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Ruin Empty Ruin

Post by Ruin on July 15th 2016, 6:51 pm


"Hi, I'm Ruin. I break things."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Nathaniel Hill
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Ruin
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'4
Weight: 155lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Nathan Hill is man who could be called handsome if only he'd taken more care of himself. As it stands, his lack of sleep, stress and spending his waking hours working late nights has given him a pale complexion, mildly sickly skin and slight bags under his eyes. His hair is always messy, short and dark blond in color. His facial features are sharp, it is rare to see him without a rough stubble and he possesses two small scars, one vertically down the right side of his chin and the other, a jagged crescent, cutting down his left eyebrow. He has a rather strong build, though it is not that defined.

His 'costume' is simplistic. It consist of a mask, a thick brown coat, black cargo pants, black combat boots and a white shirt. Though, oftentimes he settles with just wearing the mask or suitable substitute to disguise himself.
The mask:

Ruin Mask10

The Legacy

Non-malicious at heart, Nathan can be considered a fairly nice guy when he isn't wearing a costume and calling himself a super-villain. He sees his criminal activities as something he has to do, not who he is. His goals while committing super-villainy rarely differ from simple monetary reward. If he doesn't think he's going to get some payment for a crime, chances are he'll avoid doing it. Underneath it all, however, he hopes to become someone else through these actions; to become someone who's name is worth remembering, a man powerful enough to be deserving of respect, or fear.

He has deep-seated self hatred, which has resulted in a low sense of self esteem and confidence. These issues have led him to being a very uncertain man at times, especially in stressful situations; wrestling with himself over every decision. His crippling sense of self loathing make him underestimate his own abilities. He covers his insecurities with false bravado, excuses and occasionally lashing out in anger.

Nathan is also far from being what people would call a tough guy, despite being able to tank a train; he may be actively repulsed by gore and will panic in dangerous situations, even against opponents that could be considered his equal. Ironically, before he gained his powers, he had a severe fear of needles which has been rendered moot given that there aren't any needles strong enough to break his skin anymore.

Nathan Hill was born into a small underclasses, yet not quite impoverished, family. His childhood and early teenage years were unremarkable in every sense of the word. He was a smart kid, but never truly applied himself and so his grades fell. He remained on the fringes of social circles among those his own age and was neither well known, nor completely forgotten. His mother became sick and his father grew distant, eventually just disappearing completely one day, to no one's surprise. Being the youngest, when his mother passed away, he was left alone. He left high school at the age of sixteen with no real qualifications and started part time work to support himself, if he did only just get by. From that point it almost seems as though he just fell into crime. It started small; he would do modest jobs for a few lower level criminal bosses to get quick cash for a few years. Eventually though, he was unwittingly dragged into a large scale drug deal between two criminal factions which inevitably went south. For his part, he was scapegoated and tricked into taking the fall for the other faction. Any protest he could have made was silenced with the butt of a gun and he was taken down to a construction site, to be buried alive in a sea of cement. It would seem that in no other moment in his life had Nathan ever felt genuine terror, for only as he lay there being entombed did his inner power come to the surface. In those moments, he had awoken his meta-human genes and he was able to survive the ordeal. It took some time afterwards, but Nathan had come to terms with the reality of things and was given new purpose. He wouldn't play the dog for those in power any longer, he would stand on his own and do whatever it took to take what he felt he deserved. He created his persona "Ruin" to provide him a cover as he started his new life as a super-villain.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Terrakinesis : Ruin possesses an innate ability to control minerals. This control includes manipulating and shaping minerals in any form, regardless or their composition or state. The raw potential of his power is incredible and could make him one of the strongest meta-humans on the planet, dangerous enough to able to threaten the earth itself. Ruin himself, however, has very little skill handling his power. He is uncreative and unable to bring himself anywhere near his full potential.

Superhuman Durability: Upon his powers awakening, Ruin's entire physical being became remarkably tough and durable. It takes truly immense forces to cause him any real damage, such that he can take armor piercing rounds and point blank explosives with little issue. This aspect does not offer him anything in terms of enhancement of strength, nor does it let him take hits without reacting to the forces. A punch from an average man may knock him over and an explosion may send him flying through the air, he even feels pain from the experiences. While he will not feel the lasting pain of an injury unless something actually damages him, experiences such as being struck by a normal human or being shot will result in him feeling sharp and short lasting pain, about as intense as a normal human would feel, if only for a portion of the time.


Himself / Incompetence: The source of the vast majority of Ruin's problems, is himself. He is a man who gets in his own way in practically every manner a person could. His lack of self-confidence causes him to underestimate his own abilities and second guess his decisions. He gets in his own head and can become easily frustrated, which affects the reliability of his powers. His failures are common and sporadic. At times he may be a truly powerful and dangerous superhuman, but other times he may be more dangerous to himself than anyone. He can be attempting to raise the ground underneath him, yet result in causing a small scale earthquake; he can be trying to fire rocks at a target with intent to kill, but end up throwing them with less force than if he'd tossed them by hand.

Slow-Healing: His ability to heal is severely lessened compared to normal humans. Put simply, it takes him considerably longer to heal from injury than a normal human would with the same injury. Bleeding out is a serious issue as it requires a lot more work to stem the drain and broken bones remain damaged for much longer.

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Reaction 2
Strength 3
Agility 4

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Ruin Empty Re: Ruin

Post by Arcana on July 15th 2016, 7:01 pm

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