"I'll be sure to stay long enough to see you try."
Right when Dire thought he was going to have to put his regeneration to use, his teacher came in. "Let us begin your training."

Over the next 4 years, Dire earned a black belt in hand to hand combat, black belt in weapon combat, he became an ace with long ranged weapons with accuracy so amazing it would amaze even the most accurate of snipers, became so agile he could ALMOST dodge a bullet [he would still take the shot but he make sure it didn't hit a vital area so it could heal faster], he gained reflexes fast enough to catch an arrow, and strategics to amaze the best of army generals. The only thing that seemed to stay the same was his strength. He could carry a little over his body weight. Dire then decided it was time to face Ghost once and for all.
Let's kill him...
Whoa! I give the crazy thoughts here! Not you!
I don't like him. He just gets to sit up there and do nothing while we train our, excuse my French, asses off everyday!
I agree, let's kill him.

When Ghost made it down there, he said something unexpected. "What are the stipulations?"
Dire knew what he was talking about, "If I win, I get your katana."
"And if you lose?"
"You get my head." He grinned
Ghost grinned back, and pulled his sword out of its sheath. "Your loss."
He surged in to get a one swipe kill, as Dire just stood there.
Move, bitch!!! Get out of the way!!!!!!
"Wait for iiiiit..." He said as Ghost surged ahead, "Now!" He said as he rolled out of the way, and snatched the sword out of his hands.
"Wha-! You cheap bastard! You stole my sword from me using your own teacher's trick!"
"He said use it when I was outmatched." Dire said as he turned to walk away.
Ghost was suddenly behind him "You should have killed me. I will-"
Before he could finish, Dire cut him at the waist, and kicked him so his torso would fall off his legs.
"That was a REALLY clean cut! I love this sword! Oh, and by the way my sense of humor lasted. Have fun trying to put yourself back together, humpty!" He took the sheath from Ghost, stepped on him, then walked away.

One day, while he was sitting around watching tv in his cell, Zbornak came in. "Mr. Dire, there is but one thing we must do before you go back home. That is pick your suit."
"I have been waiting for this all my life!"

When they got to the room, it was filled to the ceiling with random items of war. There was everything ranging from guns to quarter staves. Anything you wanted, they had. After 30 minutes of shopping around, Dire had everything he needed. He had found a red compression shirt, and a black vest that was some very poor armor that he didn't need. He found leather gloves that were open at the knuckles, top of hand, and fingers, Some black pants that were comfortable and easy to move in, with some black boots that were surprisingly easy to move in as well. He also found a belt that a large circle that probably was meant to have an emblem inside the plexiglass part of it. It had multiple pouches going around it and all of the were easy to access. He put his katana on his back, with the strap going around his body, though you couldn't tell because the strap and sheath was black. He also got two pistols and put them at his sides. Then he found a bunch of plastic explosive.
THAT... Is A LOT of C4.
"Aren't they different?"
Who cares?!
So, let's kill these people once and for all! Place it on all the main boilers and blow this place to hell where it belongs.
I second that!
"I third it."

That night, Dire snuck around with ease and absolutely no trouble. Put the explosive all over the complex, and went back to bed.

When they put him to sleep to take him back home, he had a dream. He dreamed that Ghost was still alive and would one day try and kill him.
What a crazy dream.

When he woke up, he was in an alleyway of Boston. He looked around to remember it was the same alleyway he left in. His car was even parked to the side. He was laying on a briefcase, and inside was a million dollars. He widened his eyes and looked inside to also see a note that read:
"Just a little kickstart to get you back on track. Also, I seem to think you missed the fine print of our contract. It says: 'Upon signing this contract, you give Project Z permission to mercifully kill everyone even related to you by law.' You are now the only person left of your family. Apologies. -G"
Dire looked at the trigger to the explosive and saw it read: In range.
He pressed the trigger and drove.

Now you can find Dire as a hero/villain for hire, going around killing people for large sums of money. You could find him through almost anything, probably even Craigslist! He likes to call hiimself the Dastardly Dire, The Anti-Antisocial Anti-Hero.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1:
Regeneration: Due to testing from Project Z, Dire possesses the ability to regenerate wounds and body parts and great speeds. [Example] Dire could lose his arm and attach it back in 5 minutes without stitches. This also makes him immune to intoxication, illness, and any drug except sleeping drugs.
Power 2:
Photographic Reflexes: Dire also possesses the ability to copy someone's move with error, due to the Metahuman gene. Although he can copy virtually anything anyone can do, he cannot copy voices and cannot copy other hero/villain/renegade actual powers.

Weakness 1:
Supersonic Attacks: When Dire is exposed to intense sonic waves, his brain will get an extreme spike that renders him useless. His healing factor slows, he becomes able to catch diseases and become drunk.
Weakness 2:
Anti-Regeneration Ray: This kind of goes without saying. An anti-regeneration ray basically stops a healing factor from working. It's real I promise.
Weakness 3:
Cuteness Overload: Dire has a mental block, where he cannot kill someone in the possession of something cute [kittens, puppies,babies etc.] Though, he can work around it by stealing the cute thing, he must get the cute thing far away from his target as possible.
Weakness 4:
Claustrophobia/Hydrophobia: Dire has the fear of tight spaces and large bodies of water. This is due to the fact that the only thing that can kill him is running out of air. He DOES know how to swim very fluently, he just never uses that ability because he wants to be safe instead of sorry.
RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
- When Dire regenerates, it won't make a sound and maybe a bone popping.
-Dire has two voices in his head. One is his sub-conscious, and the other is named Jess. She is a test subject who became a vegetable during the experiments. When Dire was tested in the same pod as her, he absorbed her thoughts and now has her in her head. Jess is in Bold and his sub-concious is in Italics. Please ignore the voices! They are mainly there for entertainment, unless you can read minds please do not use them towards the story line.
- When Dire is angry, his red eyes will glow through his glasses.
Aerie: Aerie is Dire's sword that he took from Ghost in the labs. It glows red now that it is in possession of Dire and can cut through virtually anything. [Example] If the blade can not poke out of the other side, it cannot cut through [exceptions: humans]. It also can not cut through any of the "unbreakable" metals. Unless it's a one time deal for the plot.

Haer D'aelis and Yoshimo: Dire's two favorite pistols. They are Colt M1911's with the black exterior and red where the wood is supposed to be.

GUNKATA EXPLOSIVES: In a storage closet in New York City, there is room number 115, filled with various guns, swords, utilities, weapons, explosives etc.
"Hood of Cancelling +3": This is Dire's cowl, his cowl partially protects him from sonic blasts. [Example] On a scale of 1 to 10 [1 being a bell, 10 being grenade blown up next to ear] it can protect him from a level 4.
Physical Priority

Agility- 2
Endurance- 3
Reaction- 1
Strength- 4
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Who likes being predictable anyways? Empty Re: Who likes being predictable anyways?

Post by Thorgron July 26th 2016, 12:14 pm

Okay look, its very evident from reading this that you enjoyed the Deadpool movie and video game. While I can appreciate that (I am myself a big fan of Deadpool, both the comics and the wonderful adaptation of a movie) I can't in good conscious approve this.

SHRP is a site for roleplaying with your own original characters. And while this technically isn't Deadpool, there are far too many similarities for it to be acceptable. You even took lines straight from the movie and game.

Now, you can of course make your own character inspired by Deadpool. Perhaps go with the healing power and reflexes, or maybe its his snark and sense of humor that you want to incorporate. Maybe its his deep unending sadness and the way he deals with that pain. Or maybe you just like the awesome red and black color scheme and costume. Any one of these on its own is perfectly fine so long as you are bringing your own originality to the character. But what you have presented here is a cheap knock-off of a popular character. So I fully invite you to make another app made with your own original character and ideas.

Who likes being predictable anyways? Pbucket
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Who likes being predictable anyways? Empty Re: Who likes being predictable anyways?

Post by TheDastardlyDire July 26th 2016, 5:17 pm

Okay, I understand that. I'm going to delete this one and make another one.
This next one is original.[unless it's like someone else then tell me and I'll fix it.]
He's kind of the same in morals and joking [because I'm good at making sarcastic people], but with different powers and a WAY cooler suit.

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Dire's New Powers!
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Who likes being predictable anyways? Empty Re: Who likes being predictable anyways?

Post by Chellizard July 26th 2016, 6:07 pm

To add in my two cents - Deadpool is already a rip-off character, so not only are you ripping off a character, you're ripping off a rip-off character.


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Who likes being predictable anyways? Empty Re: Who likes being predictable anyways?

Post by TheDastardlyDire July 27th 2016, 9:18 pm

Lol, the rip-off-caption thing was funny
Okay, I've made a new one that I hope doesn't seem as a rip off.
If it does, tell me and I will try to fix it.
It's not letting me delete this post, also.

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Job : World-Class Mercenary
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