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Michael Rugen[Done]

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Michael Rugen[Done] Empty Michael Rugen[Done]

Post by Ranganok July 25th 2016, 5:42 pm

Michael Rugen
"Everything is yours for the taking, if you only ask.."

Basic Biography

Real Name:  Michael Rugen(Current)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:  Overlord
Title:  Billionare, Owner of Thanaton Industries specializing in IT and technology.
Alignment:  Lawful Neutral
Age:  21
Gender: Male
Race: Human(probably)
Hair: Messy, brown with downside spiky bangs.
Eyes: Serene, clear, brown
Height: 185cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Michael Rugen[Done] Syaoran

The Legacy


It couldn't be said that Michael has a well defined personality. If it were to describe him in one word, it would be Singularity. He tends to be able to be everything, from a cruel tyrant to a kind stranger, from a very serious person to a very sarcastic/joking one, from a hard working one to a lazy one and so on, and all of these sides are still him.

Though there are some traits that he has almost at all times. He is always open minded, and is never 100% sure of what he knows. He always leaves room for doubt in case he is wrong, so that he may learn and become better. Always thirsting for knowledge, he loves exploring old ruins, artifacts and learning teachings from all "cultures". He doesn't try to prove his point or to prove that the other is wrong. Instead, he keeps asking them question until they block and some realize they're wrong themselves.

He loves life, and all living beings. Unconditional love, love for all creation. This is one of the main reasons he can't feel hate and envy. Tough this doesn't stop him from experiencing anger. He doesn't believe death to be something negative or bad at all. In his philosophy, all life comes from the divine, and once it ends it returns to the divine. Also because of his love, he wants to guide the people, to help them raise themselves, teach them how to achieve what they want and be what they are supposed to.  He believes that any sentient can become divinity with enough guidance.

He can also have complete control over his emotions and desires, making it much easier to use his mind. This way, he can be both warming kind or cruely cold. He can kill someone without any hesitation, swift and merciless, if he deems that is necessary. He believes his actions are guided by The Divine itself, trying to help the destiny unfold. He believes that everyone has a path, and the Divine's will is to make sure that destiny will happen, one way or another.

Divinity, in his eyes, is singularity. Everything in the galaxy is the physical manifestation of the energy, the living included,divinity being present in all of them.. Thus, He is Divinity itself and his will is heeded by the Divine, after all, If he wants something he asks it from the Divine and it will somehow give Michael's the opportunity to gain what he desires."Everything is yours for the taking, if you only ask".

His philosophy about the people is that everyone has the right to be who they want, how the want and do what they want. But the others have the right to respond how they want as well. "You are free to choose what you want, but you are not free from the consequences of your decisions."

One of his strongest personality traits is empathy. He is able to understand any living being, even when they do most atrocious things. Because he always tend to put himself into the other's shoes in order to understand them better. This way, he developed a skill to read people and guess their intentions.

One of his greatest desires is to create a place, where people understand each other, where they share their knowledge and work as one. A place of eternal happiness, love and knowledge and a sanctuary for any who comes to it.

Michael often likes to stay and observe people, to test them and see how they react in some circumstances, what decisions they make and where will they end to. He will grant them knowledge and help them harness they power, so that he may see how they use them and if they end being a hero or they fall into the villanous path.

Even though he lived for a long time and maybe he achieved some things, he still keeps himself humble, thinking that he is just doing what he needs to, as everyone else, and he doesn't see himself special, above all others. On the contrary, he believes that with proper knowledge and training, everyone can achieve the level he has, thus, making everyone his equal.

He also thinks of himself as a keeper of balance. So whenever someone seems to threaten the balance and bring chaos, he will start to act and eliminate those persons, some times in a most horrid way. He doesn't discriminate, be it good,evil, ally, enemy etc...if it goes out of control, he will eliminate, and trim it down to an acceptable scale.

Even though he did and sometimes still does atrocious things, he knows self restraint. He knows when to spare and when to kill. When to win and when to lose. When to act and when to stay.

He is a very honest man, never lying and when he promises something he sees it trough the very end. He knows that when in someone's else base, he should abide by the rules, as he expects from them when coming to his. He rarely lies, only when he deems it as the best option.

He likes to explore new places, and enjoy the little things in life, like good food, and find new sources of entertaining. Traveling to new places, learning from different cultures, eating new types of food and drinking, participate in games, or just spectate, admire views, know people and observe them and this list goes on and on. Whenever he discover something new or interesting he becomes enthusiastic like a kid when discovering something new to play with.

Michael also has a philosophical side, where he sometimes talks about life and all it has to offer, sometimes even speaking in rimes. He made a habit of this from learning many  factions philosophies including the heroes and the villains, creating his own from a combination of those. He could be seen as the "wise old man" who sometimes talks in riddles.

The Darkness Son:

In the ancient time  the world was a lot more different than now. Thought there were kingdoms, empires, also at that time many persons with special powers or magic existed.  The world was in chaos, wars were waging everywhere. A certain kingdom filled with demons and evil people arises. The king was nothing more than a pupped to the God of Darkness which was sealed long ago. The god left in the world three children, his sons which he created from darkness using his powers. This God was refered as Thanaton and his sons were born as demigods, being part human. They were taken by the puppet king, raised and trained to be merciless killers. Each one of them was special, but all their powers had the same root. The oldest brother was named Astaroth the Dragonlord. He became one of the best swordsman. He knew the magic to enhance his physical abilities, and using darkness to enhance his sword prowess. His specialty being war...He was in charge of all the military.

The next son, the middle one was named Kherubim nicknamed as The Heavenly Demon. He was the tricky one. He was always plotting and fighting for fun. His power was revolving in corrupting living beings with his darkness, empowering them, turning them intro monsters and controlling them. Illusions, mind control, everything on this area was his specialty. He was in charge of all the empire economical and political domain. Due to his plots, and slyness he became a fine emperor, deceptions and manipulation being his weapons.

The last son, the youngest of all, his name was Ranganok also known as The Godslayer. He was the youngest yet the most destructive of all the brothers. He had the power to manipulate darkness in it's pure energy form causing mass destruction. He was heartless, merciless like a robot. He was the most serious of all and the scariest. Due to his raw destructive power he was the leader of a special squad made of the most powerful persons in the empire. The sheer power of the 7 man squad was enough to erase an entire army, or a fortress.

With those three as the supreme commanders of the empire, the kingdom soon became a powerful force. Village after village, city after city, kingdom after kingdom all of them were falling before the might of the three darkness brothers, also known as The Dark Trinity. Because of their special powers they were called sons of darkness. The kingdom expanded at an amazing speed conquering like Rome half or almost half of the world. Everything was going fine and when they reached the top something happened. Astaroth, the dark swordsman had a change of heart...the source is unknown but he decided to leave and betray the kingdom to join the resistance and destroy the dark empire.

Ranganok and his special force were sent on a mission to track down Astaroth and capture him. After several tries to intercept him, the boy finally found his older brother. The man became a completely new person. A fight between the two emerged. The fight was one of epic proportion, no one giving an opening to the other, however, in the end, Ranganok was defeated by his older brother.  Later after the youngest brother came back to the castle, he was uneasy and spaced out because what happened back when he fought with Astaroth.During a month where Ranganok continued his conquest along with his remaining brother Kherubim he became more hesitant and full of thoughts. One day, the boy met a saint, a girl with golden hair which was captured by the empire. She was a critical person to the empire which is why Ranganok was tasked to be her guardian and make sure no one rescues her. The time he was spending with the girl was starting to change him little by little until one day when he finally reached the same conclusion. He left the empire, betraying his father and joining the resistance with his new beloved.

Ranganok remained the same heartless cruel man or this was what is seemed, but one thing was sure. He changed his alignment. After the boy demonstrated the people that he can be trusted, Ranganok has started to have followers like a religious order that was worshiping him. After a few weeks the joined forces of Ranganok, Astaroth, their followers and the resistance with the other kingdoms started to siege he dark empire's lands and one after another they were falling. These two brothers brought back a powerful force capable of standing against their all powerful home kingdom. Everything was going according to plan until one day, when everything changed.

The boy was exploring some ruins with his beloved when suddenly he fell into a trap. A group of skilled assassin ambushed him. However, given the experience as a general and the power of a demigod the boy had, he could keep up with these assassins. Ranganok started to release his darkness and after a few minutes the assassins were no match for him. He easily defeated and killed all of those attackers. However this wasn't the main event. The one that came with those assassins was Kherubim himself. The only remaining general and son of darkness that hasn't betrayed his kingdom. The Heavenly Demon was trying to understand why Astaroth and Ranganok turned against the kingdom so he put a few questions to the boy. After the small chat, Ranganok's and Kherubim's powers started to clash. Both of them were masters of darkness manipulation and they were matched. The fight had some collateral damage but nothing too big. The fight was continuing and neither of them showed any kind of weakness until Ranganok's destructive force and willpower was starting to push back Kherubim. The fight was now in the boy's advantage and the middle brother seemed like he was losing. Just when everything seems assured for Ranganok, Kherubim found out something rather interesting. He found out Ranganok's weakness, and he found the girl. Because of that, the older brother exploited this weakness, changing his target and going for the girl instead of his younger brother and easily defeated Ranganok. But this wasn't enough...the fight ended with Kyle piercing Ranganok's chest creating a hole having the size of a fist, killing him. The boy fell on the ground dead and staying in a pool of blood but his sacrifice managed to to cripple Kherubim and give his beloved enough time to escape. His brother left in order to heal his wounds and everyone heard about the boy's death. However....Astaroth knew....that this was not the end. He foresaw that Ranganok would rise again to finish his duty...

Conqueror of Hell:

The Darkness youngest son, Ranganok was killed by his older brother Kyle. However after he died his soul was sent to the underworld. He wasn't turned into a least not yet. He was still a soul with all his powers, but if it was to be defeated just once in there he would definitely become a tormented soul. So the options that he had where either die, become a tormented and face the eternal wrath of the damned or fight to survive this hell and escape from it. It was hard for him to survive and escape from that place but not impossible.

As soon as he arrived to hell already a few demons were welcoming him. The boy used his powers..his darkness to fight them. The demons were pretty low leveled so he handled them all. However after killing the small group of demons some more come and Ranganok had to take care of them. even after killing the second wave, a third wave was coming. Those demons were coming one after another without any end. It was just like a zombie apocalypse. After you kill a few you wake up with the entire horde coming for you. So the boy needed to think of something. He decided to run for now, but everywhere he went, demons were there. The only option for the boy was to fight this endless horde of monsters. But something unexpected happened...the was a demon, a powerful Succubus which offered her help to the boy. An entire demon faction was starting to support him and thus a civil war in the underworld started. So it started to pass the time...the boy was fighting and endless battle for 5 years. By the time the end of those 5 years, he was already sweeping the hell from those demons without too much effort. All those "years of training" were pretty good.

Now that Ranganok was much stronger than the time he was sent to hell, and had a whole faction backing him up. It was the time to take on the king of this inferno. This is what the boy thought. So Ranganok went to the DemonKing, the ruler of this plane and he thought that if he defeats this opponent, he would be able to return to his old world. The demon looked somehow humanoid, having his skin red, big fangs that were covering the lower half of the face and giving him the look of a very big mouth. Aside from his scary face he had also two red horns that were starting trough the sides then they were bent upward. He was pretty arrogant and full of himself.

The fight between the DemonKing and Ranganok began. Both of them were somehow matched, the boy using darkness and the demon countering with fire manipulation. Countless demons were killed as collateral victims and even the environmental damage was rising very fast. Those two fight was devastating for the surrounding place. After some time both of them had a few minor injuries. This was the time when the demon king became angry of this blasphemy and released his full power. The demon became three times bigger like a giant and he was made from highly compressed fire..solid fire and glowing yellow but not quite lava..something similar to the sun. The DemonKing was able to release massive and powerful waves of fire It wasn't hard for him to overpower Ranganok. The dark energy wasn't able to handle the compressed and powerful fire waves so Ranganok got many burn injuries.

As the fight continued and the boy was taking heavy damage...the time for the the tide of battle to change has come. Trough all this training he endured, and his willpower he was finally able to break his demigod limit, turning into a full god. As he did this..the boy released massive amounts of darkness that were released continuously. With all this power the boy finally turned the tide of battle and he was maching the DemonKing. The fight was ferocious and of biblical proportions. As the final strike came both of them clashed with full force creating a massive explosion that heavily damaged the place around them. In the conclusion of the fight Ranganok defeated the Demonking who reverted back to his normal form. As the demon was lying down defeated and laughing like a crazy person,the demon king soul entered Ranganok's in order to possess him. An interbal batytle rtook place but after a bit of time, Ranganok managed to get control of himself. THe consecuoences of the failed possession, Ranganok absorbed the demon's essence and part of the knowledge which taught him the secrets of Demoncraft(the ability to summon and command demons) and trough the DemonKing's power he gained the ability to use it and as well the ability to manipulate fire.

After this encounter, he defeated everyone in this inferno and earned the tile "Conqueror of Hell". After this great battle, Ranganok used the DemonKing's power and knowledge in order to break free from this place and in the end he succeeded. He appeared back in the world of the living trough a rift created by him. As he arrived back in his world, the boy didn't go search for his brothers right away.He learned some interesting things about his brother Kherubim. Apparently some of the gods gone corrupt, helping him in order to overthrow all others and become supreme gods of the world. He stealthily traveled the world for a half a year, gathering information about those gods, hunting them.

At last, he finally managed to find a way to go into the heavens where the gods resided...and that was thanks to his new god form. Thus, after killing countless cults, he turned into his god form and rised up into the heavens trough one of the cult's gateways, killing whole squads of angels protecting the gods. He reached the corrupt gods, and fought them off...surprisingly, though they were actually powerful, he was surprised about how little battle experience they had...they didn't know how to fight in a team, always sabotaging one another accidentally and fighting between themselves, they didn't even know how to effectively use their power...they were just releasing powerful magic towards him like an overpowered rookie. Due to there, Ranganok had the upper hand managing to kill a  dozen gods, leaving their heaven in ruins, thus descending back on the mortal realms. Once there, he created a spell tome containing all the knowledge he knew about demons, hell and several spellls including them and many others.

The Fall of the Dark God:

There was a place in the middle of nowhere somewhere on a high mountain that at his turn was surrounded by other mountains. A lone traveler was walking trough the hard path there, he was wearing a black cloak so his identity was hidden. The mysterious man was climbing up a mountain , it was a harsh storm there at that time but the person didn't give up. He reached some kind of sanctuary, a place surrounded by mountain tops. The mountain was a bit strange because his top was split in more thus giving a form of a crown. Inside the crown was rock ground straight and in the middle of it it was some kind of temple. The man reveals himself by taking off his hood....he was Ranganok who escaped from hell and destroyed the gods. This place was the boy's favorite place and finding a temple here was quite unexpected for him.

The temple was made from stone with stunning details, sustaining pillars two stone guards on each side of a great stone gate. Inside, Ranganok found runic inscriptions saying a history of a great person, but some places were empty like the story was incomplete. By reading a bit on the walls he found out that this temple was made for him as a resting place...Ranganok's funeral was here and possessions and history were all here like a pharaon's tomb.At the entrance on the central chamber there was a statue of himself with his name and a few words inscribed on the stone below his statue. Also on a part and another of the statues were two doors that both led to the central chamber. Once the boy entered he found himself into a large round room with different stone carvings on the wall and on the other side of the place was put a big and gothic like throne showing that Ranganok was a royal member.

After the boy explored the ruins, he left that place and continued his journey...on the other side of the world, war between the dark empire and the resistance was still continued but is was a full scale war now because all the resistance united under one flag...forming an empire itself. At the top of this empire were two persons...The leader of the resistance, the one that formed it....a powerful warrior and the other one being the oldest brother of Ranganok...Astaroth. Under their command the new empire was able to withstand and fight at a matched force with the dark empire of the Dark Lord. The war between them was still in the middle of the one had a great advantage over the other one and the end of this long fight couldn't be predicted...until one day...

A battle between the two major forces occurred but this time both of them had powerful leaders. The resistance was led by Astaroth while the dark empire's army was led by Kherubim, the middle brother. The fight started, both of them were holding really well, neither of them showed any weakness. Kherubim sent dark matter attacks and demons while Astaroth was slashing them with his dark energy swings. While those two were fighting the armies clashed at each other and were massacred as collateral victims from the fight of the prime leaders. As the fight continued Astaroth and Kherubim got just a few minor wounds from the battle when the Second son of Mogorth summoned a great number of demons from his darkness. The sky was dark and suddenly fiery meteorites started falling from the "high heavens". Those meteorites  started to decimate the evil empire's forces and a big ray of fire clashed to the ground between the two brothers. From the massive explosion that occurred a figure could be seen rising from all this fire. It slowly walk towards Kherubim as he reveals himself. It was their former-dead brother Ranganok with a somehow changed wardrobe. As the boy finally showed the results of his training in hell he forced the middle brother to retreat with his army back to their realm.

The endless war continued, however the tide of battle was turned the moment Ranganok made his appearance.With his cult and legions from the resistance empire he raged havoc upon the dark lands of Mogorth and the battle was approaching to an end. As the three great leaders stood with thousands of men defying evil itself. However, Kherubim was no fool, his manipulations plans and spies in the resistance he managed to hold with the merciless attacks from his brothers. The time finally came when all of the great leaders would stand on the same battlefield and with the final battle the destiny of the lands would be decided.

The leader of the rebellion, Astaroth and Ranganok stood united and gathered all their forces to fight the main horde of Kherubim and his demon general.The ultimate battle was at hand, the sky was covered with black clouds and fire raging as thunder trough the heavens. The forces clashed into a titanic battle. Both rebel brothers were holding pretty well decimating all the troops he found as the dark army of humanoids and monsters were clashing with the free resistance forces .Soon the opponents were decided....while the leader of the resistance was rallying his men and leading them to victory against the horde, Skorpion took on the monster general who was pretty powerful and his little brother Ranganok went for Raven. Both of them matched, reading the movements one another's and leaving massive scars on the ground from their clash of powers.

They finally got serious so Ranganok and Kherubim released their full power, the monster general too but Astaroth was holding him off without releasing his full power...even if the dark swordsman was in disadvantage. As the final clash between brothers was taking place both Kherubim and Ranganok were injuring the other fighting like two demons. In the end, The Heavenly Demon was outmatched by The Godslayer and he got devoured by Ranganok's darkness. Astaroth ended his fight by releasing his full power and killing the general in just one powerful hit. As the battle was almost won, Kyle had one last trick in his sleeve, he was a problem even in death. He managed to weaken the seal from their father, the monstrous Dark God Thanaton, who's power was leaking trough the seal bringing powerful creatures.

The brothers did what they could to eliminate the monsters and when a giant dark mater hand got out from the sky as a manifestation of the dark god, Ranganok and Astaroth combined their attack to reduce that hand to nothing. After this they we charging trough the seal so that they can enter in the dimension their father was captive. If they don't do anything, Thanaton would surely break the seal and set himself free so the brothers entered his realm to defeat him and make sure the seal won't be threatened with destruction. The God of Darkness had all the three powers of his sons and this gave a hard time for those two kids. As they were on the verge of death they made one last combined attack using all their power and managed to defeat their father. However the injuries were great and the explosion massive so both of them disappeared after this without any trace. That was the end of MIchael's Prime Life.

A hundred lives:

After his death, Ranganok lost all his godly powers...reincarnating life after life without any memory of his past ones. He lived his life as anything he could be...he was both a king and a slave, a criminal and a guard, a depraved man and a saint, possesed and priest. Almost every life was different from the other, being something else. Sometimes he was a male, other times he was a female. And his personalities were different as well. But one thing was known...with every new life...he was evolving and his spirit was becoming stronger. Sometimes he had special abilities, and other times he was just a mere peasant. He was both good and evil, a hero and a villain. He was an artist, a farmer, a scientist, almost everything you could imagine....he was even different species of aliens, vampire, werewolves etc. There was but one criteria to his reincarnations....they were born mortals.

However...there were a few of his reincarnation that appeared trough history, or influenced it. He was an atlant, before the fall of Atlantis, one revered as an egyptian god after the capital was swallowed by waters.  He helped at the building of the pyramids along with his exiled bretheren. He was also a martian, on his great world of Mars before being devastated by war. Though he learned many things there, his life wasn't anything special, as he died before the Armageddon.

King Solomon, know as one of the greatest wizards, found a special Tome, which later was called, Solomon's key. The book taught the man all sorts of wizardy, being able to control demons and even some princes of hell. WIth that power, Solomon, as the King of Babylon, managed to conquer the entire world and unify it for a time. The book was the tome Ranganok created after leaving Hell. Another one of his lives was as the Dacian King Burebista, a great leader who united all the Tharcian and Dacian tribes under one kingdom. A kingdom feared even by the Great Roman Empire, forcing them to pay tribute to Dacia for hundreds of years until Decebal's reign.  And many more historical persons or events(like the "fall of the babylonian tower" which actually never fell but rather was hidden)

Through the more special lives, abillityt size, Ranganok was also know in the medieval ages as the Great Wizard Merlin, advisor of King Arthur. A very powerful wizard, which advanced the magical world greatly. Another reincarnation being The Ottoman's boogeyman, Lord of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes The Impaler, also know as Dracula, King of Vampires. He reigned with terror for hundreds of years until he was slayed by a Helsing vampire hunter. And many more other lives, reaching the count of 133 lives only on earth.

A new Beginning:

This life didn't begin as anythign special. Michael's family was a normal one with a normal state of living. His fathert was a police officer which later became the head of the pyrotehnic and weapons division, and his mother was a nurse at a regional hospital. From them, Michael was born and lived a modest life.

At the age of 7, Michael had his first visions about his past life...his prime life as Ranganok the Dark Wizard.  He started doing a lot of sports one after another...leaving them after a few months to try something else. On the longer sports, it could be said that he played basketball for 2 years(12-14 years) and martial arts for 4 years(learning many things about martial arts alone...10-12 and 16-18) wherte he learned ashihara, aikido, ninjutsu and kendo. At the age of 17, Michael became a junior national champion at martial arts.

At the age of 10, Michael discovered another games. He started playi9g a lot of combat arcades, and RPGs. He was especially attracted by MMORPGs. This made him work on his reactions and helped developing his tactical and strategic sense, being augmented by several strategy books like Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Also, because of his visions of the past lives, he was drawn towards the supernatural. He started as a game...wanting to be "a wizard that spews fire from the hands"  learning and studying the occult. At his young age, he wasn't able to understand them, however, after reaching the age of 15 he started to understand them once he took them from the beginning, thus studying the occult and learnig a lot from it, which helped him with his visions such that at the age of 17 he got most of his past lives memories. He knew a lot about the magic but he lacked the ability to use it.

At the same age of 17, he started creating his own IT business, from advertising mostly. Due to his huge time spent on the computer playing games he also learned how to code. In 2 years, he had already enough money to live life leisurely. He had his own employees that worked for him and moved his base to England, where he took over a very big tech company, trough unknown means. For the last 2 years, he was the Owner of the new Thanaton Industries, a big enterprise tasked with creating technology and IT business. Using it's resources he started his research on the mind altering technology, being fascinated by the brain's activity, thus recently managing to develop some prototypes which is said that they would influence the brain's activity.

Currently, Michael is well know across the golobe for being the leader of one of the most advanced tech industries in the world, also being on of the richest for this matter.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Reincarnation: Michael is able to reincarnate into another body after dying. Thus, living many lives. The time between reincarnations could vary between a few years to a few hundreds of years or even millennia...after all he is the one that chooses when, where and from who he reincarnates.


Reincarnation: He cannot take his powers from the previous lives with him. Thus meaning that if in one life he was able to manipulate fire, the next one he would most likely not be able to do that, thus resetting his abilities every time. The only power remaining over the multitude of lives being the Reincarnation power itself. Also he doesn't have his past lives memories until the age of 7, and then they will gradually come until the age of 17.

The Black Box: The device needs at least an hour of emanating those signals into the target's brain in order to be able to influence it...thus it cannot really be used in actual combat.  

Wave Emitter: The emitter can easily be nullified by preoccupying the brain with other waves. For example, listening to music on headphones makes the user immune to the emitter's waves.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

The emitter must be in the target's farther than 700 meters. And it need to run unintrerrupted for an hour to give some results. It can be moved in that time but it can also be destroyed if enough force is put in it. When the time is up, the other person may go into a hypnotic slumber where it would be case of strong willed that uncounsciously or consciously fights can send signals to influence their state and senses when they are still conscious...but the effects are mere influence rather than control.

Martial Arts: During his life, Michael learned martial arts from many different people, and even became a national champion. He is very good at using aikido, turning the opponent's strength against them, nunjutsu, the art of stealth and assassination and kendo, using a katana.

Science Genius: Having an entire tech industry under his control and his brilliant mind, he is able to create many special devices which could help him temporarily or help others.


The Black Box: It is a small 25x25 cm big and...well, cubic box that emits waves affecting the brain functionality. It can rewrite their programming, inducing trough hypnosis and suggestions,and chancing perspectives, thoughts, memory,inducing certain "feelings", basically influencing everything that has to do with the activity of the brain.

Wave Emitter: This is usually under the form of a portable object like a watch of a bracer for example. It keeps emitting informational waves that slightly alters the brain signals...influencing their perceptions(for example making himself seem invisible just because the others refuse to look at him thus remaining unnoticed....or make someone else very noticeable, giving false info under the form of instincts and feelings making somewhat of a distraction) thus being able to induce certain suggestions(ignorance, danger, anger,lust, greed, etc.) It works even better with musing since the waves combine and thus becoming more potent and less detectable(by those able to detect informational waves)

Physical Priority
Agility: 2
Endurance: 3
Reaction: 1
Strength: 4

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Michael Rugen[Done] Empty Re: Michael Rugen[Done]

Post by Chellizard August 9th 2016, 1:59 pm

Your reincarnation is a permission based power when it comes to using OCs and NPCs of other people on the board.

Also, your physical-forms, no matter what you reincarnate to, will be mundane humans.

Your two items are also permission based.

But from what I can tell, you'll be fine. People on this board typically enjoy torturing their OCs, so it'll be nice to have someone on here to do it for them. (:

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