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The Black Beetle

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The Black Beetle Empty The Black Beetle

Post by e_black162_2 July 19th 2016, 11:12 pm

Black Beetle
"The Black Knight of New York"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Marcus Jones
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Black Beetle
Title: The Black Knight of NY
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

general appearance:

The Black Beetle Rastaman_by_summerset


The Black Beetle Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGky2aiQSaXazy95L92bmLMGwzoybyCgmD9VWHWQA-x4BRp6Gj9A

Blackjack wears only this black mask, a grey trench coat, dark grey cargo pants,  and a black tank top as his costume as he doesn't have the crafting skills to make a cooler costume. When an important fight breaks out, he usually ditches the coat to make movement a bit easier.

The Legacy

Marcus is a laid back and relaxed guy that usually minds his own business. He's polite, quiet, and respects the freedoms of those around him so long as they respect his. Very little angers or upsets him and he is often the level headed mediator in a conflict. However, when it comes to acts of oppression, bullying, or any other use of power to dominate another, Marcus refuses to stand by. He takes tyrants on as a challenge, using his own superior power to force them into submission, giving the villain a taste of his own medicine, while defending the freedoms of those around him.


Marcus was born in Hell's Kitchen, NY to a poor couple living in the worst part of the neighborhood. Their lives were hard and often dangerous, with violent crimes and drug dealings being common occurrences in the area. Even with such an environment, his parents always stayed on the light side of morality, opting to stick to the "right"  ways of life. They even made it a point to help others when they could, believing that they would in tun help others, eventually bettering the community as a whole. Marcus looked up to his parents as his heroes and strived to be just like them when he grew up and he wasn't the only one. Many people in the community looked up to them, and in time, they became a kind of beacon of hope for the people in their community.  Sadly, not everyone was fond of their rise in popularity.

A local drug kingpin had grown tired of the Jones family "fixing" his slum. He enjoyed living in the miserable little 'hood and lording over its hopeless denizens, and these do gooders were ruining his gangster's paradise. So, he did what any self respecting villain would do: He sent a hit squad to their home. Mark watched both of his parents be stabbed to death that day, surviving only because he'd hidden himself quietly in the broom closet. Now an orphan, Mark was sent to an orphanage (surprising, right?) and the attack on his family was forgotten almost over night.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Iron Flesh.
Blackjack can turn his body into a solid, organic metal resembling black iron. The transformation increases his density and subsequently his damage output and weight.

Power 2: Acrobatic
Our hero is very fit and can free run for hours without breaking a sweat. He can climb, flip, and roll his way anywhere with very little trouble. He also has great reflexes allowing him to dodge incoming attacks with ease.

Power 2: Martial arts genius
Jack is a master of Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Tae Kwon Do, allowing him to pull off impressive kicks and punches while also allowing him to put his metal morphing ability to use in defensive stances. The fitness required for learning these styles and using them with his metal powers have made him much faster and stronger than average humans. For example, he can lift 400lbs with a single arm with little effort and run at 45 mph.


Weakness 1: Weight
When his arms morph, they become significantly heavier, making the task of moving much harder. In other words, he tires much quicker when he uses his metal powers, especially if he transforms his entire body at once. Due to his extensive training, he can handle using metal arms and legs for several hours straight, however at full transformation, he can only last for a maximum of one hour before needing to rest.

Weakness 2: Grounded
There is very little Blackjack can do against airborne foes as he cannot fly or jump super high. all he can hope to do is throw things at his foes until they land.

none besides those listed above in the appearance section.
Physical Priority
Agility 1
Endurance 4
Reaction 2
Strength 3

Status :

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